Be Proactive about your Family’s Health with Vitafusion TM #VitafusionBalance Giveaway

It is so tough to keep my family healthy and germ free this time of year! It often seems like a losing battle when you have kids in school. Being a work-from-home mom I am able to keep my children home when they are not feeling well. But I have noticed not all parents do this. Once one of the kids gets sick, it is just a matter of time before we all get it. Our best line of defense against getting sick is maintaining good health and being proactive.

I am not saying we will never get sick. Just saying we will do everything we can to be proactive and to keep our immune system up so if we do get sick, it is not so bad. When I turned forty I started being more active and made some changes in my life. I walk daily and am making healthier choices throughout the day. Things like drinking lots of water, taking the stairs and getting lots of sleep seem like small things, but they make a big difference. Another change I have made is taking a daily vitamin.

VitafusionTM helps my family stay healthy with their tasty line of daily vitamins. I personally take the Power CTM Adult Gummy Vitamins and Women’s Multivitamins daily. My husband takes the Men’s Multivitamin, my teen son takes Vitamin D3 Adult Gummy Vitamins and my youngest takes L’il CrittersTM Gummy Vites.

L’il CrittersTM Gummy Vites are multivitamins for children that contain the essential vitamins and nutrients to help maintain good health and come in an easy to take

These are a must for my daughter as she is a very picky eater. I went to my Dr a few months back as I was concerned she was not getting everything she needed in her limited diet. My Dr told me to give her a daily multivitamin to help maintain good health.  She has been taking these daily ever since.

VitafusionTM Power CTM Adult Gummy Vitamins

  • An excellent source of Vitamin C

Since we are in the beginning of cold and flu season, I have been taking these daily to help prevent myself from getting sick. Being around kids when volunteering at the school, I am exposed to all kinds of colds and viruses. Like many adults, I just do not have the time to get sick. So I make sure to take my daily dose of Vitamin C to help support my immune system.

VitafusionTM Men’s Multivitamins  and VitafusionTM Women’s Multivitamins

These easy to chew vitamins are part of our daily routine.

  • Specially formulated to meet men and women’s specific vitamin needs

As part of our personal commitment to make healthy changes, both my husband and I are taking a daily multi vitamin. In our busy world even when we try hard to have a balanced diet, it is easy to not get all the vitamins we need from food alone. So taking a multivitamin is important.

VitafusionTM Vitamin D3 Adult Gummy Vitamins

  • Helps build strong bones and teeth
  • Provides immune system support
  • Contains Vitamin D3 to help with calcium absorption

Some weeks it feels like the sun has not come out for ages. The sky is dark and grey and so gloomy in the winter months. Vitamin D is your daily dose of sunshine. With my teens still growing it is important they have strong bones so i give them the D3 daily. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium, which is important to bone health.  With 1000 IU of vitamin D, each serving of Vitafusion™ Vitamin D3 Adult Gummy Vitmains support bones and teeth, as well as the immune system.

Take a proactive approach towards your family’s health and your own. With cold and flu season being here we all want to do whatever we can do avoid it in our homes. No matter what your age there are things you can do to help maintain good health. Below are a few things to help you and your family stay on top of whatever winter may throw at you.

5 things you can do to maintain good health

  • Eat well-Balanced nutrition has many benefits. By making healthier food choices, you can prevent or treat some conditions.
  • Daily exercise-Try to be active for 30 to 60 minutes about 5 times a week. Walking is a great way to help reach this goal
  • Get enough sleep-Try to get 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep affects your mental health as it can cause emotional and psychological problems.
  • Take a daily vitamin-No matter what we do it is possible to not cover all our health needs. Taking vitamins will help contribute to a healthy lifestyle
  • Drink water -Water Helps Energize Muscles. Cells that don’t maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes shrivel, which can result in muscle fatigue

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it can be hard to take the best care of ourselves and our families. Whether it’s too much stress, meals on-the-go or inadequate exercise, we often let life’s distractions get in the way of our health. Let VitafusionTM help you take care of yourself and your family. Visit today to find the right products for you.




Disclosure-The above sponsored post was brought to you by Vitafuson. As always, all opinions are my own


  1. My #VitafusionBalance story is to make sure I gets proper sleep because I don’t function well without it, I also take my Vitafusion™ Calcium Adult Gummy Vitamins daily because I was put into surgical menopause at a young age and need to look after my bone health.

