Sit Up Straight! The Unexpected Dangers Of Bad Posture

When I was at school I was always getting annoyed with teachers telling me to sit up straight and stop slouching but now I realize that they had a point. Your posture is so important but most of us don’t realize just how much damage we’re doing to ourselves if we aren’t sitting up straight. Most people think that they’ll just have a bit of a backache but it’s far worse than that. These are some of the ways that posture affects your health that you would never have thought of.

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Back Problems

The most obvious consequence of bad posture is back pain but it can be a lot more serious than people realize. To start with, you’ll get twinges and back pain but over an extended period of bad posture, you could do some serious damage to your spine and twist it out of shape completely. In the most extreme cases, you might need a spine surgeon to help correct the damage, otherwise, it’ll just keep getting worse and worse. When you slouch over, your stomach pushes downwards which makes you look a lot heavier than you actually are. If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re struggling, it might be your posture. If you’re using a chair that doesn’t support your back, or you’re slouching while you walk, you need to make an effort to stand straight and invest in a good chair that has ample back support.


Body language has a huge effect on our emotional wellbeing and studies into bad posture have found that it can increase feelings of depression. It becomes a vicious cycle because when you’re feeling low, you’re less likely to walk tall and act with confidence, which means your posture is affected. That in turn, increases feelings of depression and you’ll start to feel worse and worse.

Problems At Work

When a person first sees you, they make a judgment about you in seconds. A large part of that judgment is based on your body language and how you carry yourself. If you walk into a meeting slouched over, people will immediately see you as not being confident or hard working, even if that’s not the case. But if you walk in standing tall and oozing confidence, you’re more likely to be considered a vital member of the team which will help you get promotions and pay rises in future. If you’re slouching at your desk it also kills motivation so in some cases, it might affect your ability to work effectively.

Cuts Off Circulation

When you sit slouched over, or with your legs crossed in an unnatural position, you’re cutting off circulation to the lower half of your body. That can lead to problems with the veins in your legs. Bad circulation can also affect your blood pressure, make you tired and sluggish, and even affect your brain activity. This bad circulation over an extended period can easily lead to a lot of more serious health problems.

If you think that you’re having problems with your posture, it’s important that you get a good supportive chair to sit in at work. You also need to make an effort to stand up straight when you’re walking around and don’t sit down for too long without having a break and getting up for a few minutes. If you’ve already done some damage, yoga poses can help you to straighten out your spine again.

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