Life in the Kitchen Made Easy with my New Scraper Mixer Pro™

My oldest daughter loves to bake! She is always telling me if I had a good mixer, I would love it too. Mixing recipes by hand just does not combine the ingredients like required and is a tiring experience. So this year I have a new mixer and am putting it to the test! Breville recently sent me the Scraper Mixer Pro to check out. Last night we made cupcakes from scratch with buttercream icing.

The mixer for me was amazing! Easy to use and change the attachments, easy to mix. My daughter who actually went to school for baking, says she loves the timer feature on it. She also loves the guard and how heavy duty it is compared to others.

Breville mixer

Adding in ingredients was not messy thanks tot he guard as well. Everything mixed up thoroughly and scraped the sides of the bowl just like described.

With a flexible edge and 360 degree coverage, the double sided  Scraper Beater expertly scrapes the bowl and ensures thorough mixing. A Pouring Shield protects from splatter so no ingredient escapes its delicious destiny.

The attachments were easy to change and locked into place. This mixer retails for $399.99 and comes with a great deal of accessories.

Included Accessories:
Wire whip
Scraper beater
Flat beater
Dough hook
Pouring Shield

You can order a second bowl for your mixer as well as a thermal mixing bowl to make ice cream.

Breville Stand Mixer

The stainless steal finish allows it to fit into any decor nicely. It cleans up well and the accessories are dishwasher safe.

Our cupcakes turned out so good! There were no lumps and everything was mixed evenly.

chocolate cupcake red buttercream icing

Not ever using a mixer before I was not sure what to expect. The mixer was steady and the bowl locked into place. The mixing task indicator on the side lit up and was very clear to see. The timer counts up when the mixing begins or counts down if selected.

With this in our kitchen we are excited to try it out on bread and cookie dough. The possibilities are endless and I never ever want to mix anything by hand again.


You can tell we did not use the shield as there is a mess on the counter! My daughter commented about this after the fact to me. I can not really complain as she cleaned the kitchen afterwards as well.

If you love to bake, check out Breville at for more info on this and other great products for your kitchen.  Find Breville Canada products at the retailers linked here.

Have you every used an stand mixer before? What is your go-to recipe for it?

Disclosure-I received the above mentioned product free of charge. All opinions are my own 


  1. Wow really helpful!! Pics are good 🙂 love it
    xoxo Anna

  2. Wow I didn’t know Breville made a stand mixer. I have heard great things about their products. I got a stand mixer last year and chose Kitchen-aid for all the extra attachments but I love that the Breville has a timer and a guard. I wonder how angry hubby would get if I got another one lol.

  3. This would be a great addition for anyone who bakes a lot. I like that it comes with a few more accessories, like a dough hook.

  4. Having a guard on a mixer is very important, as it’s so easy to make a mess when you add the ingredients otherwise. This sounds like a great mixer for anyone who loves baking! Your cupcakes look delicious!

  5. Yes, please. I am so jealous right now. I want one of these to make baking easier and more efficient. I love it.

  6. Sounds really good, especially using it for ice-cream too. Is it difficult to clean though?

  7. Heading over to Breville now. We love cooking and baking and we’ve been doing a lot more since moving back to Canada.

  8. I just bought a stand mixer and love how quickly it mixes. My son made cookies and I made bread in it.

  9. I love baking and having a stand mixer makes it so much more enjoyable. I also love how easy it is to make things like bread and pizza dough with it.

  10. Sounds like you bought yourself a great mixer! enjoy it:)

  11. Oh my goodness that mixer is a beat! How absolutely amazing does it look, I bet you can make some wonderful desserts and dishes using it!

  12. love the looks of that mixer. I so would love to have one in my own kitchen. What I would make with it first I have no idea as I like both sweet and savory food. Thanks so much for sharing

  13. Wow, it looks like a good mixer. I thing that mixers make your life much easier indeed. Congrats on the beautiful cupcakes.

  14. I love to cook gourmet meals but hate making dessert, who knows maybe this little wonder gadget will have me wanting to try my hand at making a delicious after dinner treat for everyone! NOM NOM NOM

  15. looks like really helpful !! thanks for sharing..

  16. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I love Breville’s products. This looks like an amazing mixer! I love all of the attachments it comes with, that is a plus! And the stainless steal is beautiful!

  17. Breville makes a really nice stand mixer. It looks it has a lot to offer in the kitchen. I love stainless steel.

  18. Now that is a bakers tool for sure. I would love one of those!

  19. I receive one of this mixer on our recent Christmas Party. I love it now i can bake whatever I want hubby loves it too. This is a great buy everyone who loves baking should have this on their kitchen.

  20. You have got to love mixers! They really make everything so much easier.

  21. I’ve never used a mixer before, but that seems really nice. Anything to make cooking and baking easier is a good thing!

  22. This sounds like something that I need in my life. It seems like a great tool and of high quality.

  23. This Scraper Mixer Pro looks like a dream, hand mixing is such a mission and this is simply a baker’s lifesaver. I hope your daughter bakes even more now.

  24. This looks absolutely delicious, i think i need one of these mixers as i cant bake to save my life. This was really helpful, thanks

  25. this looks like an amazing mixer! this can make your life so much easier!

  26. This looks like an awesome mixer! I need a new one myself! Going to put this one on my list!

  27. Wow – this looks like a great kitchen tool to have! I haven’t checked out this brand before, so I’m going to learn some more about it!

  28. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I honestly have never used a mixer like this. I have seen these before though and have wanted one. This looks perfect!

  29. We got a stand mixer for our wedding and it is the best kitchen appliance EVER! I use it all the time. This has such great features though. It may be time to upgrade.

  30. Oh wow this looks incredible! I’ve been wanting to give one of these mixers a try and was going to check out KitchenAid but now I want to check out Breville.

  31. Melodi Steinberg says

    Wow, that is one fancy mixer. Is the price point the same as the kitchenaide?

  32. I thought Breville makes juicer only, it’s good to know that also make a mixer. 🙂 Looks like another brand to consider when I want an upgrade to my 13 year old KitchenAid. 🙂

  33. Well the fact that it would look so good in the kitchen is a real seller, add in that it is easy to use and change attachments and this is a brilliant find.

  34. I didn’t know that Breville makes a stand mixer! I have my Kitchenaid and love it, but it stays in a cabinet above my fridge so I forget about it half the time! I need to get it down, so I can use it more often. A good mixer makes SUCH a difference

  35. Becca Wilson says

    This mixer looks like it works miracles. I am in need of a new one and definitely am considering this one!

  36. My mom finally gave me a stand mixer and it is a game changer when it comes to baking. Love ours so much. Just need to use it more often!

  37. I love to bake and do so at least twice a week! I love this mixer and have one very similar. This would be a great gift to receive.

  38. NJ Nowoselski says

    I read you review and was comparing it to my Kitchenaid that whole time. I was impressed. I looked up the price too 🙂 I see that it has a “load sensor” which is very impressive comparatively. But the price! 🙁 Yucky. Although I am sure it is worth it, I would not be able to afford this investment specially when a cheaper option is available else where.

  39. This looks like a wonderful mixer! My mom is definitely at a point where she could use a new mixer…I think hers is over 20 years old! This would make an amazing Mother’s Day gift!

  40. Well I’ve never heard of this mixer so you just put me on. It’s great that it worked out for you during dessert.

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