Date Night fun #PoiseMoment

It feels kinda odd for me to call a night out with my husband ‘date night’, but that is exactly what it is, even after 22 years. We both get all cleaned up and head out for a night on the town together with no kids. We talk about things outside of our daily chores and parenting and just enjoy each other’s company. I try to aim for date night once a week but realistically it is a once a month plan. Sometimes the weekly date nights are more like running errands together and grabbing a coffee while we chat and drive.

For many years we never went anywhere without the kids. I love my family but having adult time is sometimes needed. When my oldest three were younger my family lived across the country. Not knowing anyone and having three kids under 6, made getting out for a night a bit tough. Eventually we tried the babysitter route but could not find one the kids liked or we trusted.. So for years we gave up until our oldest was able to watch her siblings. Now having three live in babysitters to watch our youngest, date night is possible and always a highlight.

We usually grab a bite to eat or watch a movie at the theatre. Sometimes we head to the Casino or just go for a walk and eat a picnic near the lake. The time together reminds us we are more than parents and we actually enjoy being around one another. It is good for us and is good for our family.  With the holidays being here and life being a bit crazy this month, we knew we had to carve out some alone time. Needing a little me time I headed out to the mall and picked myself up a new outfit for the occasion. I wanted something I could wear that was a bit festive but also use after the holidays. Also, as someone who experiences light bladder leaks, I used to worry about the bulge some pads but after discovering Poise liners and pads, I could stop worrying and start feel great and enjoying my nights out. When I wear Poise, I’m instantly transformed to my confident self and know the discreet protection will let me focus on what really matters!

There were so many great outfits to choose from. A few nice shirts and some dressy pants. I even saw a dress I loved but it was too much of a seasonal find so I went with something I could wear over and over throughout the year.

We went for dinner and a movie. I enjoyed a few drinks and actually stayed up later than 9pm.It was nice to get out and have a kid-free night while laughing and letting loose! I wish we had more nights like that!

Since discovering Poise panty liners I always have them with me when I want to be worry-free. The discreet liners fit nicely in my purse or pocket. When on, they are comfortable, not bulky and 3-in-1 protection for dryness, comfort, and odor control, unlike period pads. All of this allows me to shop, go out on date-nights and enjoy my time without worrying about leaks!

We went out to a local pub for dinner. It was a nice night out talking with my husband, laughing and enjoying our time alone. We talked about the year ahead, our plans for our new home and our children. After our yummy dinner we headed out to see a movie and got home a bit later than expected. No regrets though!

Even after twenty two years I do not want to worry about leaks while out with my spouse. I am happy Poise is there for me and gives me the confidence to live life to its fullest. Spending time with your partner is important! No matter how long you have been together. Don’t let anything stand in your way as time flies by way to fast! This was my #PoiseMoment

Find your Poise moment today and live the life you are meant to be living.

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Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by Poise. All opinions are my own


  1. Poise products are my go to for bladder leakage protection! Before I started using them I always worried about leakage, but now I just carry on with my life, confidence that I am totally protected!

  2. After having babies, your body changes! I’m so glad there are products that are made for LBL. I love the liners and use them!

  3. Hubby and I were just talking about how we’ve enjoyed more date nights this past year than previous years. I too have LBL and having the right liners handy is always a bonus for date night. Glad you guys had a good time and enjoyed a movie too 🙂

  4. Glad to see you going out with your husband! I am sure there’s not a lot of time for that. I am glad there are products out there for women who have LBL. If someone needs these pads because of light bladder leakage then they should have them.

  5. Date nights are so important, no matter what stage of the relationship we’re in. And yay for products like Poise. We won’t let anything stop us!

  6. We haven’t had a date night in ages, we’re overdue. It’s important a person feels confident, whether on their first date or their 200th.

  7. That is really nice that you get to spend some time with your husband. We don’t usually go out for dates because we prefer to stay home, make a nice dinner together and enjoy our movie-binge watching. Although I do not suffer from bladder leakage, I am happy that Poise helps bring back a woman’s confidence to enjoy life.

  8. Neely Moldovan says

    Date nights are always fun and such a great thing for couples to do! I wish we did more of them!

  9. I love that you still have date night with your husband. That is really sweet. I would have totally ordered the same food!

  10. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    That was one of my parents’ advice when I get married – to never stop dating your spouse. I am glad that you and your husband find time to spend alone with each other. That is a great way to keep your relationship healthy.

  11. It’s so important to stay connected with your spouse. It’s wonderful that you don’t have to worry about leaks. After three babies, I can totally relate.

  12. Who wants to worry about that, of all things, when out on a date. We are actually overdue for a night out.

  13. LOoks like you had a fun date night. Hat quesadilla looked good!

  14. After kids, our bodies definitely change! Glad there are options for women who have little leaks!

  15. In my mid 30’s and after having two kids, my bladder isn’t like it used to be. I like products like this that keep things discreet.

