8 Tips For Consistently Preparing Excellent Meals

If you are one of those rare people who view cooking as an art form, then you are probably always on the lookout for ways to improve how you cook. One simple tip for cooking delicious foods from scratch is to always use the best and freshest ingredients. Regardless of what you are making, the food will always taste far superior then if you were to compromise. 

One issue that you might run into when you strive to cook excellent, gourmet-quality meals is that you often feel that you must go to your local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods every time you want to cook. 

However, this is not necessarily true. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare excellent meals in the most convenient and affordable way. 

1. The best flavor-enhancing ingredients for beverages, breakfasts, and desserts. 

If you love coffee beverages and coffee-flavored desserts, then you may be interested in buying the perfect gourmet sauces for your latte, mocha, espresso, hot chocolate, dessert, waffles, or whatever other dreamy concoction you have in mind. Popular flavors include Caramel Sauce, Dark Chocolate Sauce, and White Chocolate Sauce. 

2. Buy in bulk. 

One way to avoid having to go to the store whenever you feel the need to whip up a culinary dish is to buy in bulk from stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. This not only saves you money but helps you to quickly stock up your pantry with choice brands. 

3. Use a list app to stay organized. 

By planning your meals in advance for the week, you can quickly decide what it is that you plan to eat and when you will have the time to cook. By using a list app on your smartphone, you can keep updating your list as you make your purchases. A list app will also make it easy to create a new list when you run out of ingredients. 

4. Do weekly meal preps. 

One way to avoid spending more money than you need is to cook your own food rather than pay twice as much at restaurants for basically the same type of meal you could prepare at home. You won’t be tempted to go to a deli or restaurant during your lunch break if you have already packed your own lunch. Since you are a good cook, chances are that you can whip up a better meal than the short-order cooks at a restaurant. One way to manage packed lunches is to spend a few hours on Sunday cooking up a large batch of your favorite meals and then filling up partitioned Bento boxes. You can then store them neatly in the refrigerator, one for every working day of the week. This way, you get to eat your favorite foods every day, even when you are at work. 

5. Join cooking groups 

By joining cooking clubs and social groups based around cooking themes. You could join a Meetup group or an online social media group. If you have a preference for certain types of cooking, then you should join an organization that offers support. For instance, if you are a vegan, then it will be fun to get recipes from others who are focusing on eating a whole food, plant-based diet. Besides the camaraderie, you’ll pick up plenty of tips on what the best brands, ingredients, and cooking techniques you should try. 

6. Watch cooking shows. 

Another way of getting tips and ideas on how to cook, how to prepare your meals, and how to use the best ingredients is to watch cooking shows. You never know what tips you might pick up.

7. Sign up for online gourmet classes. 

Many gourmet chefs who have retired from their careers are now creating online classes where they share their famous recipes. Signing up for one of these digital tutorial classes is an excellent way to learn how to improve your culinary skills even more.  

8. Buy fresh produce online. 

One of the things that you can’t stock up is fresh fruits and vegetables. While you can certainly extend the shelf life of some fruits and vegetables by freezing them, this is only a short-term solution. One alternative is to use a grocery delivery service. After you place your order online, you can get foods delivered within the same day, or, at the latest, the next day. 

Cooking is a delightful experience, and by using these 8 suggestions, it will be far easier to consistently cook the best meals for yourself and your family. 


  1. I love my recipe books and I don’t mind cooking, but a lot of the time I don’t have the ingredients, and I also watch a ton of cooking shows, yes you can learn a lot from watching them!

  2. Do you have any suggestions for list apps?

  3. The idea of signing up for cooking classes and joining cooking clubs is a good one. I am going to have to look into doing these.

  4. Leanne davis says

    Wish I had time for cooking classes . I love the new apps that give you recipes and a shopping list .

  5. Elva Roberts says

    I love cooking. I find it relaxing and I like good meals. I have many cookbooks as well. Thank you for your timely and sensible tips.

  6. Thank you for the great tips! I enjoy cooking and making good fresh food for my family. It’s fun to search for new and exciting things to make with apps and cookbooks.

  7. Krista M says

    I like buying in bulk from Costco for our main items, it really saves extra trips to the grocery store. Especially chicken, beef & pork chops. Then I have them on hand & just change the sauces/recipes so we aren’t always eating the same thing.

  8. Treen Goodwin says

    Love all the tips , thanks for sharing , i would love to take a cooking class 🙂

  9. Elaine Buonsante says

    The tip that I most appreciate is #4: Do Weekly Meal Preps. Meal planning is something that I really need to work on.

  10. Elaine Buonsante says

    I need to take some time to get myself organized as far as recipes to plan ahead.

  11. I hate when I get in a rut and don’t know what to make. I cook daily and don’t mind cooking but sometimes I go blank.

  12. I love cooking shows! My husband hates them, lol! I especially like the baking ones… we have problems here because both my daughter and I are super picky but there are some great tips here, thank you!

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