4 Ways for Moms to Rekindle Their Social Life in their 30s

Being a mom is hard work and motherhood requires laser-sharp focus and a never-ending supply of patience. However, just because you’re a good mother, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself from time to time. Though, it can be tough to hash out a schedule that allows you some personal free time. After all, kids need lots of attention. One second you’re ferrying them to soccer practice, and the next you’re prepping them to get blood drawn from pediatric tubes for a checkup at the doctor’s. It can be a slog –– we get it. Fortunately, here are four ideas on how moms can experience a social renaissance in their 30s:

Plan Ahead

Living from week-to-week can prove hectic and exhausting. And this is true not only for mothers, but anyone who carries a loaded schedule. That’s why it’s all the more important to budget time for play well in advance. Identify certain weekends or nights where you can afford some time to yourself, and stick to that schedule. It’s not good for you, or anyone else in your life, to deny yourself simple pleasures all the time.

Reach Out

If you’ve fallen out with old friends who don’t have kids, or if you’ve recently moved to a new location, consider expanding your social scene. Other moms at your children’s school experience the same struggles you do, so talk to them about going out on a semi-regular basis. It can be nerve-wracking to approach strangers, but getting to know new people is one of the best ways to improve your social life.

Go Digital

There are some people who feel that online dating sites and apps have killed romance once found on the dating scene. However, the facts remain that people are meeting online more than ever before. And it can prove difficult for moms in their thirties to find suitable dates through more “traditional” means. At worst consider it a lark and give it a shot once or twice. Sure, nothing might come of it; but on the other hand, never say never.

Be Selfish (A Little)

There’s nothing wrong with asking a good friend or relation to watch your kids every once in a while. Even going out to a restaurant by yourself, or merely enjoying a one-person activity like going to the movies can help you recharge your batteries. Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first –– after all, you’ve earned the occasional treat!

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