Internet Usage: Then vs. Now

Life has always changed; developed; evolved. Some of the changes have been small, but others — like the internet — are so huge they change the entire fabric of society.

The internet is the crowning glory of the modern age. We have smart homes, easy communication methods with friends and family, and a platform that was once denied to the vast majority of people. The internet has overwhelmingly been a source for good, but even something as pivotal as the internet is not immune from experiencing change itself.

The interest as it is now is almost unrecognizable when compared to the previous iterations. You probably can’t remember how tough the service you now depend on for next to everything was in its primitive days.

There’s nothing like a reminder of tough times to make you appreciate what you have now– so let’s go on a stroll down memory lane and see just how much the internet has evolved in its short time with humanity…

The Internet Then… was optional

During its early years, the internet wasn’t seen as anything particularly important. In fact, early internet adopters were often characterized as “losers” who had nothing better to do with their time.

The Internet Now… is considered a human right

The internet has changed things that we once would have considered to be immovable, bringing forth a life experience that was almost unrecognisable from what it once was before. By far the biggest change has been to how the world sees the internet; as reports, many countries now see internet access as a human right– which is a pretty huge development in less than three decades.

The Internet Then… took a month to connect to

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t quite a month, but it sure did feel like it. Any early internet user will experience a wave of nostalgia if they listen to this video:

Logging on to the internet was something that took a painstaking amount of time, and as for surfing the internet when you finally did get online… it wasn’t a good experience. There was a time when letting a picture download was something you did while you grabbed a cup of coffee and worked a crossword puzzle.

The Internet Now… fast is standard

The biggest change is not just that the internet is faster now, it’s that the speed is so standardised. Thanks to companies like, the average family can have blisteringly-fast internet access for a relatively small amount. The speed of the internet itself has increased along with the general access to those high speeds.

The Internet Then… was empty

The internet as we now know it took a long time to build. For early adopters, searching for something online was rather hit and miss– not because it was difficult to find, but because so much information just wasn’t there.

The Internet Now… is huge

The internet is absolutely huge, spanning literally billions of websites. You can even check to watch the number of websites online increase by the second. There’s no doubt about it; the internet sure did grow up well!

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