It’s Time To Get Your Lust For Life Back!

Does it ever feel as though your life is something that just seems to happen to you? As though, rather than being an active participant in your own life, you feel as though you’re just watching your life move forward without any real control over it? This sense of sleepwalking through life is actually incredibly common, and in the modern world, where it seems like none of us are really in control of our own lives, it can feel as though it’s impossible to break out of. Sure, most people are able to keep going to work, seeing friends, and spending time with their families, but what happens when those things just don’t give you the same feelings that they used to? Not because there’s anything wrong with those things, but because you feel like you’ve lost your lust for life? Well, as tough as it might seem, there are plenty of ways you can go about breaking out of that cycle. Here are just a few things that you might want to try in order to go about getting your lust for life back!

Find something that motivates you to get out of bed!


We all have those days where you’re alarm goes off, and you’d give anything just to pull the covers over your head and hide away from the world for the day. Those moments that make you really relate to bears deciding to sleep through the entire winter. However, if it starts to seem as though you’re feeling that way every single day, then that’s much more of a problem. If that is the case, then try to figure out what it is that’s preventing you from getting out of bed. Is it frustration with your job? A sense of boredom in your life? A desire to hide from problems that you might have? The best way to get past the desire to hide away in bed is to find something that actually makes you want to get up in the morning. The first thing to do is to deal with any problems that you’re hiding from; then it’s a matter of finding something to do with your time that you can be excited about. This can take the form of a new career, but it can just as easily be a new hobby or interest that you can’t wait to spend time on.

Remember your support network

The old saying that “no man is an island” might seem like a bit of cliche but it’s undoubtedly just as true now as it’s always been. Trying to deal with everything in life by yourself can be exhausting, and it’s enough to suck a lot of the joy out of you. If you start to feel as though the weight of the world is getting you down then remember that you always have a support network that you can turn to. This could be your family or your friends, but there are also alternatives you can choose from like therapy and counselling. There are even options for things like emotional support animals if you’re really struggling. Sending off an ESA evaluation letter to see if you qualify for that kind of support can be a great way to help pull yourself out of your slump. Remember, there is never anything wrong with reaching out for help if you need it. It might seem like you should deal with everything by yourself but that’s simply not possible for a lot of people.    

Exercise self-care


Self-care is a term that has increased in popularity over the last few years, but it’s something that many people have been using to feel better about their lives for generations. The idea is simple: self-care is taking the time to do things that you need in order to feel better. This could take the form of spending some time alone, not thinking about work or responsibilities, and running yourself a hot bath, it could involve engaging in a favourite hobby, or it could simply involve calling up a friend and talking for a while. There’s an idea that a lot of people have that self-care is something that’s inherently selfish and, to a degree, that’s true, but there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit selfish every once in awhile.

Cut toxic people out of your life

Far too often many of us allow toxic people into our lives because we assume that we don’t deserve any better. It’s this kind of attitude that leads people to stay in abusive relationships or to stay close with friends who are selfish and cruel. The reality is that there’s nothing wrong with needing to take toxic people and cut them out of your life altogether. It’s not always easy to walk away from relationships and friendships, but if you’re unhappy with them, then it’s almost always the best thing to do in the long run.

Know your worth


Far too many of us have a much lower sense of our own self-worth than we should. The reality is that your worth isn’t defined by how people see you, or what you do for a living, or how talented you are. You have worth because you’re a human being and you shouldn’t ever let anyone try to minimize your worth because they want to feel bigger than you. Remember that you are always worthy of respect and kindness from those around you in exactly the same way that you try to show the same things to them.

These kinds of things are very much the definition of “easier said than done.” As simple as they might seem, don’t get discouraged if they end up being something of a challenge. Even simple changes in your life can be difficult to stick to, but if you really work at it, you’ll be able to make the kinds of positive changes in your life that can help you feel that joy that you used to feel waking up in the morning.



  1. I hear ya. Every work day, it takes me half an hour to lazily roll out of bed to get ready for work! I just need to remind myself that everyday is a blessing and a chance to do something amazing.

  2. Self care and self worth is so important. This is a good reminder. I need this today. Thanks!

  3. Yes ma’am to all of this! I think cutting toxic people is hard but then you realize how much more room you have for great people!

  4. I love this post! We should all be self aware and know our worth! And toxic people – BUH BYE! I recently moved to CA and I get to start the new year in a new country! It is quite exciting to start over again!

  5. Learn to say no. Life is so much better when you are not stuck doing things that you do not want to do!

  6. These are all very amazing ways to get your Lust For Life back! I especially like knowing your support network. There are always those positive people around that are going to give you the support you deserve and those that don’t… that’s where your cut people off line comes in. Great post.

  7. Self Care is something that is a must for everyone. It is also something I have trouble with. I am constantly doing things for everyone else and I forget about myself. It is something I am working on for 2018.

  8. There have been a few toxic people we’ve had to cut out. Some of the family. Just because you’re blood doesn’t give you a pass to be toxic!

  9. NJ Nowoselski says

    This … speaks to me. It is good to know that even though we don’t know each other, that others can feel the same way. My pups give me no choice but to get up and start my day because they need out to pee 🙂 but I tell ya I have had many of those days I rather stay in bed. A hobbie can work too but hobbies can be expensive thus 🙁 Finding yourself again is hard but it is so worth it…
    Again, thanks for this.

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