How To Make Your Backyard Sanctuary

What do you do when you have a minute to yourself? Parents don’t get enough alone time, but as it turns out, neither do kids. Whatever their age, children need alone time to recharge and develop new skills. As they get older, you should be able to sneak off to enjoy some important “me-time” every now and then. It helps when you have some place close to home where you can enjoy a book, a cup of coffee, or just an evening outside. But let’s face it – when you have kids, your backyard probably isn’t the most peaceful place on the planet.

But that can change. A garden nook tucked away in a spacious backyard, or even just a peaceful, shaded back deck, can quickly become your outdoor sanctuary when the weather is nice. A sanctuary in your backyard can give a quick place to escape and get some oxygen. Taking some alone time for yourself is essential for many parents. It gives you the time to recharge so you can jump full-throttle back into parenting and rediscover the fun, not just the responsibilities.

So how do you take a backyard littered with toys, kiddie pools, barbecues, and patio furniture and carve out your own space? It’s easy to create your own corner with some well-placed planters, a garden, and some creativity. If you’ve got a green thumb, you can start with a garden along the side of your property and build from there, while shady trees can also be a good foundation. The key is blocking sightlines. You don’t want hard boundaries or to be completely fenced off, but there are other ways to define the space around you and mark it off.

One thing you are definitely going to need is a trellis or two. Combined with vines or any leafy plant you can train through a lattice, a trellis can transform your backyard from a typical subdivision lawn into a garden paradise. Trellises create a psychological sense of boundaries that allow you shut off the world outside without really having to get very far away from it. Perfect for moms who take their alone time whenever and wherever they can find it. Between the trellises, lay out a bench, a swinging bench, or just a table and chair so you can sit down and relax. Bring a book, an iPad, or just take some time to think about nothing at all.

You make a lot of sacrifices for your family. Being the best mom you can be every time is draining. Don’t underestimate your own needs and the space you need to recharge. If you thrive on sunshine and need peace and quiet sometimes, it’s time to find some space for yourself in your backyard. Don’t wait around, either. Putting together some trellises and backyard furniture is simple. This spring, build the garden you’ve always dreamed of having and enjoy a space for yourself this summer.

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