Stop and Smell the Happiness with Gain Botanique #StopAndSmellTheHappiness

It is funny how certain smells can transform you to a different place and time! A few months back I stopped suddenly when I smelled a ladies perfume at the mall. The small whiff quickly reminded me of my childhood at my grandma’s house.  The memories were so clear I actually had a bit of an emotional moment. Then another time I was at a friend’s and they had a tropical scent in their home that reminded me of a vacation I took with my family as a teen. We went to Hawaii and had an amazing time. Scents can trigger all kinds of memories; it has actually been proven that the sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. Gain knows this and wants you to stop and smell the happiness in your everyday lives.

I admit I have soughtout a certain smell just to be brought back to a happy time or place in my life. It is comforting and relaxing, even if only for a moment.

When was the last time you spent some time outdoors? With winter starting soon here in Canada, many of us are going to be migrating indoors more and missing the fresh outdoor air. The summer breeze, nature’s flowers and all the amazing smells that come along with being outdoors make me so happy. Recently Gain brought the joy of the outdoors, indoors, encouraging Canadians to “Stop and Smell the Happiness”. Want to see how un-expecting shoppers at Toronto Eaton Centre reacted? Watch the video here

It is amazing how something so beautiful and fun can transform a person’s day! You can enjoy the new scents from Gain Botanique too at home and transform your laundry room into an oasis.  Look for Gain Botanique, inspired by scents from nature with Orange Blossom Vanilla and White Tea & Lavender at retailers across Canada.  Both smell wonderful and are so light and fresh! Gain Botanique now offers a detergent with vibrant scent-sations that will transport you away from the laundry room and directly into nature with every load.

NEW Gain Botanique provides an amazing, nature-inspired scent experience in a 65% plant-based formula that is free of dyes, chlorine, phosphates and optical brighteners. It is even safe on babies’ clothes and is hypoallergenic. Life gets busy and we forget to enjoy the little things around us. Stop and Smell the Happiness in your life today!

It will be a few months before we smell flowers blooming again here in Canada. So until then, I am going to enjoy Gain and keep warm!

Do you remember a time a certain smell triggered a happy memory for you? When was the last time you stopped and smelled the happiness? I would love to hear about it below.


Disclosure: this post has been brought to you by Gain, all opinions are my own


  1. I haven’t heard of Gain before but I am liking the sound of there new Gain Botanique fragrances, I’m going to have to see if we can get it here.

  2. It is so true it really is amazing how certain smells can trigger past memories or transport you into a fantasy that you have been dreaming of. I like the sound of Gain and their fresh ‘happy scents’ x

  3. Claudia Krusch says

    I definitely have some memories that are triggered by smell. I will have to look for Gain Botanique this weekend. I bet they smell amazing.

  4. It is going to sound silly, but powdered ice tea is the smell that brings me back to my childhood. It is something my Grandma used to make often in the summer time.

  5. Gain is one of my go to laundry detergents. The scents are just so welcoming! I love how they evoke happiness and great memories. This scent seems perfect for cheering up the mood on those dreary Winter days. Selfishly I love doing laundry simply for the enjoyment of the scent of the detergent. Folding is a whole other story. ?

  6. I will have to pick up this detergent. I’ve always been a fan of Gain scents.

  7. ohhh! Sounds like my kind of laundry detergent. I will have to pick one up next time I’m out – can’t wait to smell it.

  8. This detergent sounds great. I would love to tr it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Their scents are really nice. It’s funny how a smell can automatically trigger memories from long ago, but it certainly happens!

  10. Scents totally take me places. I’m a big fan of gain and will definitely be trying this

  11. Every time I smell banana bread, I think of my grandma…and it makes me smile. She was one of my fav people. Scent is SO powerful!

  12. The new scents will be fun to explore. Thank you.

  13. NormaJane (NJ) says

    I love the smell of Gain!
    New babies trigger my memory’s of when mine where just born. They make me want to have more

  14. I’ve done that exact same thing with perfume at the mall! I picked up one that reminded me of my mom when I was younger so I just had to buy it!

  15. Scents are fun to explore, but be careful with these chemical that are used to caused the smell. Company’s purposely use these smells on us to trigger memories. Yikes.

  16. Both scents sound refreshing and lovely ! would love to try the white tea lavender

  17. I don’t think we have this product in the UK, unfortunately – but it sounds like it smells divine! If only laptops had a “smellovision” button hehe x

  18. This sounds like a great one to have. I love that it comes without all the chemicals that you’d usually expect.

  19. These sound great and I would love to try the White Tea & Lavender

  20. I use Gain exclusively. it just smells so right!

  21. we don’t get this here in India but it looks nice.. hope you liked it

  22. thetennisfoodie says

    Gain botanique looks like a great product! Can’t wait to smell it soon!

  23. I love the concept of this new fragrance of this detergent from Gain. I would love to smell this for myself.

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