Traveling as A Family Made Easy

Making plans for a trip or vacation can be exciting news for the family. The thoughts of sing along car rides and selfies with festive treasures that you find along the way will ultimately create some picture-perfect family fun.  If you have ever taken a road trip with children or teens of any age, you have learned to expect the unexpected. The song filled journey may become companied with compromises. Agendas and schedules are hard to keep when there are impromptu stops and pauses. There are many ways to hit the road prepared, turning a chaotic moment into a smooth transition along the way.

Children are adaptable however find safety in familiarity. Home and school environments provide consistent factors to your Childs day. They may be gleaming with the prospect of a vacation away yet feel unsettled at the same time. This can result in inconsistent behavior, trouble sleeping or feeling uncomfortable. In this guide, you will learn the tips and tricks of traveling as a family that will put your children at ease while making the trip an aspirin free zone. The family of smiles and laughter will create lasting memories that you will cherish.

Are we there yet? – Ways to combat this common question is in the bag. The old saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun”. Modern times have leaped us into a technological age. Movies and music are easily accessible both on the road and at home. You can also fill a bag with some fun the whole family can enjoy. Trivia, race for crosswords and guess who I am games are popular choices. Telling stories of past happenings or creating new tales will also help the time move quickly. Bringing a craft such as making bracelets or key chains is a great way to pass the miles. Singing swanky tunes will depend on the age of your child. The wheels on the bus go round and round may only travel so far before you switch to songs that are more age appropriate. Giving your child a map with landmarks they can cross off as they see them will help reduce the “are we there yet” cycle.

I’m Hungry– The words hunger, and travel seem to go hand in hand when it comes to children. Eating out can be both time consuming and expensive. Planning ahead will help ease the hunger strikes along the way. Making snack bags is a smart choice. You can buy in bulk and separate into smaller portions while keeping healthy choices handy. This can also eliminate any finger pointing or investigations into who ate the last cookie. You can pack lunches in a cooler and eat them along the journey or stop at a scenic way spot for a picnic. This makes for wonderful photo opportunities with the family. There are many beverages you can pack and drink for the ride. Water, flavored water and juices are refreshing and simple to keep chilled.

Expect the Unexpected– Planning for a family trip is similar to a disaster preparedness video. If you can think it, it can happen. Wet cloths kept in a sealed bag are handy for messes and tissues are essential. Extra clothes that are easily accessible will help avoid unpacking on the side of the road. Have a bag for trash ready and an empty for wet items that will need tended to. Keeping a bag with specific items in arms reach will make your trip a smooth ride. Toting a brush, laundry pen, tweezers, straws, extra tooth brushes, and hand sanitizer. Medicines and first aid items will save time and store stops down the road. Band-Aids, antibacterial creams, allergy solutions, cold remedies, burn creams, fever reducers, wraps and bandages will keep you ready for any scenario. Reusable small food storage containers are useful to keep in the back of the trip for leftovers, or small items that can get lost easy. A travel tool bag is a wise choice to keep in the car for any unforeseen occurrences.

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The Comforts of Home– Keeping your child comfortable through the vacation can be accomplished with a few vacation accompaniments. A small blanket or pillow from home can make all the difference in how your child sleeps. Favorite books, stuffed animals or toys can bring comforting thoughts and familiarity to an otherwise unfamiliar surrounding. Keeping bed and bath time routines will aid in the temporary adjustment of vacationing away from home. Bringing bath products you are accustomed to will avoid skin sensitivities and reactions. Pack a dryer sheet in luggage to keep clothes fresh and reminiscent of home. If your child uses a sound machine and falls asleep to the twinkling of lights and sounds of the ocean, bring it with you to ensure a restful night.

At the End of The Road

These thoughtful ideas can be custom fit to the needs of your family. It is essential to plan ahead, make a list and check it twice to avoid the panicked realization you have left something important on the stand by the door. Readying your home for your absence is also important. Turning off lights, unplugging unnecessary items and pet care will be helpful to ease your mind. Have a trusted neighbor or friend check on your home while you are away. If you are planning to be gone for an extended period, you may want to have the post office hold your mail for pick up until you return. Make sure all trash and food items are disposed of prior to leaving. Water your plants and plan flowers for drying with ingenious home tips such as making potpourri or sachets.

Every day on your vacation with the right preparations will feel like a Mother’s Day celebration. The chance to reflect and relax without the stress and worry of coming to the table unprepared. Take time to smell the proverbial roses or gather a bouquet of inspiration. Fresh flowers for your hotel room will cheer up the space and bring a bouquet of inspiration.


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Written by: R.Kimberly


  1. Great tips! We need about a billion trash bags. I swear my kid exudes empty cups.

  2. I’m hungry! Ha ha, it’s like my kids are a bottomless pit. Definitely pack lots of no spill snacks. I learned the hard way to leave the yogurt for rest stops.

  3. We always take a lot of snacks. We call it car food. And we have many activities on the go to keep them occupied even at this age. I need them to NOT argue so we can drive safely – good reminders. We have a big road trip coming up soon again.

  4. Great tips! Especially packing snacks, you can save a lot of money by planning ahead and packing your own food. I also take my hotpsot because sometimes wifi can save a lot of fights on the road!

  5. Haha expect the unexpected should be our family motto. People laugh when I pack but at 1am and something happens and they forgot to bring whatever I am always prepared. These are some great tips.

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