Choosing to Enjoy Canadian Winters Again

If you live in Canada, you know what winter here is like. Snow, wind and very cold temperatures causing many people to want to stay indoors and hibernate until spring. You would think after all these years we would be use to our winters, but every year they seem colder and snowier. As a kid I would spend hours and hours outside building forts, snowmen and making angels. My parents would take me tobogganing and we would go ice skating on the lake. Then as I got older, I started to dislike the cold and was not really a fan of the snow anymore. So this year, I am choosing to make the best of it and enjoy our Canadian winter. Like the saying goes, if you can not beat them, join them!

My family loves to be outdoors and my children are very active in various outdoor activities. Usually I am on the sidelines watching, or in the coffee shop staying warm, but this year I got out and had some fun. Two of my kids have taken up snowboarding and this means we are up n the ski hill quite a bit. There is so much to do there even if you are not into skiing and snowboarding. We have been going for family walks, snowshoeing and tubing over the last few weeks. I am really enjoying being active outdoors in the cooler weather. The key to having fun outside in the snow is dressing warm in layers and eating small healthy meals to keep my body fueled.

Below are some of the activities we have been doing this winter so far.

Family walks enjoying activities, events and sights in the snow.

Warming up by the fire in the snow. Who says fires are only for summers and camping? We are ones to enjoy a bonfire all year long and with the dry summers, fires in the hot weather are not common. So we loved sitting by this fires to warm up while on the hill.

A few moms asked me to go snowshoeing with them earlier this year. In my attempt to say ‘yes’ more, I agreed. After renting shoes once I was hooked and had to go out and buy my own. I got a super deal at a liquidation warehouse and went out with my oldest son on a hike in the woods. It was so much fun even though I wiped out and my FitBit said I walked 9 kms that day. I can not wait to go again!

Wearing snow-pants and a hat and gloves is a must when being outside in the winter months. I am so happy I bought myself a nice pair of snow pants last winter. we started tubing as a family and often take the kids up the hill with their friends for a few runs.

I am still not a fan of driving in the snow, but luckily where I live the roads are cleared pretty quick and we have great winter tires. I just wait until the snow stops and go out then. Living here in Canada surrounded by all this snow I figure I should just make the best of it and get outside and enjoy it!

I think next year I may try dog sledding and ice fishing since both are quite popular around here. I can not wait to get outdoors and enjoy more time with the family. To see what we are up to next, be sure to follow my Instagram stories and my IG account RantingGinger . It is my favourite place to share when we are out on a family adventure.

What do you and your family do int eh winter? Are you getting outside and being active? i would love to hear about what other families do in teh cold and snow! Cheers!


  1. When my kids were younger we were outside way more than we are now. These past few years we tend to hibernate in the winter! I need to be more active, no matter what the weather, thanks for the inspiration and 9 kms on your Fitbit…way to go!

  2. Janet Meisner says

    We do try to get our. I enjoy walks in the cold and snow and as we have winter we may as well take advantage of its benefits and have a healthy outdoors winter.

  3. I don’t do a lot in the winter to be honest, other than shovel my driveway and wear my little one to walk my big one to and from school. I used to do more before kids — I used to run even on really cold days, so long as it wasn’t icy!

  4. Just look at all that snow. Every time I see one of your photos out there and the kids are snowboarding or tubing I am immediately consumed by the idea of traveling to BC. We have lost most of our snow this week and had flooding as you might have read. But I am still ready for a big ski trip soon. Looks like I need to make that our next destination. Maybe late 2018 or 2019 ski season. Looks amazing and honestly you just can’t find that kind of snow here in Ontario anymore.

  5. Your winter adventures look like a lot of fun! We usually go out snowmobiling, tobogganing and to the ski hill when it isn’t too cold out. I’ve been thinking of getting snowshoes for a while now, great workout and it doesn’t seem like it because it is so much fun exploring.

  6. kathy downey says

    It’s been a strange winter here in Newfoundland,rained all night and today it’s so icy and now it’s snowing

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