New Year, New Cheer: Health, Self, and Everything Else

Entering a new year gives us the opportunity to take a look at what we achieved over the previous twelves months, and also look forward to where we want to be at the end of this year. The turn of the year inspires optimism and a desire for self-improvement not seen during any other part of the year (except, maybe, September, new school year and all that).

But self-improvement can come in many different shapes and sizes. You might want to work out more braving the cold, wet mornings on a run around the neighbourhood. You might want to start eating healthier. You might want to do something completely different, and learn a new skill or even train in a new career where you can make a difference.

For many, health is high on the list of priorities when entering the new year. It has almost become a cliche that once January 1st comes around people are flocking to the gyms, digging their trainers from the back of the wardrobe, and throwing out anything with excess salt that might be hiding in the kitchen cupboards. Wanting to improve your health has many different levels, and some might be more relevant than others. Here are just a few suggestions of the avenues you could take to achieving the good health you are determined to find.


Your health is something that you desperately want, and need, to maintain. But so many things can get in the way during a day or week or month that your health can quickly be neglected. This neglect can come from work, family, or simply time, and despite being hopeful that one small blip is just that: a small blip, it can soon avalanche into giving up trying to stay healthy and just going along with the flow.

While there are all sorts of different options to try and maintain your health we all know that one solution is not enough. There needs to be a balance of not only what you put into your body, but how you treat your body at the same time.

Planning out a suitable and maintainable routine can at first be a bit awkward, particularly if you are not used to doing such a thing. For many, it is challenging to know and decide what exactly you want to do, and so many settle for just going to the gym and trying out every machine until something sticks.

But this can take a long time and in between it is easy to get discouraged, especially if you are struggling to see and improvement. For this, researching workout routines online that target specific areas, or discussing with professionals at health centres is the way forward. Doing this will help you understand what works need to be done to achieve your goals, and will offer support for further motivation.

If the gym isn’t your thing, but you still want to focus on healthy eating, consider investigating healthy meal plans that can be organised each week on a Sunday and save you any panic of waking up and realising you don’t have the time to make something.  

And again, this is something that will need to be maintained. It is better to ignore the short-term and instead focus on your long-term hopes. If you don’t see any progress after a week or a month, then don’t get discouraged. As with all good things worth doing in life, these things take time and demonstrating patience throughout will only improve your desire to witness something that can make you feel like it was all worth it in the end.


In addition to focusing on your physical health, there is also a need to consider your mental wellbeing as well. Mental health problems have the potential to crop up whenever without you even realising, and these issues can arise in a domino effect where overworking can lead to lack of sleep, which can lead to stress and anxiety, and then burn out.

Despite what you might have been told by your bosses and those around you, your job is not more important than your mental wellness. Thankfully, the world is becoming more and more open to these sorts of problems, and many employers will make allowances towards you ensuring that you are at your best mentally to do your job.

The problem that many people encounter when having these feelings is that they are often reluctant to talk about it with others due to believing they may be perceived as odd or weak or any other silly negative adjective that has no place in the modern world.

Having a reliable support group of friends, family, and coworkers is instrumental towards ensuring that your mind is as healthy as the rest of you. Going to people you can trust to vent your problems will give you the opportunity for perspective and allow you to talk it out and search for a solution.

Furthermore, mental health problems can come from a lack of doing what you enjoy. Too much work can affect your happiness as you are unable to do the things you really need to unwind. Finding time to dedicate yourself to a hobby, no matter what it may be, will ease your mind and give you the chance to recharge yourself each and every day.


But good health is not merely resigned to how you treat yourself and the way you approach exercise and diet. There also needs to be a consideration in what you do on a day-to-day basis. This can range from work to play and everything in between, even as seemingly insignificant as whether you take a taxi or the train to get from A to B.

If you have found yourself exhausted in your career over the past year, perhaps it is time for a change. You might be concerned that making a change in your life is too much, that you don’t know what else you could do, exactly.

But that is not the case. There is a multitude of opportunities that are available for you to explore and find what sort of change is right for you. This is all dependant on the type of thing you want to do, of course. It has never been easier to change careers as it to do right now.

Some people find that a lot of their career satisfaction comes not from what they do, but what they can do for other people. With this in mind, searching for something that will allow you to do good for others can be more rewarding than you could imagine.

Working in the public sector, whether it be volunteering at local shelters, or even moving into the medical field, there is the opportunity to find something that will whet your giving back whistle. Websites where you can find more information include jobs, which offers a plethora of possibilities for you to explore in finding the right career that will change your life.

Of course, if you’re not in it for the money, then simply volunteering at local charities will provide enormous gratification and give you the opportunity to give back. Taking the time out of your weekend to provide for those who are less fortunate – whether it be furry friends or fellow humans – is one of the noblest acts a person can do. This will also open your eyes to other opportunities to help along the way, and can be a humbling, but still immensely rewarding experience.

Furthermore, along with your professional life, you also need to find good health in your personal life. This can be anything from keeping in better contact with old friends, to doing what you can to meet new people that aren’t just those you encounter at the coffee shop on the way to work.

Expanding your social horizons is an excellent way of finding new experiences that you may not have encountered during your ordinary routine, and so trying to mix it up and explore new possibilities can help keep your life fresh and exciting.

Being able to manage your health is something that everybody wants to be able to do but are too often all wrapped up in the hectic world of work. However, by taking a look at the aspects of your life that you want to change will allow everything to be put into perspective and give you the impetus to move forward and identify the key areas of your life that will push you towards your goals.

Maintaining your health from all angles of your life; from physical to mental, professional to personal will start you along the road towards a happier, more prosperous and fulfilling lifestyle. While it may seem like a mammoth task at first, ensuring that you have the right motivations and support around you will make any transitions and changes all that much more comfortable and perhaps, by this time next year, you will look back and feel like the changes you have made were some of the best you could have done.


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