How to Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams in Under 30 Days

So, you’ve gotten engaged and you and your beau cannot wait a minute longer to tie the knot.  While accepting a proposal puts many things into action, sometimes you don’t want a long engagement filled with hours of wedding planning.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to have an amazing wedding either.

For those that have recently gotten engaged, pick a best one from beautiful engagement rings in the market today, complete with a romantic setting, and an adorable proposal by the man of your life, that want to get hitched in under 30 days, keep reading.

We have the basics you need to know wrapped up into one quick and dirty guide.

1. Take Care of the Essentials

Any wedding, no matter how long the engagement lasts, starts with three essential things: a budget, a guest list, and a theme.

The average wedding in America costs approximately $25,576.  That’s a lot of dough for someone trying to manage a wedding in under thirty days.  However, it is important to gauge how much things might cost so that you can get an idea how much you can actually afford.

  • Set a reasonable budget
  • Create a guest list
  • Decide on a color scheme

2. Find a Venue and Set a Date

Since you are trying to plan a wedding in under thirty days, be prepared to be flexible when it comes to venues.  After all, some brides-to-be book their venue a year or more in advance.  Look for Friday evening or Sunday afternoon openings, as these times are typically slower than Saturday nights.

3. Register and Send Out Invites

Register for your wedding so people know where to buy you gifts for your special day.

Then, consider sending out e-vites so people get them delivered to their inbox right away.  This way they can quickly respond “yes” or “no” and link to your registry, all from one convenient location.

4. Find a Dress

Again, since you are aiming to get married so quickly, understand that there will not be enough time for custom fittings.  However, that doesn’t mean your dress can’t be beautiful.  Try your local discount bridal shop so you can try on gowns and possibly take one home that day.

Don’t forget to tell your groom to get his suit ready.  And, if you plan to have a wedding party, find their outfits as well.

5. Book the Vendors

You will need several vendors for your big day:

  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Baker
  • Florist
  • Caterer
  • Hair and Makeup Artist
  • DJ or Band

It will be hard to coordinate all of this on such short notice so don’t waste any time researching and booking vendors, especially if your venue doesn’t handle these things for you.

Also, make sure you book an officiant for your wedding and get your marriage license in time.  These things are crucial and will halt your wedding immediately if not taken care of.

6. Plan a Honeymoon

If a honeymoon is in the books, make those travel plans ASAP.  Decide where you two lovebirds want to go and book your flights and hotel rooms.  If you need help, contact a travel agent that can set something up that is all-inclusive for you, saving you time and money.

And that’s about it.  Sure, there are plenty of minor details that we left out that are uber important to your wedding day.  However, for anyone looking to plan a wedding in under thirty days, this guide is sure to get you on the right track to having a speedy, yet stunning, wedding.

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