  2. My #VitafusionBalance story came after I couldn’t stay well in terms of colds and anemia due to my eating disorder and incapacity to swallow pills. The gummy Vitafusion selection saved me!! Thanks!

  3. I love that they make so many in gummy format! That makes me much more apt to take my ‘pill’.

  4. My #VitafusionBalance is I try to get a good amount of sleep but it’s not always possible. I do take Vitafusion™ Women’s Multivitamin which helps.

  5. My #VitafusionBalance story is that my 93 year old mother doesn’t eat well and has difficulty swallowing pills. The gummy format is fun and easy for her to take her much needed vitamins.

  6. Florence Cochrane says

    My #VitafusionBalance story is that I love the Vitafusion Multivitamin. They are tasty and I feel like I am getting a little daily treat.

  7. sarah alexis says

    I love love love vitafusion multis – they are so tasty and soft to chew! #VitafusionBalance

  8. My #VitaFusionBalance story is that I sometimes don’t balance my diet properly so I could use the help to balance the good days with the bad

  9. My #VitafusionBalance story is that I sometimes find it hard to eat healthy, and therefore the Vitafusion Power C
    Adult Gummy vitamins are a big help in staying healthy.

  10. ivy pluchinsky says

    I love my Vitafusion Multivitamins and the Melatonin that they have! #VitafusionBalance

  11. Tara Betterley says

    My #VitafusionBalance story is that the Woman’s vitamins help me stay healthy. I love that they are gummies! makes it fun to eat them!!

  12. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    My #VitafusionBalance story, I do take multivitamins daily but had trouble chewing the gritty tablets, yuck! The I found Vitafusion gummies and they are a delight to take. I was always jealous of the kid’s gummy vitamins, now I have my very own. 🙂

  13. wendy hutton says

    My #VitafusionBalance story is that I do take vitafusion womens daily, as I get older I feel that I need that extra boost, also my doctor recommended that I take a high dosage of vitamins D & C due to aging, I take these along with my multivitamin daily, I get plenty of rest also. I found that the vitafusion work better for me, they also taste great, some vitamins are real chalky tasting

  14. My #Vitafusion\Balance story is, this past summer i was having tummy problems and my husband went and bought me Vitafusion™ Fibre Well™ Adult Gummy Vitamins! they work and love that they are in a gummy formula and taste good!

  15. Jennifer L. says

    My #VitafusionBalance story is that no one in my family likes to swallow pills so the gummies let us all get our multivitamins in every day.

  16. I should be taking #Vitafusion daily to stay healthy! #VitafusionBalance

  17. My kids take take their #Vitafusion Gummy Vites with no trouble at all.

  18. My #VitafusionBalance story is I love gummy vitamins! They are so much easier to take than traditional swallow vitamins.

  19. Carole Dube says

    My #VitafusionBalance story is I love Vitafusion vitamins, Easy to take and they taste great. I make sure I get enough sleep too.

  20. I’m prone to winter colds and need to take my vitamins.

  21. Victoria Ess says

    My #VitafusionBalance story is that I get sick often in the winter and need to take more vitamins!

  22. angie andrews says

    my #VitafusionBalance story is my boys especially my older boy does not get the balanced diet they should due to being picky eaters, vitamins help them balance out

  23. nicolthepickle says

    I take my vitamins daily because if I don’t I lose my #VitafusionBalance, and I feel all achy. It’s wonderful what they can do.

  24. Nena Sinclair says

    #VitafusionBalance has such a great line of products for the whole family and I love the gummy format. I didn’t know they made a sleep product. I’ll have to try it, I have extremely bad insomnia!

  25. #VitafusionBalance stories is Multivitamins, Vitamin C & Echinacea.

  26. crystal porter says

    I remember using first response prenatal vitamins but they weren’t gummies. I wish that they had of been.

  27. My #VitafusionBalance story is that they’re asy-to-take chewable gummy format requires no water!

  28. love that they make so many in gummy form.