  16. It is so important to spend time with your husband and have quality time. I know it is coming up for me and my husband to do this at least once a month. The Poise liners are something we all could use for assurance.

  17. time together with friends or husband are important to me. I am so glad there are products that help make this possible with out embarrassment

  18. love your outfit choice! Date nights are so important and I look forward to mine though we don’t have kids. When we are near family we tend to be the babysitters so that the parents can get out once and a while.

  19. I’ve had so many girlfriends that have AWFUL bladder issues after having children. It makes me appreciate my c-section a little bit more!

  20. My younger kids are getting older so I am looking forward to more date nights. The teen is going to college so I will lose him as a babysitter.

  21. My husband and I have a date night coming up next week, we’ll try to enjoy it! Glad to hear Poise is making such good products.

  22. I had never heard of poise before. Discrete protection really helps. I don’t like when it is no comfy or visible!

  23. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I like how you cannot see them. I never thought to buy these, but I do suffer like a lot of women do! And gosh I can’t imagine ruining date night.

  24. Date nights are so important. Not having that pad bludge really is great. Have your period is already uncomfortable enough

  25. It is literally goals that you guys are together 22 years on and I hope that I find a partnership like that in time. It is great that ‘Poise’ has given you the confidence to live your life to the fullest as well x

  26. Women rarely talk about this but I think it’s awesome that we have products to rely on when it comes to those issues that we have with our bodies. I think you should go on date night more often! It’s really refreshing especially after being stressed for weeks.

  27. I love that you prioritize date night and that you make sure to talk about other things besides home and the kids! I agree that non-visible protections is KEY. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Awww I love that you still have date night with your husband. The fact that you are protected and feel confident is great.

  29. Date nights are supposed to be fun, not a hassle of worrying about leakage. Poise will eliminate the hassle!

  30. I have never thought to buy these, but I guess they would be beneficial. I am glad they aren’t bulky and visible. Thanks for the tip.

  31. Quality time is important! In fact, I need to plan a date night with the hubs soon! 😀
    -Kimberly Samantha

  32. Date nights are so important for couples. Great to hear Poise is making such great products for women.

  33. It is an ongoing joke with my husband and me when I laugh too hard or sneeze. I HATE it but love that my husband is understanding and that there are products like this to help us ladies!

  34. We love our date nights and we take turns planning them. So much fun. I’m filing this away for future reference, as so far, I haven’t needed a liner.

  35. So glad got have found your post as my mum suffers from the same issues and Poise sounds like a great option for her!

  36. So great that y’all are prioritizing date nights! It’s so important to take some time just for the two of you, and it sounds like you both had a lovely night out!

  37. Having babies changes your body so much! I know mine is totally different after my little heathens. It is awesome that you were able to go out and enjoy yourself with no worry! Side note, that quesadills looks delicious

  38. I need to have a good date night. You look really great!

  39. I just had a date night last weekend with my husband. It was well needed after the 3 week holiday break with the kids. Looks like you had a great time.

  40. I think date nights are so important. My husband and I don’t get out much, but I know I want to have more date nights this year. Sounds like Poise is a great option too! I do love the Poise brand as well.

  41. Married or not, couples should do this EVERY TIME! Yes I agree with you, don’t let any hindrance and Poise is such a smart brand, it’s a big help indeed to make women feel confident again.

    May God bless your relationship!

  42. Blair villanueva says

    I think having an occasional date night is a must for every couples even with kids. This is how you maintain being a couple, and make that romance flourish!

  43. Jeanine Macintosh says

    My hubby and I have just recently been able to start date night again! Such a great weight lifted to have those precious hours of silence and adult talk. Being pregnant again, glad to see these work so well. I may need them further along the pregnancy!

  44. My bladder after 3 babies is terrible! I’m glad to know that if I might need them, there is a product out there that isn’t like a diaper. I love date nights with my husband! I’m glad you had fun 🙂

  45. This post reminds me that my hubby and I are way overdue for a night date. It has been a while since the last time we went out.

  46. having kids is hard on a ladies bladder! I love that poise is making pretty garments.

  47. 4 births later and I can definitely see the need for these! I love that they don’t show no matter what your outfit is. Perfect for date and any other night.

  48. I have used Poise for years now and I’ve always loved it! I had a friend that referred the brand and I haven’t left them since!

  49. Date night is still so important, no matter how long you have been together. Poise are great for the piece of mind when you are out.

  50. I really need a date night! We rarely have a sitter but need to make it more of a priority this year. Poise sounds like a great product to make sure you get to enjoy your night out.

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