Title: How Can I Start My Own Curtain Business

Of all the accessories that are often used for interior décor, curtains have a lot more to offer. Besides playing a key role in the overall aesthetics of a room, curtains protect our privacy and shield us from dust, wind, and harsh rays from the sun. It’s for these reasons that curtains are not only high-demand accessories, but they are also fast-selling products for use both at homes and offices. With that said, establishing a career as a professional curtain maker is a pretty smart move. So, how do you start your own curtain business? Well, here’s what you need to do to take this business off the ground:

Create a Business Plan

Without a business plan in place, you will be flying blind, so creating one is an important step. When drafting a business plan. You need to outline your start-up costs, estimated cash flow, and your marketing plan. This step helps you set long-term goals, and enables you to make decisions that will influence your curtain business values. Which will also help you with determination on how you will obtain fabrics for custom orders leading you to have several options, including sourcing fabric from local fabric liquidation warehouses, or buying from fabric stores.

Register your Business

With so many businesses that customers can choose from, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure that your curtain business is properly licensed and registered. Besides serving as proof of legitimacy, registering a business has many other benefits. For example; it enables you to open a business bank account and apply for small business loans. It also boosts your eligibility to receive supplier discounts and also allows you to hire full-time employers.

Liaise with Industry Professionals

It’s essential to network with industry professionals such as interior designers and decorators, window treatment storefronts, fabric stores and ready made curtain suppliers, etc. Business networking is an extremely valuable way to broaden your knowledge, learn from others, market your business, and attain new customers. Make use of social media to network with industry experts so you can nurture professional relationships that will directly or indirectly benefit your business.

Perfect your Craft

You don’t necessarily have to be a trained interior decorator or a business major for you to own a curtain business. Nevertheless, having an understanding of what curtain making is all about is a huge plus. To effectively run your curtain business, you will need to be conversant with important aspects about this business such as sewing, window treatments and interior decoration, among other things.

You can enroll at a local community service center, technical institution or community college for lessons. To further enhance your knowledge for this business you can also take some online interior design courses, read a comprehensive guide about business, or attend local workshops that bring industry players together. Doing so will help you perfect your craft and arm you with the relevant skill set to run a curtain business.


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