Giving to Those in Need all Year Long

The holidays may be behind us, but the need to help others is not. There are people everywhere in the world that need help, whether it is food, clothing, medical assistance, or something else. Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough money or volunteers to keep up with the growing demand of those in need.

Cuso International has been working hard to try to reverse that trend. They not only raise money for supplies and to support programs, but to also send volunteers to help in areas like Africa, South East Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Their volunteers are a part of what has made this organization so successful.  As someone who donates time and money to different charities, I always like to hear the stories from those who are there making a difference.  Are you curious to hear how donations that send volunteers are making a difference?

Cuso International has been so giving to people in other countries over the years, and they want to continue for many more. All their work would not be possible without all their volunteers who selflessly donate their time every year, whether it is a few months, six months or a year. By donating to Cuso International, we can make sure that Cuso International and its Canadian volunteers continue to have opportunities to help people around the world.

A little about one of their volunteers (pictured above)

Dr. Squires was reducing his workload as he approached retirement, but he chose to spend three months in Assosa, Ethiopia, which is a town in the western part of the African country and smaller in size than his own hometown of Stratford, Ontario. While Ethiopia is becoming one of the world’s newest top picks for travel, the trip was extremely meaningful to Dr. Squires because he was there to offer his specialized physician skills to train other pediatricians with the goal of improving or saving the lives of infants.

Dr. Squires volunteered along with other Canadian health care workers through a Cuso International project taking place in Ethiopia which aims to help nearly 9,000 women and newborns and train or support more than 3,500 health workers, 390 government health staff and 140 staff of civil society organizations.

His volunteer time was spent at Assosa Hospital. His skills are extremely valuable to expectant mothers in Ethiopia because more than 80 percent of women in Ethiopia give birth without a skilled health worker which places their babies at extremely high risk of mortality. Although Ethiopia is steadily improving access to health care for women and children, and there are highly skilled physicians and health care workers, the country still has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in Africa. This is in sharp contrast to the practice and hospital settings Dr. Squires was used to in Canada.

Realizing that there are good health care professionals at Assosa Hospital, but that further education could support their mutual goals of improving the care of pediatric patients and to reduce child mortality rates, Dr. Squires focused on providing training on protocols for resuscitation and care of sick newborns, improving the charting process through training on progress notes and discharge summaries and talking with medical staff about accountability (whether a child lived or died).

“The tools and equipment to save more newborn lives was available, all that was needed was some focused training,” said Dr. Squires. “We trained the doctors on how to properly practice neonatal resuscitation and then we trained the nurses. Another protocol vital to improving the health of all patients, was consistent charting, which we implemented and was being done by the time I left.”

This is just one of many volunteers who has been able to make a difference thanks to donations from people like you.

Give now to save the lives of moms and babies. Every dollar you give equals $10 providing even more women and children with life-saving health care. You can donate now and make a difference to a new mother, a baby and a community Cuso CAN Fund

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  1. Diane Welburn says

    I think it is amazing that health care workers from Canada give up their time to help people in other countries. I had no idea that 80% of women in Ethiopia give birth without a skilled health worker. That is so scary. I love it when Canadians give back to other countries in the world!

  2. It is so very important to give back. We are fortunate to live in a country with resources available to us, but much of the world, is not so lucky.

  3. Paula Schuck says

    CUSO is a great organization and love hearing about a Stratford area man/ doctor who is helping to build education in African countries as well. My cousin worked with Cuso for many many years building better agricultural infrastructure in many countries. That was his life for easily a decade. He made a dramatic impact. I have been to Zambia as you know and I have seen the impact of NGOs over there. It is dramatic and life changing. People who are in a position to help and give back should make that a part of their life. This doctor clearly is doing that. I believe organizations like this providing financial aid and education make a huge impact that is sustainable and that’s the key to progress and support.

  4. That is amazing so many volunteers give their own time to help out. I agree that it is important to give back all year and not just during the holidays like most of us do. I’ll be looking into CUSO for my next donation, thanks for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful way for those volunteers to give back. I volunteer year round and it’s a great feeling.

  6. It is wonderful to see people volunteering. Whatever your talent is that is how you should volunteer. I know I can do more and I hope that I will this year.

  7. I love this so much! There is far too much taking and not enough giving in this world. Whenever I see something like this, I have just a little bit more hope for the world.

  8. I think this is fantastic. What a wonderful way to get involved in something larger than yourself.

  9. This is a great organization and cause to get behind. I truly admire people who give selflessly and make this world a better place and help needy people.

  10. I think it is amazing that there are people out there that help others everyday. This is a great organization to help others.

  11. I haven’t heard of Cuso International until now. What a great organization.

  12. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I never heard of this organization, but what a great cause! We are so blessed to have people like this in our world to help others!

  13. This sounds like an amazing cause & an amazing organization! This needs to be shared more!

  14. What a fabulous cause and amazing organization. I think it’s really important that we give all year round and not just during the Holidays. I love that volunteers give so much of their time to make things like this possible.

  15. Volunteerism makes the world go around. I would love to do something like this – to be able to take some time from my regular life and throw myself in 100% to make a real difference.

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