Meet the challenges of digital parenting with Xnspy

Technology and digital applications like social network sites, Instant Messaging, emails etc. are great but we shouldn’t forget that technology can lead to co-presence in which individuals pay more attention to the people on the other end of a phone conversation than to those who are present in the same room.

This digital world has raised lots of concerns and challenges for parents when it comes to raising their kids. The biggest challenge of all is to protect kids from the dangers of the online. We call our kids the digital native but they don’t really know how to react to the common threats brought by technology like violent content, manipulative advertising, and cyberbullying. There are such parents too who are oblivious to the fact that their kids are being the victim of cyberbullying. After this comes issues like screen-time management. Banning-internet connected devices in the house is not going to teach your kid how to use digital tools the right way.

Meet the challenges of digital parenting with Xnspy

Use a parental monitoring app for smart digital parenting

Educating your children and developing rules is a sober approach to meet these challenges but often, parents skip an important tool called a parental monitoring app. Of course, you should trust your child but using parental controls while you can is always worth it. I am going to share my experience with a parental monitoring app named Xnspy to meet the challenges of digital parenting. Xnspy is an iPhone monitoring app developed for parents to keep tabs on the online activities of their kids, protect them and help them use technology reasonably. It supports remote monitoring and it also lets you control their phone. It is compatible on both Android and iOS devices.

Xnspy has a user-friendly interface and most parents can adapt to it. It is pretty simple to use. Once you get a hang of it, monitoring and controlling the activities of your child will become easier. I can say that because I not tech-savvy myself. If your child has an iPhone, then you only need iCloud credentials to monitor their activities, no installation is required. On the other hand, if your kid has an Android phone, then you have to install Xnpsy on their phone. Once installed, you can hide Xnspy’s icon. But I would suggest you to let your kids know you will be implementing monitoring controls. You will have a control panel from you can monitor the activities on the iPhone of your kid whenever you want.

Meet the challenges of digital parenting with Xnspy

How to overcome the digital parenting challenges?

Here is the list of things you can do with this parental monitoring app to overcome the challenges of digital parenting. I myself am using Xnpsy’s features to have control over the smartphone usage of my kids.

  • Control screen-time

For parents who are worried their kids might be texting on their iPhone at night instead of sleeping, this is great option. With Xnpsy, you can lock the iPhone and keep your kids away from the screen. Likewise, you can lock their phones at breakfast, lunch or dinner time and maybe even when they are doing homework to take them away from their phone’s screen.

  • Control cyberbullying and keep online predators away

Xnspy lets you monitor messages on Instant Messenger app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line etc. and also iMessages. Along with reading chats, you can also view the multimedia shared via these apps. As you monitor their messages, it will reveal to you if they are being cyberbullied. Many parents are in the dark about what their kids are doing on social media or whom they are talking on the IMs. With Xnspy, you can keep in touch with their online activities and keep the online predators away from them too.

  • Track their location

XNSPY parental monitoring app also lets you keep tabs on the location of your child no matter where they are. You can also watchlist locations to prevent your kid from entering specific locations.

  • Control their phone

Apart from locking the iPhone remotely, with Xnspy, you can also view the apps they have been installed on the iPhone and even block the ones that you don’t want your kid to be using. You can also access downloaded photos and videos on their iPhone remotely.

I would say one thing that parents need to find a healthy balance between using parental controls and educating their kids about the dangers of the online world. Our kids should know how to respond if they come across any cyberbully or online predator and that can only happen if we educate them.


  1. My kids grew up in the non-digital age and are now adults living on their own. I often think though, how terrifying it must be to have your kids grow up with all the technology that is now available. An app like Xnspy would be such a valuable tool to have in your parenting toolbox!

  2. Love the idea of this Xnspy. It sounds almost perfect for us. I agree you can’t ban gadgets and technology. They have to learn to use it FOR GOOD. So this could work for me. Actually also like the thought of being able to hide it potentially. Some kids need a lot more monitoring and supervision.

  3. Love the idea of Xnspy, but we are an Android household. More importantly, I am not quite ready to give kids phones yet. . For our two ages 6 and 8, a product I have my eye on is the screen free Relay by Republic Wireless which is launching soon according to news updates from the company. Check out their website relaygo,com I think. It works a lot like a walkie-talkie but works anywhere in country on WiFi and cell networks.. They will be able to talk to us anytime, as well as their friends with Relays. They say it will work via an app with my husband and my smartphones, and includes location tracking, and will have other fun features such as music, games, and voice assistant functionality.

  4. I love how you can keep an eye on what they’re doing without being too intrusive. I trust my kids, but also know that they aren’t going to tell me everything so it is nice to know there are tools like this that can open the lines of conversation when it comes to being in the online world.

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