4 Things to Expect From an HVAC Maintenance Call

You should schedule HVAC maintenance once a year for your air conditioner and furnace. Plan to have your air conditioner serviced in early spring and your furnace tuned up in the fall. This will help you avoid peak HVAC service seasons and get your systems in shape before you have to rely on them for daily use. If you’re behind on your maintenance, here’s a quick primer on what you can expect during your maintenance call.
System Inspection

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One of the key features of an HVAC maintenance visit is the system inspection. Your technician will thoroughly inspect every aspect of your unit to ensure it’s operating properly. This includes tasks such as:
• Checking the condensate drain for clogs
• Checking refrigerant levels
• Examining electrical connections for corrosion
• Checking the balance of the blower fan

If your technician notices anything amiss, he or she will either remedy the issue with basic maintenance or discuss your options for a more significant repair or replacement. One of the benefits of regular maintenance is that it will often help you catch developing problems early so you can schedule an affordable repair before the issue worsens and potentially leaves you without heating or cooling entirely.

Careful Calibration

Regular maintenance visits improve your system’s efficiency. A heating and cooling system that receives annual maintenance will use less energy than one that’s been neglected. This is due primarily to the minor calibration tasks that your technician performs during the maintenance visit. This includes:
• Checking the thermostat settings and function
• Ensuring the burners and ignitors work safely
• Adjusting pressure and temperature on outdoor units as needed

These quick and simple tasks help to guarantee that your system delivers heating and cooling as accurately and efficiently as possible to keep your utility bills low.

Efficient Cleaning

During regular system operation, your furnace and air conditioner continually cycle air through the components. Though a clean air filter will stop many pollutants, there are still those that will get through. Some components, like those in the exterior part of your system, aren’t protected by a filtration system at all.

Dirt, debris, and dust will build up in these areas, diminishing your system’s efficiency and decreasing overall air quality. Part of your maintenance visit includes a thorough cleaning to remove any buildup of contaminants and irritants in the system.
Minor Maintenance

As your technician uncovers areas that need additional care and maintenance, he or she will address these as needed. This includes performing simple tasks like:
• Lubricating moving parts
• Tightening electrical connections
• Changing your air filter

These small adjustments can make a big difference in the overall operation of your unit. Investing in care and attention for these areas now will pay you back in the future.

Heating and cooling maintenance is an important part of any well-rounded home maintenance regimen. Schedule your visit in a timely manner to make sure you’re cashing in on all the benefits and enjoying clean air, low utility bills, fewer repairs, and a long life from your HVAC equipment.

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