Embrace Life’s Messes with the Libman Wonder Mop


Hard to believe spring is around the corner with all of the snow we have here. But it is and before you know it the sun will be shining and the birds will be outside singing. So I am starting to get my mind in Spring mode and have started my spring cleaning. There is something about a fresh clean start that feels great and spring cleaning helps with that. Good bye winter blues, hello fresh spring beginnings! Spring is officially March 20th after-all so best to get a jump start on things.

Our front room is full of clutter, winter coats and boots. Mitts, hats and other gear the kids need when they go out. We have sleds and items that normally would be outside sitting at the front door. My living-room is feeling cluttered and my kitchen needs a good cleaning. When I do my big clean I like to open my windows and turn up the tunes. I move everything outside and clean the house top to bottom one room at a time. The kitchen is always the biggest obstacle.

For some reason the dogs love to hang out in there and the family never ever removes their boots when they come into the kitchen. Thinking about everything they step on when we feed our other animals worries me about what may be on my floors. I wash my floors often but Spring is when I move everything out and give each room a good cleaning.

Everything but the puppy! Our 135 lb puppy loves to lay in the middle of the kitchen floor and is fine with me walking and cleaning around him.

Recently I picked up the Libman Wonder Mop at Canadian Tire to help me with my cleaning. The flooring in the kitchen is vinyl and the hall is laminate. So I needed something I could use on both. There was a great selection of cleaning products from The Libman Company to choose from at the store from. I needed something for multiple searches that would give me a good reach.

The Wonder Mop is a great option as you can wash it and refill it as needed. Having a house full of animals and kids, I need something I can use with family friendly washing solutions. Most days I am mopping around my three dogs and trying not to mop them up at the same time!

Each Wonder Mop has microfiber GRIPSTRIPS that lift up to 20% more dirt leaving your floors cleaner. With the power wringer you will be able to remove more water from the microfiber mop head allowing your floors to dry faster so you can be back on them sooner. The Wonder Mop works great on all surfaces and can be machine washed up to 50 times.

The power wringer is great and slides with ease. No sopping wet floors to worry about either.

There is something about having a clean home that makes me feel great! The smell and knowing my family is walking around in a clean healthy home makes me happy. Getting it clean without stress is a bonus and makes me look forward to the next cleaning day.

Next job to tackle for my spring cleaning, the garage! Something tells me that is not going to be so easy or fun!

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The Libman Company knows their way around cleaning products: for 120 years, the family-owned business has made quality their priority, offering the finest USA-made brooms, brushes, mops, and cleaning tools. When you clean your home this season, be sure to check out Libman and embrace life’s messes.

Have you started your Spring cleaning? What room would you use this mop on in your home?


  1. Sounds like it’s great for kids and animals – which I have both of at home. Haven’t started spring cleaning yet but I am feeling antsy to start ’cause we really need a good deep clean!

  2. What a great mop! I assume I could use it on hardwood as well? I always worry about kids slipping after using regular mops.

  3. Neely Moldovan says

    well this mop sounds perfect! Espeially with a toddler who loves to throw food and other stuff on the floor!

  4. I love my Libman mop. It does well for quick cleanups like spills, but I am old school. I have to have one of those heavy mops for deep cleaning.

  5. I have a toddler who throws food, and a cat who sheds like crazy. This mop would definitely be put to use in my house!

  6. We’ve used those mops for years to get the quick spills. We seem to go through refills like crazy though – need a bigger multipack!

  7. I’ve been wanting to change mops. The one I have is not worth the money I spent on it.

  8. Looks like it would last longer than any traditional mobile. I go through a mop head a month around here. I should give this a try

  9. cleaning task is unending especially to mommies like me. I’d like the features of this mop and I would definitely try this to clean my kitchen and bathroom.h

  10. Florence Cochrane says

    I have the wonder mop. I find it great for quick cleanup.

  11. robin rue says

    I actually have this mop and use it all the time. It works really well.

  12. We have a Wonder Mop, and we love it. It works so much better than the old school mops my mom used to use.

  13. I despise cleaning, so I am all about products that simplify the process. This mop looks fantastic and I appreciate that it allows me to keep my hands clean.

  14. Neely Moldovan says

    We actually need a new mop so I am totally checking this one out! I hat mopping though!

  15. That’s exactly the brand we use! Perfect for little spills and easy to store away!

  16. I would love that mop. I have a lot of floors that get dirty from pets and kids so a picker upper like that is so helpful.

  17. I need a new mop for my bathrooms. I think this one could really work well.

  18. I know what you mean about mopping around your dogs. Our dog likes to just lay there as well. I am in need of a new mop.

  19. This is a great mop. With three cats our floors tend to get dirty easily.

  20. I’ve seen these mops before, but never tried it. Looks like a really nice mop too. I think I need to grab one and give it a try. I need to mop my floors soon anyways.

  21. This is actually the mop I use. I love that I can change it out regularly!

  22. This is really cool! I could use this in my house!

  23. Allison Cooper says

    Cleaning is my least favorite thing to do in the entire world and this looks like it would make that whole process way easier! We have a toddler on our hands so I’m constantly cleaning up food messes.

  24. I need a new mop. I especially need one that works. The coupon makes it even more convincing.

  25. That mops looks easy enough for even the kids to use. It’s about time they started helping me clean up their messes. 🙂

  26. What a great mop! I have always been fond of the Libman brand myself. It works well especially having 4 kids.

  27. CourtneyLynne says

    Ooooo now this looks like one handy mop!!!! I need a new mop, so I might just have to pick one of these up!

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