Getting Ready For Your 2018 Renovation Projects

With the festive season in full swing; you might not be thinking about DIY or home renovation (or you might, which is great; this article should be right up your street). You’ll have been adorning your space with Christmas lights and decorations, and making sure everything is wrapped up for when the big day arrives, and stocking your kitchen up with plenty to eat and drink. However, if like many, you notice all the things you don’t like about your home as you string up tinsel and glittery accessories; the new year might be the perfect time to do something about it and make some changes. A renovation project can be something to look forward to in the new year, and you can start planning and preparing for it as soon as you’re able.

Building work, DIY, and interior design will give your home a fresh feeling in 2018, and by the time the holidays roll around again; you’ll have created a dream abode that’s perfect for your family and lifestyle. To achieve a great interior and exterior space with your home makeover; you’ll need to put the groundwork in and ensure that you plan thoroughly and prepare carefully so that you don’t make any costly mistakes. Choose the area of your home that needs the most improvement, and begin researching, writing lists, and gathering together all you need to start the job in the new year. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those taking on home renovation next year and can’t wait to tackle the challenge.

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Get Your Kit Together

There’s no better time than the new year to start gathering together your tools, equipment, and materials; the January sales will be full of products at a fraction of what they would usually cost. Therefore, it’s time to figure out the work you’re going to do yourself, and writing a list of items that you don’t already have and will need to utilize. You can find the pneumatic staple gun for your project on Tool Nerds and discover an array of other tools and equipment reviews online so that you pick up reputable brands and items. Invest in the things that you’ll use throughout your DIY tasks and can store safely for future projects in the home. Stock up on all the little things that tend to disappear or go missing in a renovation environment; screws, nails, nuts and bolts, screwdrivers, tape measures, and a plethora of other small-task tools are worth shopping for as soon as possible.

If you have a solid idea of the paint colors, wallpaper, tiles, flooring, or any other materials that you’re going to use; shop around for the best deals, and try not to skimp on quality or design. Investing in decent brands and materials with longevity will ensure that your renovation project can stand the test of time, and will look great for years to come. If there are things or jobs that you’re not confident doing; ensure that you employ professional services and people who you’ve researched. You’ll want to get as much information as possible about a business before they do any work on your house, so check their past jobs and try to look at as many reviews as possible. Whether it’s a builder, electrician, or a plumber that you need to use; they become part of the process, so make sure you’re confident in their abilities to complete the job to a great standard, and that they don’t overcharge you in the meantime.

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Get Your Priorities Straight

Aside from finding hundreds of interior design ideas for your project on Pinterest; you’ll need to put the design, layout, and function of the space first regarding your list of priorities. Of course, you want your home to look aesthetically pleasing; however, it must work for your lifestyle and family habits. You’ll need to think about how the space flows and if it has everything it needs to keep the family functioning and moving forward efficiently. Don’t overspend on impulse buys because they look great online; carefully consider each piece of fitted or individual piece of furniture, and all of your fixtures and fittings. Your tape measure should be your best friend. Work out what you need in each area of the room before buying anything; this will help you to list your items, what size they should be, and how you’re going to budget for everything.

You might need to employ the help of an architect or an interior design expert if these aren’t areas where your skills lie. Again; it’s about working out your budget and what’s right for your family home and needs. There is always information available online, and the better you understand what you want to achieve and how it can be done, the more efficient the process will be with those you pay to assist and advise you. So, take some time on a quiet festive evening to open up your laptop, get your notebook and pen ready, and begin listing your ideas and information.

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Get Your Thinking Cap On

Once you’ve gathered your tools and materials together and planned who you’ll need to contact regarding the work on your home; the interior design fun can begin. A DIY project with your other half and family can be stressful if you’re not all on the same page. Therefore, make planning the color schemes and design features a positive experience by sitting down together to discuss what you do and don’t like. Grab some cookies and festive nibbles, a computer screen, and any interior magazines you’ve picked up, and discuss your ideas and inspiration. You’ll be able to agree on certain things, and you’ll build a space from scratch that the whole team will love. What better way to kick off the new year than with an exciting DIY project ahead that will benefit everyone. Don’t forget; you could always start by popping some of those tools on your Christmas list!


  1. kristen visser says

    Hubby and I have had a list for a while now of things we wanted to start renovating and getting an idea of price points and such. thankfully finally next year we are gonna start working on something of them. very important to have a list and have a budget in place

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