I Lost my Passport

Have you ever lost your ID?

Many many years ago I lost my wallet while entering the elevator in a building we lived in. The wallet turned up with all of my ID the next day, but no money. As grumpy as I was, I was thankful I did not have the hassle of replacing my Birth Certificate and other ID. Then when I met my husband we needed to order a replacement birth certificate for him as he had lost his over the years. It was fairly easy to do and at the time a bit of a slow process. We had to call in for the application to be sent out, then fill out the forms and send them back in through the mail. We also had to send secure payment with the application. Not terribly bad for replacing 1 piece of ID but not something I would want to do for multiple pieces.

I lost my Passport and other ID

Fast forward twenty years.

I use to carry all of my family’s ID in my purse. In my mind you would have to be crazy to take my purse and I never ever ever lose it. My purse is like another child to me. It has everything in it and I never take my eyes or hands off of it. Then one day I started to worry and put all of our important papers and ID in a house safe. A fire proof and water proof safe. This was great as long as I remembered the combination. Then last summer we had emergency after emergency in Western Canada. There were fires everywhere and for a month we were put on evacuation alert.

So for safe keeping I took all of our important pieces of paper and ID and put them in a box next to the front door. This way everything we needed was easily accessible and we could grab it as needed and run. Luckily we did not need to evacuate even though we could smell and see fires at some points. It was a scary summer!

Sometime after this I must have cleared out the box and moved our ID. But I have no idea where. This is strange to me as I can find papers and items from 21 years ago when we first got together. Even after living in three provinces and moving numerous times. Yet I somehow misplaced our ID. In one pouch I had my brand new 10 year passport I had only used once. My children’s health cards from Ontario (even though we no longer need these) Birth certificates for my husband and three of the kids and some other stuff. It was around Christmas I realized I did not know where these were.

In the next few months I tore up every closet and room in the house. I went through every box in our storage locker and looked through every drawer. Finally after months and months of searching and stressing I caved and ordered replacements for two of the kids Birth certificates. Things have changed over the years and payment can be made online by credit card and the application can be filled out online. It cost $35 to replace each birth certificate and the hard part of the application was remembering details of the kid’s birth (Dr, weight etc) But I got through it and was eagerly waiting the 15 business days to have the replacements arrive. My one son very much needed his to get his SIN for work and our youngest needed hers for a bank account.

Without fail as soon as I paid and let myself stop worrying about finding the ID we lost, my husband finds it all.

I am convinced I did not lose it after all. He found them in a small bag (I had put them in the bag) inside a mobile phone box in a Rubbermaid container on a shelf. It was in with random junk. So I am thinking somehow they fell into the phone box as it was open and then someone scooped it up and put it in the plastic container thinking it was random junk. To be honest we are lucky nobody tossed it in the trash.


As I write this the kid’s birth certificates arrived today. I guess I should be happy we are only out $70 and I did not go through the process of replacing my passport. Now that would be costly and more of a headache. Now we need to find a safe spot for our ID to stay and a place we will all remember. Maybe a safety deposit box is the safest place for it.

I wish I had my passport and the family’s ID earlier. I have turned down so much travel because I did not wan the headaches of replacing it. On the bright side, I can now start planning a trip somewhere!

What do you do with your important papers and ID? I need ideas for a safe spot I will remember and nobody will go in and move without telling me 😉



  1. We have a fire safe. Not only to store important paperwork but also extra cash we keep on hand (old American and Mexican holiday funds) plus to safely store my husbands firearms. This ensures not only protection from theft but in an emergency I don’t want to worry about collecting ‘things’ when we should just be getting our bodies safe! Luckily we were far enough away from the wildfires that we would have had notice if we needed to evacuate.

  2. We sold my in-laws house last week. Hubby and I have financial power of attorney over their affairs. To finalize the papers with the lawyers I needed to show my passport. I wasn’t concerned because I thought I knew where it was, as I always store it in the same spot (firesafe). The day we were going to sign the papers I went to grab it and it wasn’t there. I spent hours tearing my house apart looking for the darn thing and basically freaking out.At the very last possible minute, I finally found it sitting inside our scanner. I had scanned it weeks earlier, so I could email a copy to the real estate agent, and had forgotten it sitting there inside the scanner, with the lid shut. It was such a huge relief. Crazy panic first. Then huge relief. LOL.

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