Let Hallmark Help you Celebrate Spring with Giveaway #LoveHallmarkCA #MyHallmark

The following items were received free of charge. All opinions are my own

Spring is a very busy time for celebrations in our family. Both my mom and oldest daughter have their birthdays in May, my boys both just before them. We have Mother’s Day that actually falls on my oldest’s birthday this year and a few other family gatherings. I love this time of year as I can open up my windows and sit out on my deck enjoying the beautiful view we have here. For some reason this year my allergies have kicked it up a bit but I am trying to make the best of it and enjoy the outdoors.

When my oldest was born twenty four years ago it was the weekend of Mother’s day. I had not even been a mom for a whole week and we were already celebrating a special day for me. Over the years my family has made me feel extra special and always go above and beyond when it comes to helping me celebrate this special day.

Like any celebration Hallmark is there for us to help with gift giving and sending love to those special people in our lives. They have a great selection of signature cards and popup cards that make pretty centerpieces or can be displayed.

Gift items vary for all tastes and styles. You can find something special for that mom who loves gardening or a little pampering. You will find items to help lift moms spirits, decorate her home and add style to her outfit. Their totes and scarves are such great quality and so pretty.

Head on over to www.hallmark.ca or stop into a store near you to see what gifts they have for the mom in your life. If you are a mom like me, you may even find something for yourself to help you celebrate spring.

I love to garden and can not wait ti get outside with my garden bag with Marjolein Bastin designs. The spring patterns are so beautiful and fit the season well. When I come back in if I have any aches and pains I can put on my slippers and use the Crafters & Co. the Lavender Wrap. It will be like a spa at home!


One lucky Canadian reader is going to win a Crafters & Co. Comfort Wrap in Gift box (the Lavender Wrap). Fill out the form below for your chance to win. Good luck!



  1. http://Marlene%20J says

    The red coloured umbrella – wow very pretty design.

  2. http://Robyn%20Bellefleur says

    I would love the Death Star tree topper.

  3. I love the pictures and especially the one that says”Mothers and Daughters Make Very Good Friends.”

  4. http://Linda%20watters says

    Colourblock tote is nice!

  5. http://Tara%20Betterley says

    I really like the Itty Bitty collection – I always purchase them from Hallmark. My husband is a Kiddie Car collector as well.

  6. http://Florence%20Cochrane says

    I would love to receive one of the 3D greeting cards.

  7. http://Ali%20P says

    Those slippers look comfy!

  8. http://nicky says

    I also love the baby ‘cozy blanket”.

  9. http://Gina says

    The red umbrella is nice!

  10. http://Maritess%20S says

    I love the Catalina Estrada collection especially the stationery.

  11. http://Lynda%20Cook says

    I love the 3D cards they are so awesome!

  12. http://kathy%20downey says

    Hi,another item |I would love from Hallmark Canada is the red umbrella

  13. http://Heather%20Swanson says

    I like the bracelets

  14. http://Heather%20Ritz says

    3D greeting cards are fun

  15. http://J says

    I’d love one of the Itty Bitty’s. they are so cute

  16. http://Janet%20Meisner says

    I like the Hallmark Gold Crown umbrella. It is so bright and colorful.

  17. http://joanne%20darrell says

    I also like the frames.

  18. http://Dianne%20G. says

    I like the Filigree Hearts Bracelets from Hallmark.

  19. http://DebP says

    I like the baby’s Pillow and Blanket set – the bunny one.

  20. http://Katie says

    I like the heart bracelet sets from Mark & Hall

  21. http://Glogirl says

    I would love to have the Itty Bittys Kermit stuffed animal.

  22. http://Cheryl%20Grandy says

    I’d like the Hallmark Gold Crown Umbrella.

  23. http://Victoria%20Ess says

    I love those water bottles!

  24. http://Donnas says

    I love scarves, so I’d love to have one of the floral scaves.

  25. http://Paul%20G. says

    I’d like to have the Mark & Hall Filigree Hearts Gift Set for my wife.

  26. http://Sarah says

    The floral scarves are beautiful! 🙂 thanks

  27. http://Jenny%20Major says

    Id love the floral scarf

  28. http://ivy%20pluchinsky says

    I love the Itty Bitty collection

  29. http://Juliee%20Fitze says

    I like the Mark & Hall Filigree Hearts bracelet.

  30. http://409cope says

    I like the Catalina Estrada for Hallmark Gold Crown Umbrella in Vibrant Sunset.

  31. http://Athena says

    The floral scarf

  32. http://Sharon says

    I also like the umbrella

  33. http://Tina%20L. says

    |I also like the neck wrap

  34. http://Allie%20Futterer says

    The 3D cards!!

  35. http://Alison%20Braidwood says

    I think the Colour Block Totes are really pretty.

  36. http://HEIDI%20C. says

    I love the Catalina Estrada for Hallmark Gold Crown Umbrella in Vibrant Sunset. So pretty!

  37. http://sarah%20alexis says

    The matching bracelets are so pretty!!!

  38. http://Carol%20Denny says

    I love the Hallmark Gold Crown umbrella. It’s very pretty!

  39. http://Linda says

    I like the pillow and blanket sets for babies.

  40. http://Tainan%20Lu says

    I like the Filigree Hearts Bracelets

  41. http://Piroska says

    I absolutely love the Mark and Hall Filigree Hearts Bracelet set. Beautiful.

  42. http://Elva%20Roberts says

    I love the Hallmark Umbrellas.

  43. http://tammy%20ta says

    Another item I would like is the Hallmark Gold Crown Umbrella.

  44. http://jan says

    I love the Marjolein Bastin Garden Bag

  45. http://sabina%20edwards says

    i THINK those baby blankets that are rolled up and look like animals are realy cute

  46. http://Melinda says

    I like the colorblock totes.

  47. http://Jennifer%20L. says

    I’d like the Hallmark Gold Crown Umbrella.

  48. http://Jonnie says

    I would also love a Catalina Estrada Umbrella

  49. http://joy says

    I love the umbrella! I can never seem to find an umbrella when I need one! I love that this one is bold and colourful !

  50. http://Silvia%20D says

    Catalina Estradan Umbrella is really nice

  51. http://Karine says

    I would love a cute plush! Thanks

  52. http://Rosanne%20Robinson says

    Love the Hallmark 3D cards, umbrellas and the Emerald City Water Globe.

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