Making Fitness Fun: Exploring The Great Outdoors With Your Family

There’s nothing better than enjoying the fresh air with your loved ones, especially when that means you end up getting fit and healthy without even realizing. Sometimes, it can be a little challenging to drag your kids out of the house; there’ll always be appealing distractions at home, like computer games, T.V, and the array of devices that connect to the internet. Therefore, it might be time to start thinking about some new and tempting options that will ensure that the whole family can spend some quality time together, and get in some much-needed exercise in the meantime. A family day out, a weekend away, or a mini-break adventure could be the perfect way to build up some excitement for, and the sooner you start planning a trip to see the beautiful great outdoors, the better.

Whether you choose to stay in a lodge, go camping, or it’s simply a one-day experience (on a regular basis); you’ll be able to incorporate an array of healthy lifestyle choices into your time together. If everyone’s having fun and enjoying their time together; nobody will even notice these changes or additions, and they will become habitual, and practices that they can take home with them. Health and fitness shouldn’t be something that you and your kids dread; therefore, making them part of a memorable and fun situation regularly is the best way to ensure they continue focusing on their wellbeing throughout their lives. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to plan a trip with their family, where they make the most of the great outdoors, and enhance their health and wellbeing in the meantime.

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Change Can Start Today

A great way to make the most of your family getaway is for everyone to plan some personal goals for themselves. Perhaps one of your kids wants to walk more steps than they have before in one day; this will be the perfect opportunity for them to achieve something they feel good about and utilize that fitness app or pedometer they received at Christmas. If you, your partner, or any of the other adult members of your family want to improve or change their unhealthy habits; start when you’re away, as there’s nothing like a huge blue sky and plenty of greenery to clear your mind and inspire you to focus on your wellbeing. Smokers could think about giving up; they could check out products like E-Liquid from Ecigwizard so that they can begin their smoke-free journey while away. Head toward some beautiful scenery for the budding artists among you; the walk or hike there and back will be enjoyable, and they’ll be a focal point to sketch or draw when you get there. Whatever it is that members of your household want to change, improve upon, or enhance; an outdoors adventure is an ideal place to start.

Cooking Up Your Family’s Fuel

A healthy diet is always a crucial element of a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle, so you can begin focusing on this while you’re away. A day of hiking and scenery spotting can be enriched by a homemade picnic; you can check out some healthy picnic recipe ideas from Pinterest and begin writing your grocery list. You’ll want to include plenty of slow-releasing carbohydrates that will give everyone plenty of energy for the rest of the day, and everything can taste great too. And, don’t forget to carry plenty of water with you all; if you’re exercising anywhere (whether your family realize it or not), you’ll need to stay hydrated at all times. Longer trips away, where you’ll be staying in a lodge or camping, will involve self-catering. Therefore, the food you take will be what everyone consumes and enjoys.

BBQs and campfire are always exciting and fun, and there are hundreds of simple, delicious, and healthy things you can throw on to the fire, and give that yummy chargrilled taste. Fresh fish and meat will always taste great straight off the BBQ, but you can also grill veggies like corn, jacket potatoes, and other root veg; they’ll taste earthy and sweet, and they’ll nourish the family. You could even do a little foraging on your outdoors adventure; there are often plenty of delights to be found in natural habitats, depending on where you decide to go. Just make sure that you’ve done some research beforehand so that you’re picking the right things and cooking them properly. Keep eating fresh, unprocessed food, and you’ll feel the benefits without losing out on flavor or feeling full.

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Fun And Games

The best bit about an adventure outdoors is that you’ll be exploring your surroundings, enjoying the view, and exercising without even realizing. However, it’s always worth taking a few things to make the most of being outside and the space you’ll have, especially if you’re planning to stay a few days or more. Therefore, it’s time to invest in a soccer ball or football for a game or two and perhaps pack your rackets or bats, for some family team building. A simple game of catch, or an hour of batting in the evening will burn off more calories and ensure that everyone has the best night’s sleep possible (even with the sounds of nature in the night around them). Get your towels and swimwear ready if you’re heading to areas with lakes which are safe to swim in; goggles and swimming hats are optional, but the main thing is to enjoy the water and make the most of the chance to splash each other. Speaking of water fun; a few water pistols could be a great addition to your bags as they won’t take up much room, but hours of laughter could be enjoyed as you run around shooting one-another (perfect for kids of all ages).

Wherever you go, and whatever you choose to do, ensure that your days are filled with fun, fresh air, and good food; the healthy habits, wellbeing, and fitness will come along without you even realizing.



  1. Your family is so lucky to have you! All these healthy habits are really essential and making fitness fun since a young age is basically the foundation of everything!

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