Water, Water Everywhere: Is Your Home Ready For Spring Showers?

Spring is finally here, and while that may mean the end of chilly climes for some, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s all sunshine and blue skies from here on in. The weather is more unpredictable than ever, and when the spring arrives, you’re never too far from an unexpected shower. If you’re on a mission to prep your home for spring, it’s worth considering the impact of downpours and making sure you can deal with a deluge.

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Clearing the gutters

After months of wind, snow and ice, you may find that your gutters are blocked or clogged. Clearing the gutters isn’t the most appealing job when it’s wet and windy outside, but now that spring has arrived, it may be easier to put up a ladder and clear leaves and debris. If your gutters are stuffed full of obstacles, they’re not going to do their job properly, and you may find that this affects drainage. If you don’t fancy scaling a ladder, get in touch with some local maintenance firms and ask for quotes.

Seeking expert help

If you live in an area prone to flooding or there is adverse weather on the way, which poses a risk of water damage, it’s worth seeking expert help. There are steps you can take to protect your home and reduce the impact of extreme weather conditions. If your home is battered by a storm or sudden downpours wreak havoc, take a look at sites like www.restorationeze.com/ and try and arrange for experts to have a look at the damage as quickly as possible. Water damage can have long-lasting implications, but it is often possible to rectify the situation with the right tools and techniques.

Inspecting the drains

Have you noticed that water pools by the drain when there’s a rain shower? If your drains are submerged, or water seems to be moving very slowly, this can increase the risk of water damage. Your drains should be clear and clean, and they should drain excess moisture quickly and efficiently. If there’s a blockage or the pipes are worn, it’s a good idea to seek professional help.

Stock up on supplies

A fleeting shower won’t do much damage to your home, but prolonged downpours and inclement weather can have a dramatic effect. It’s always wise to be prepared, especially if you live near a floodplain. Keep sandbags in the garage, move valuables and electrical appliances upstairs and put important documents in a waterproof folder. For more useful flood survival tips, check out this article https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/hurricane-harvey-return-home-guidelines_us_59a97e31e4b0354e4409e760.

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Snow and ice may not be a feature of the weather forecast for a few months to come, but you can never ignore the threat of unexpected, heavy showers. If it rained for hours on end, would your home survive? Hopefully, this guide has given you some useful tips to prepare for spring showers and reduce the risk of water damage. It may look sunny and bright out there, but you can never be too careful.



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    -22C , pretty sure we’re not going to get rain any time soon LOL

  2. Get here is a ton of rain great tips

  3. Good guide, we get lots of rain here, so regular inspector and maintenance is important.

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