  29. I use these as incentive for toilet training with my kids…”after you poop you can have a vitamin!” works like a charm 🙂

  30. My #VitafusionBalance story is that I try to feed my family nicely balanced nutritious meals, but just to be on the safe side to make sure everyone gets all their vitamins, I supplement with vitamins

  31. Janet Meisner says

    I rely on VitaFusion Vitamin D all year long but particularly in the winter. I am so grateful for them.

  32. Juliee Fitze says

    I haven’t tried them before so don’t have a story to tell.

  33. My best balancing act is trying to get enough sleep. I haven’t tried the VitaFusion Vitamins yet.

  34. #VitafusionBalance has many different kinds of vitamins for the whole family!

  35. My #VitafusionBalance story is taking my vitamins daily and setting a good example for my kids.

  36. My #VitafusionBalance story is that I don’t eat enough fresh vegetables in my diet so the Women’s Multivitamins would be great for me!

  37. My #VitafusionBalance story is I’ve been taking the Women’s multivitamin gummies for a couple months now daily to prevent colds & flu!

  38. Heather Swanson says

    I try to eat healthy drink lots of water & take a daily multivitamin.

  39. I don’t have a #VitafusionBalance story because I’ve never tried these but I just know that they would help me feel better.

  40. I keep in balance with a long trail walk every day.

  41. My #VitafusionBalance story is that I like to boost my immune system and find taking gummies a fun way to go so.

  42. kristen visser says

    I actually take the Vitafusion multivitamin but I had no idea they had first response gummies!! that is amazing. so good to know. I prefer gummies over regular pills

  43. MY #VitafusionBalance started when I took my kids (toddlers) out more to the play things around town and they got sick more often! That’s when we started!

  44. My #Vitafusionbalance is to get more sleep and make sure I have some time for myself.

  45. I don’t get enough exercise and I really need to start so I can have more balance.

  46. Love the taste of these vitamins #VitafusionBalance

  47. Robyn Bellefleur says

    My #Vitafusionbalance is to eat better, get more sleep and take a multi-vitamin.

  48. My #VitafusionBalance story is to not only take these vitamins only for their health benefit, but everyone can take theirs and enjoy these gummies. Some of us have trouble swallowing pills.

  49. My #VitafusionBalance story is that they are fun to eat!

  50. My #VitaFusionBalance story is that I have a tough time making sure I have all the nutrients I need daily due to a busy schedule. These fun vitamins would be a good way to balance my diet!

  51. My kids enjoy taking their #Vitafusion gummies.

  52. Sab Edwards says

    L’il Critters™ Immune C™ plus Zinc #Vitafusion gummies . I think its a good idea unless the kids think its candy, or think that the candy (real gummies) are ok because now they confuse them with vitamins lol

  53. I try to maintain balance by finding activities that feel like fun instead of exercise and food that tastes so good, you’d never know it was packed with nutrition. These steps along with multi-vitamins that are fun and easy to take keep my family balanced #VitafusionBalance

  54. My kids enjoy that they get to be healthy by taking their vitamins and eat their favourite gummies, too.

  55. Belinda McNabb says

    A good nights sleep is imprortant #VitafusionBalance And the gummies are great since I am not crazy about pills

  56. Christine Richards says

    I have never tried these vitamins yet but I am looking for extra energy!

  57. Julie bolduc says

    My #VitaFusionBalance story is that I have dietary needs and vitamins are the best but I can not handle the huge ones so I go with gummies

  58. Caryn Coates says

    My #VitaFusionBalance story is I hate swallowing pills so these would be perfect

  59. My #VitaFusionBalance is to take Vitamin B12 and D as recommended by my doctor.

  60. Jeannie Lam says

    My #vitafusionbalance story is that I take gummy vitamins because I hate swallowing pills and the gummy vitamins gives me what I need and it’s fun to eat. Yes, it’s like I’m a child!

  61. Tara Gauthier says

    My #vitafusionbalance story is that I take my vitamin D and calcium as recommended by my doctor. I havent tried vitafusion vitamins but we regularly take vitamins. To keep balance though we get exercise as a family, take time out to relax and try to get good sleep.

  62. My #VitafusionBalance story is that I know that I don’t eat that well and would benefit from daily vitamins with Vitafusion being the ones that make me mindful of taking them consistently

  63. Jenny Major says

    should be taking #Vitafusion daily for my better health

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