West Coast Travel for Families

Traveling as a family can be fun and exciting, and it is getting to that time of the year when every family is planning their next vacation.  After all, summer will be arriving eventually, the kids will be off from school, and it will be the perfect time for a little getaway together. We are always looking for great road trip destinations and love being around the water. So for us, the West Coast is the place to be this year!

West Coast Travel for families

Here are 4 amazing ideas for West Coast travel for families:

  1. Bandon, Oregon

Bandon is a charming town that can be found on the coast of southern Oregon and it is the best location for families that love spending time outside.  Families can explore the area on horseback, visit the Coquille River Lighthouse, and stop at the Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint.

  1. San Juan Island, Washington

There is plenty for families to do on this island, starting with The Whale Museum.  Families can stop there to learn more about whales before venturing over to the Lime Kiln State Park to see if they can spot one for themselves.  After a successful whale spotting day, everyone can spend some time with the alpacas at Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm.  There are more than seventy of them and they love interacting with their visitors.

  1. San Luis Obispo, California

Hiking is a popular activity in San Luis Obispo and there are numerous trails that are family friendly.  Some of those trails lead directly to the shops on Higuera Street, so that everyone can take a break and do some shopping.  No child is going to be able to resist Bubblegum Alley, which is a seventy-foot-long alley wall that has thousands of pieces of bubblegum stuck to it.  If the kids can be pulled away from the bubblegum, they might also enjoy the railroad museum and the Anam Cre Pottery Studio where they make their own creation.

  1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a bustling city and families will love having a lot of things to do while in the area.  In fact, there is almost too many things to do while in this beautiful city.  Families will want to see spectacular panoramic views of the entire city from high above, and the best options for that include Kerry Park, the Space Needle, or the Sky View Observatory.  There are numerous museums to visit, but children might appreciate the Museum of Flight or the Living Computer Museum the most.  Other favorite family activities include the Woodland Park Zoo, Theo Chocolate Tours, and the Klondike Gold Rush Park.

These are only four of the many options available to families on the West Coast and it may be difficult to choose which one will be the best for a vacation.  One option would be to incorporate a couple of them together to make the decision process much easier.  Other than that, families should just pick one and have a fabulous time together!

Have you traveled the West Coast? Where is your favourite place to go?





  1. Janet Meisner says

    Thanks for the info on West Coast travel. There are so many options.

  2. robin rue says

    The only part of the west coast I have been to is SoCal. I love the San Diego area and want to retire there!

  3. There are so many places on the west coast that I am dying to see! This is just a sample of more places I need to explore!

  4. I have yet to travel on the west coast! There are so many fun places I want to explore!!

  5. These are all on my bucket list, even though we are on the east coast! I am dying to get to Seattle!

  6. Seattle is a really great place. It is one of my favorite cities in the country.

  7. Such a great list. I wish I had more time and finances to travel . West coast is an amazing experience.

  8. These all sound like Great Destinations. We are planning a trip to California for a month this winter. I will have to see if I can go to San Luis Obispo.

  9. Traveling is so much fun! I’ve never been to San Luis Obispo, California but it sounds like such a good time.

  10. We don’t travel nearly as much as we’d like to. I’ve only really visited California, but never the area you mentioned. Washington and Oregon sound beautiful!

  11. My family has yet to visit the West Coast. However, we’re adding all of these places to our bucket list now! San Juan Island sounds like a dream.

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