Fun NEW Winter Themes from Playmobil (Giveaway)

Winter is here in Canada and in full force! Looking outside my window I can see snow as far as my eye will go. We have been spending a lot of time this winter hitting the slopes and venturing outside enjoying the beautiful white snow. I always think it looks so pretty when the sun is shining and the snow has fallen the night before.

We love to go tubing, snow shoeing and two of my kids have taken up snowboarding and skiing.  Our family is very excited to watch fellow Canadian compete this year during the 2018 Olympics. It is a big tradition here for us to watch the events as a family. Knowing that the athletes once started as a beginner and youth really inspires my children.

When we get home from the mountain my family is exhausted! They love the time they spend in the snow and look forward to chilling at home with a hot chocolate. We are already planning our next visit and excited to enjoy that time with friends and family.

PLAYMOBIL wants you to get in the Olympic spirit with their new Winter Sports theme. With everything from the Female Biathlete to Skier, kids can use their imagination and reenact their favourite winter Olympic games. PLAYMOBIL is also pleased to announce the launch of their new Arctic Expedition theme, which allows kids to explore and learn all about the fantastic tundra.

My daughter loves these sets so much! They take some time to build but it is worth it. She usually recruits one of her older siblings to give her a hand. I love this winter theme and enjoy adding to it with smaller sets. Some of the fun sets you can get int eh winter theme are listed below.

Ski Lodge

Enjoy a snowy, winter retreat at the Ski Lodge. Start your day off with a warm breakfast on the patio while enjoying the beautiful view. Before you head to the slopes, make sure you rent your skis at the equipment station, and don’t forget to check the trail board so you don’t get lost!
When the cold becomes too much to bear, step inside to sip on some hot cocoa by the fire. At the end of a long day, two cozy beds await in the loft, which can be reached by the ladder. Set includes five figures, skis, table, chairs, firewood, shovels, lounge chair, snowman, mittens, and other accessories.

Winter SUV

Brave the icy weather in the Winter SUV. It will be easy to get through the snow with this vehicle. Access the SUV’s interior through the removable roof to seat the figures inside. The spacious SUV has a removable roof box and roof rack, making it easy to transport all your skiing and snowboarding equipment. Set includes two figures, snowboard, skis, luggage, mittens, and other accessories.

Snowball Fight

Have some winter fun with a Snowball Fight. Round up your best snowballs and take aim! Take cover in the snow fort before launching your snowballs onto your opponents below. The notches in the snowballs make them easy for the figures to grasp.
Use the sleds to collect the snowballs or jump aboard and slide down the snowy fort hill. Set includes three figures, two sleds, snowboard, snow fort, snowballs, flag, and other accessories.


Race across the powdery snow with the Snowmobile. The vehicle is able to adapt to the terrain with its flexible runners and has storage for all your snow gear in the front compartment under the hood. Set includes one figure, snowmobile, goggles, and other accessories.

Winter Sports Trio 

Fun in the snow with the Winter Sports Trio. Whether you’re skiing down the mountain, sliding down with the snow tube, or using the snowboard, you’re sure to have a lot of winter thrills! Set includes three figures, skis, tube, snowboard, and other accessories.

Female Biathlete 

Cheer on the Female Biathlete! Set includes one figure, skis, ski poles, and other accessories.


Watch as the Skier competes in the winter games. Set includes one figure, skis, poles, and other accessories.

Arctic Expedition Headquarters

Explore the fascinating tundra with the Arctic Expedition with Headquarters. Inside the igloo, you will find a research laboratory equipped
with computers to input all your data. Bring your collected crystals over to the energy research centre where you can watch as they illuminate
the dome of the roof in bright colors.
Defend yourself against the ice pirates with the functioning cannon and chase them away with the included snowmobile! The removable dome allows for even more playtime fun. Set includes three figures, snowmobile, satellite, compass, camera with tripod, binoculars, and lots of other accessories.

Arctic Explorers with Polar Bears

Watch as the Arctic Explorers with Polar Bears learn all about the icy tundra. Use the functioning drill to remove ice cores from the iceberg. Transporting supplies is easy with the included sled. The polar bears have movable head and legs. Set includes two figures, skiing equipment, adult polar bear, baby polar bear, drill with ice cores, binoculars, snow hats, tools, and other accessories.

With Playmobil you can easily recreate your winter adventures at home. Visit for more fun winter products and other themes.


To help get you started on the winter themed fun, Playmobil has a great prize for 1 lucky Canadian reader. Enter below for your chance to win a Arctic Explorers with Polar Bears set. Fill out the form. Good luck!


Disclosure-The above mentioned product was received free of charge. All opinions are my own


  1. kathy downey says

    Another set I would love the 1.2.3 Country Side
    product no.: 6770 for my grandson !

  2. Judy Cowan says

    I also like the Space Shuttle. Love Playmobil, they have such an amazing selection of sets.

