Planning a Budget Trip? Here’s What You Should Do

Finally, it’s time to hit the road on that long coveted trip. You look forward to soaking in those sights on the treasured travel brochure of your dream destination. Well, everything seems set except for your finances.

You realize that this can only be a budget trip. Thankfully, that is not a reason to put a damper on your travel plans. With a few tips and adjustments on your itinerary and expectations, you can still have a fun and relaxing holiday on a tight budget.

Why plan a budget trip?

You settle for a budget trip because of various reasons.

  1. Timing

You are short on finances and you do not intend to postpone the trip up to a time when your finances stabilize.

  1. Prioritizing savings

It could also be a time in your life when you are accumulating savings from your earnings for a commitment or investment. As such, you do not intend to interfere with your savings plan to put extra funds into a trip.

  1. Financial obligations

Similarly, you have to plan a budget tour because you committed your pay to other important financial obligations such as catering for your family’s needs, pursuing further education, settling medical expenses or paying off debt.

  1. Inadequate income

It could also be a time when your earnings are not substantial for a luxury trip. You may even come across a heavily discounted tour package offer that you would not wish to miss due to your tight budget.

A brighter prospect is that you can plan a budget trip out of curiosity mainly to regions where currency exchange rates are low, and you can get real spunk for your dollar.

Tips on planning a budget beater holiday

Planning a holiday is a complex undertaking, but that means you have plenty of room to make money-saving choices and still have a good time.

  1. Choose small hotels or hostels

Small accommodations do not necessarily mean tacky and dirty places. Most small hotels are quaint and well-kept establishments, providing excellent accommodation facilities and meals, all within your tight budget.

Book independent hotels instead of corporate chains designed for tourists and corporate business people. In small hotels, you can negotiate for discounts unlike in the big ones with fixed fees.

Although hostel accommodations require several people to share a room like a dorm, you can still request for a private room. You get a chance to make new friends. It’s a good option if you’re traveling with your equally adventurous travel buddies and you can commute to many attractions in the vicinity of the hostel with minimal expenses.

  1. Do not travel far

The farther you travel from your home, the more it will cost you in flight or commuting expenses. If only a location out of town will do for your holiday, shop for flight offers and budget airlines.

Consider booking your flight several months ahead since some airlines offer hefty discounts on pre-booked flights. Some flights cost less on some days of the week so look for such variances as you plan for your budget holiday.

One-way tickets cost more than roundtrip ones so plan to fly out and in from the same airport. If you use car-hire services, you pay more for returning the car to a different airport.

  1. Avoid popular destinations

Some destinations come overpriced due to demand and marketing hype. It will be worth your while to choose venues that do not feature as tourist havens as this is a determinant factor in the cost of services and products in such locations.

Choose countries off the beaten path which do not list as popular holiday and tour destinations. The advantage is that you get luxury services at lower prices which do not fluctuate due to seasonal holiday factors.

Remember though that large hotels do offer discounted rates during off-peak times, but those discounts will not get to the prices of budget accommodations. Some booking agencies allow you to rent an apartment. That is cheaper than a hotel, and your friendly hosts will recommend local sites.

Besides, common tourist destinations have a popular and fixed itinerary featuring specific sites and activities. If you go by such, you miss a chance to get authentic experiences characteristic of destinations that are not everybody’s choice.

  1. Get package offers

A look at the internet will bring you to an authoritative site like Groupon, where you will find bundled packages of daily expenses, transportation, and housing bundled into a package. Such deals cost less than sourcing for each item individually.

The sites offer options on various travel destinations and recreation facilities, and this eases your planning process. Ensure you look for reviews on such service providers to avoid falling for fraudsters.

  1. Get a holiday loan

Even when planning a budget holiday, a holiday loan helps in meeting expenses. You could find a holiday offer, but your savings prove inadequate for your plans. Probably you own some assets but their liquidation to free cash for the trip is a lengthy process. Consider taking out a $5000 installment loan which you can comfortably repay after the trip.

Final outlook

In conclusion, to make the best of a budget trip plans, you must be flexible on your desires and what you can get on your budget. Consult your network for recommendations and reviews on the best budget trip destinations where you can get value for money.


  1. Do what you need only, flexibility is key here.

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