March Break Staycation Fun

We just started our Spring break and are lucky enough to enjoy it for two weeks. Our school board has it so it flows into Easter weekend giving the kids the maximum time off possible. This is great for those who wish to go away for March break and have a vacation. As much as I woudl love to fly back to visit my family or to take my youngest to Disney, we decided to enjoy some local attractions and have a staycation.

There really is so much to do right here in our own little neck of the woods. Fun vacation hotspots that people come from all around the world to visit year after year. Canada has some of the prettiest and ever changing landscapes as well as unique attractions. So why not check out what is in our own backyard?

March Break officially started on Friday when the school bell rang. My youngest then headed up the mountain with her brothers to go snowboarding. Night skiing and snowboarding is very affordable and if you need to rent, this is the time to do it. Thanks to all of the snow we got this year, the season is still going strong and great for those who love the snow. For the rest or us, Spring is popping up everywhere and will be here soon!

The next day we went for lunch with my older and then to the mall to check out a wildlife show. It was really fun! A family travels the world educating people about lizards, turtles, frogs, snakes and other great animals. The show was a lot of fun and we had the opportunity to ask questions and touch the animals. The only issue I had, like many of these events, is some of the adults. Get there is plenty of time to find a seat and don’t push your way through the crowd that got there early. And you know what? If your kids does not want to be there, why force them? It makes the experience kinda crappy for all when parents force their kids to sit at a show and cry and sulk. Other than that, it was great! Here are some pics from the show.

The show itself lasted about an hour and was hosted by the local mall. So it was free! We had a great time and my daughter loved learning about the reptiles and seeing animals she doe snot usually see. They had quite a bit of albino snakes and lizards which was very unique.

Yesterday we made plans to go to the pool with a friend. My daughter , her friend, her friend’s mom and myself went to the indoor pool. They have extended hours for Spring break and were so cheap. It was $7 for the two girls to swim for 5 hours. The pool itself is pretty incredible with a climbing wall, diving board and lots of toys. Then there is also a plash pad type of pool with a huge waterside and so much more fun.

We are looking forward to heading back there again before school starts.

Today as I had some work to catch up on, my youngest is at her friend’s house. We still have a sleepover planned, some movies and a few other great local attractions to check out. I am really enjoying this break from the normal routine and the extra time with the family.

What have you all been up to? Are you on Spring Break?





  1. Two weeks!!! I am so jealous. I would love two weeks and would totally ski for all of it with family. Staycations can be great too. I thought I spied your family on IG at a waterpark there this week. FUN!!

  2. That’s our plan too! My oldest has karate camp this week, but next week is all about finding fun stuff to do at home and locally.

  3. Our Spring break is already over but it must be nice to have a very long one like yours.

  4. What a wonderful idea to couple spring break with Easter…every province should do that! Looks like you had a wonderful staycatiion, I often find staying close to home and doing day trips makes for some of the best vacations!

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