  3. Mary Boudreau says

    I like the Playmobil NHL

  4. My daughter would love the Dog Walker!

  5. Kate Hearn says

    I love the NHL sets…it is neat that you can get different teams

  6. The Tomb Raiders’ Camp product no 9166

  7. I would love the Space Shuttle!

  8. Anne Taylor says

    I love the NHL themed products! My grandson would be so happy with these! Thanks

  9. wendy hutton says

    I would love the furnished shopping mall set

  10. Janet Meisner says

    I like the Pharaoh’s Pyramid. It looks like a lot of fun.

  11. We love the Carry Along Sets, allows for such ease of storage!

  12. Jennifer P. says

    I love the Ghostbusters theme a lot because it reminds me of my childhood!

  13. Carole Dube says

    My granddaughters would also love the Camping Lodge! Thank you

  14. Florence Cochrane says

    My grandson is a fan of the NHL Theme.

  15. My son loves their NHL themed toys!

  16. I love the children’s hospital!

  17. one I really like is the … Pharaoh’s Pyramid

  18. I like the Space shuttle.

  19. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    The NHL® Arena product no.: 5068 would be ideal for my hockey fanatic of a grandson. 🙂



  21. sarah alexis says

    I love the Be whoever you want series!! 9092 Rock Blaster with Rubble – right oN!

  22. I’d love the Pony Farm. I think my nieces would disagree, they’d probably choose something princess

  23. I like the Playmobil NHL for my grandson.

  24. I would like the Playmobil NHL for my grandson.

  25. I like the pirate theme.

  26. Jennifer Wilson says

    I love the NHL themed Playmobil.

  27. My grandsons all love the NHL themed toys

  28. My son would love the Ghostbusters toys.

  29. Heather Swanson says

    space shuttle

  30. Lynda Cook says

    Pony Farm looks so fun and I know my granddaughter would love that one too!!

  31. kristen visser says

    My youngest would absolutely love the Playmobil Royal Residence and my oldest would love the Pony Farm

  32. I like the Playmobil NHL sets as well

  33. Gillian Morgan says

    I like the city action sets.

  34. I like the Family Camping Trip set

  35. My son would love the My Take Along Farm.

  36. Debbie White Beattie says

    My nephews live on a farm so so I’m going to say the Country theme but I also like the Explorers theme.

  37. All of our family love sports and hockey is a favourite. The #9176 NHL® Locker Room Play Box would be a set they would all like. My older grandson would love the Ghostbuster Firehouse #9219 as he really likes the movies.

  38. Maritess S says

    I would love their forest creatures with fairies.

  39. Wow my son would so love the whole Explorer theme. He loves dinosaurs

  40. I would like the nhl arena

  41. I like the pony farm set.

  42. Amy Heffernan says

    I just adore the Space Shuttle. I know my son would love it! Thanks!

  43. The NHL® Arena looks great

  44. Carol Denny says

    I like the Playmobil NHL

  45. I would also like to have the Wildlife theme toy sets.

  46. These are all amazing! I think the arctic expedition is my favourite.

  47. SweetPanda says

    I like the Explorers theme

  48. Belinda Skuta says

    I love the playground set!

  49. the family fun camping trip is cute

  50. Jeannie Lam says

    I love the NHL theme from Playmobil!

  51. I would pick the SPACE Playmobile.

  52. Ghost busters station!

  53. Sunshine G says

    The giant cruise ship is pretty neat!

  54. My kids would love any of the NHL sets!

  55. Irene Eichler says

    I would like the Diving Trip package .. love those dolphins

  56. ivy pluchinsky says

    I like the pony farm set and my niece would like it too

  57. My daughter would love the pony set and I would love the space themed sets. Thanks!

  58. My grandson would love the Drago & Thunderclaw set!

  59. I like the 9084 Beachgoer with Scooter.

  60. Juliee Fitze says

    I like the Cowboy with Wanted Poster.

  61. Wendy Jensen says

    Another product that I like from Playmobil is the Petting Zoo.

  62. Marlene Unruh says

    The NHL set

  63. I love the pyramid!

  64. I also like the Playmobil NHL set for my kids.

  65. I would also love the pony farm set!

  66. The dog walker my niece would love.

  67. Andrea Amy says

    We also love the Explorers Theme sets

  68. Holly O'Gorman says

    My daughter loves the princess series.

  69. jenn beckett jennpup says

    I like the amusement park rides, like the Ferris Wheel.

  70. Rosanne Robinson says

    I also like the Playmobil Space Shuttle.

  71. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I love the NHL theme from Playmobil.

  72. Ginger Gervais says

    The NHL playmobil looks very cool!!

  73. Sab Edwards says

    We actually already own some of their hockey stuff, that we got for Dylan. All of its fun to play with

  74. Would love the history theme

  75. I love the Summer Camper, and the whole family theme.

  76. RC Turbo Racer would be fun

  77. I love the Children’s Hospital

  78. The Survivalist! Either in some sort of tree house or underground bunker. That would be neat!

  79. The History theme looks great!

  80. Playmobil NHL for my nephews who love hockey!

  81. Aarone Mawdsley says

    the ghost busters are cool

  82. I love the Playmobil Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) set!

  83. Shelley Butcher says

    I like the Dreamworks Dragons sets.

