Stepping outside my Comfort Zone for Girls Night Fun

I love my family more than anything but recently felt I needed something more in my life. What I was missing was a connection with other women I could relate to. Friends I could hang out with and share some laughs with. I have interests my spouse is not interested in and hobbies I would like to explore. I also miss the support of having friends to talk with and bare my soul to. I have my mom and my kids and my online friends, but I needed someone else to hang out with. I needed to start making friends. I had no idea how tough it was to put myself out there. I am unsure why but I have noticed when people ask me to do something, my first response is to say no. I can think of a million reasons why I can not do something. I am too busy, my family needs me, something will come up etc. Making friends as an adult is tough and I am at a point where I want to have more girlfriends. So the last few times the moms at school have asked me out, I have said YES.

I have realized that everyone is new at some point. Only a handful of the moms actually have known each other forever. There is always someone new to the group. And for the most part we all are moms, some at different stages. But that is a good common ground to start. I am not going to lie, a few times personalities have clashed but for the most part, we all seem to get a long. Something that is unique about where I live is the teachers all live in our community and are also parents at the school. So quite often girls night out includes a few of them. It is really fun getting to know my child’s teacher outside of the school environment.

My social game has changed this year and I have stepped outside my comfort zone a bit. I joined the PAC at my daughter’s school. This is allowing me to have more one-on-one time with other moms. We are actually talking and laughing and sharing stories while doing school activities. We are not just chatting quickly at pick up or while arranging play dates. Our conversations have moved beyond talking about our kids.

Having older kids and a younger child I have always felt stuck when it comes to making other mom friends. Most of my daughter’s friends are the oldest in their family and their parents are about 10-15 years younger than me. I have become great friends with a few of them, but I do miss talking with moms who have older kids and are at a different stage in their lives. So this year I have had the opportunity to do this more. I must say having older kids to babysit is really helpful and my husband is very encouraging about me getting out and being social. I know not all spouses are this supportive.

We do have some couple friends where the husband is my husbands friend and the wife is mine, but being able to go out alone with the girls is a great experience. In the short time I have become more social, I have made a great group of friends. We have went out to celebrate birthdays, had wine tours, experienced some fun home parties and even went for lunch and shopping. For me being able to say yes has changed my life.

The house is not going to fall apart if mom goes out for the night! I am responsible and always go with a designated driver if drinking. And mom guilt quickly leaves my brain after having a few laughs. It did take me a bit to train the family to not call or text me all night though. Going out alone with other moms without our children is a lot of fun. I have discovered that so many moms have thoughts and feelings like mine. we like and dislike some of the same stuff and we can chat openly about things in our life that matter. We can talk about money, our spouses, our children and share stories. I hope that these relationships will continue to grow and I will be sure to step out of my comfort zone more often.

Right now we are in the middle of planning a girls weekend getaway. Of course I had a millions reason to say no, but I have committed to going and am looking forward to it. A long weekend cottage vacation with kayaking, wine tasting and more! I can not wait!

I also have a paint night planned and a movie night with the girls. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I love to share what we are doing in my stories. What do you do when you have ladies night? Where do you go to make friends as an adult?


  1. I totally feel you on this! I love my family but the other day I told my SO that I needed a mini vacation. By mini-vacation, I really meant one or two hours hanging out with some of my girls (whom I haven’t seen in MONTHS). I love the idea of a paint night.

  2. Your weekend getaway sounds fun!

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