  84. I like Children at the Beach.

  85. my little guy would love the camping themed one!

  86. playmobil NHL

  87. I like the Ghostbusters Firehouse

  88. Leslie Simmons says

    Playmobil encourages amazing creative play. I would love to win for my sweet little Godson.

  89. The Adventure Tree House looks awesome!

  90. My great niece would love Singer with Keyboard.

  91. Anne Derkat says

    We love the NHL ones.

  92. The Furnished Shopping Mall would make a nice gift for my granddaughter.

  93. Cassandra Kazlovskis says

    I love their NHL line. Perfect for little hockey players

  94. My son loves the police sets!

  95. The cruise ship and Ghostbusters

  96. I like the Ghostbuster’s themed products.

  97. My grandson would enjoy the Family Fun 9281 Winter SUV

  98. Brian Hwang says

    Anything from the Dragon Series would be great!

  99. JUdy hunting says

    THe hospital is awesome

  100. I like the space theme for little ones

  101. I like Arctic Expedition Headquarters

  102. Margaret Huitema says

    I like the Playmobil NHL

  103. Rosa Cross says

    I like the country theme.

  104. Brandy champion says

    I really like the themes with aireplanes

  105. Alanna Watt says

    I like the Playmobil 123 farm set!

  106. My niece loves the City Themed sets, and I am currently trying to buy the fair ride sets for my granddaughter.

  107. Mike Gismondi says

    I like the NHL theme

  108. Marc-Andre Taillefer says

    My son would love the My Take Along Farm.

  109. Are there any tropical island sets? I’d also like a science lab set to encourage girls to be interested in science.

  110. the Playmobil Space Shuttle is really cool as well.

  111. My daughter has a hospital that she loves

  112. Theresa C. says

    I love that Playmobil 1.2.3 has a Recycling Truck!

  113. The Pyramid set! I saw a display in Switzerland that had custom made a huge base for it, truly making it into the Great Pyramid!

  114. My grandparents had a Playmobil tree house that I used to love playing with as a kid.

  115. Christina Englesakis says

    I really like the Space Shuttle 6196!

  116. My nephew is obsessed with playmobil ever since he received the playmobil advent calendar. I can not wait until my son is old enough to play. My take along farm
    Will be the first set we buy for him.

  117. Julie Bolduc says

    The Ghostbusters seem like a cute set I seen the setup at toysr us tonight

  118. Another Playmobil set I really like is the Dragon set. They make such fascinating toys for kidsof all ages.

  119. I like this:Cruise Ship
    product no.: 6978

  120. The HTTYD sets!

  121. My Grand-daughter would love the polar bears!

  122. I’d also love the Ghostbusters set!

  123. My nephew would love the
    9076 Dragon Knight
    C$ 4.59

    Shared the giveaway on my blog, Twitter and FB 🙂

  124. I love the Ghostbusters theme!

  125. Harvinderks says

    Playmobil NHL

  126. Linda Svarovsky says

    I like the ice cream truck.

  127. I like the Take Along Fire Station.

  128. Alison Braidwood says

    I think the Space Shuttle is fab. I’d spend some time playing with that myself :0

  129. We love our dinosaur set and our farm set! Playmobil toys are the best.

  130. Our family would have tons of fun with their NHL theme! Thanks very much for the super giveaway opportunity!

  131. My girls like the Princess and Fairy sets. They so want the Grand Princess Castle! My son loves the City Action sets – firetrucks, helicopters, etc.

  132. Karin Dollery says

    My granddaughters love Playmobil and would love them all but I know the oldest girl loves to watch hockey with DAD so another the NHL theme would be perfect for her.

  133. Pirate with Treasure would be also fun 😉

  134. Jessica M Walker says

    My son would love the gostbuster playmobil

  135. The Ghostbusters set

  136. I love the history playmobil sets especially the Egyptian sets.

  137. My daughters have the fairy castle and love it! Thanks for the chance to win, I’d love to start collecting Playmobil for them!

  138. Caryn Coates says

    I love the Ghost Busters Theme

  139. Tara Gauthier says

    The Ghostbusters would be a big hit here!

  140. The NHL® Score Clock with 2 Referees & the pirate ship!

  141. My child would also be excited to play with the Sphinx from the Playmobil egypt theme from the History set.

  142. We’d also love a fairy castle theme

  143. I also would love the Camp Site with Fire
    product no.: 9153

  144. Allison Matz says

    My grandsons would love the Dragons theme

  145. I love playmobile

  146. My kids would like the Camping Lodge.

  147. Ahoy, the Pirate Series for sure.

  148. Pirates is a big one, followed by fairies.

  149. My daughter would love the Camp site set.

  150. Nicole Colletti says

    My kids would love the dragons themed sets! Thanks for the chance! They’d LOVE this!

  151. I like the Playmobil 1,2,3 – perfect for my toddler! She would love the pirate ship!

  152. Tammy Dalley says

    I love the NHL set!

  153. My kids would like the farm sets

  154. Martin Keating says

    Space Huttle

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