Creative Ways To Plan A Fun Vacation For All The Family


Because adults are in charge, the family holidays often reflect your likes and dislikes. For example, it will be cheap for a start whereas the kids want opulent luxury. When the vacation rolls around, parents are often shocked that the kids complain. After all, we never got to go abroad when we were younger, right moms and dads? Sadly, this attitude misses the point because the children should enjoy their time away. Of course, teenagers are lost causes so they don’t count! With that in mind, here is fun and exciting ways to make sure everyone is excited about a summer adventure.

Get The Kids Involved

Typically, moms and dads declare the date and inform the family of the vacation after it is booked. As the payers, this is your right yet it may not please the kids. The younger generation needs to feel a connection to get excited about a trip because they are desensitized. Going abroad is a rite of passage nowadays, not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Therefore, asking them for ideas on the final destination tends to work well. They will say things such as Disney World or London and you can gauge their likes and dislikes.

Surprise Them

On a completely hypocritical note, you can also keep them in the dark. A word of warning: this only works when you know they will love the destination. Surprising them with a vacation to the Great Lakes, although very nice, isn’t going to have the same impact. Again, Disney World is a perfect example for the parents who are trying to buy their children’s love. No one is judging. Indeed, the Marriott’s Cypress Harbour Villas are worth a look for extra brownie points. The key is to plan a holiday around a sure thing, something that they love and can’t fail to enjoy.


Often, compromising with children is off the table. Adults use their power to pull rank and cross their fingers that the kids won’t hold a grudge. Anyone with non-grown-up little humans should understand that this is a risky strategy. Their bodies may be small, yet they have the memory of an elephant. Surprisingly, they are quite diplomatic and will negotiate. Therefore, you can tell them that they can pick the vacation next year (within reason) if you get to do it this time around. That gives you 12 months to come up with a strategy.

Watch TV

Kids get their inspiration from TV screens. As sad as it is, it’s the truth and you can use this nugget of info to your advantage. For example, why not show them a video of the place you plan to visit on vacation. By letting the movie or TV series do the hard work, there is no need to worry about pushback from the kids. In fact, they may beg you to take them there after a Netflix binge. To get them revved up, tell the children that they can visit the attractions they see on the screen.

What are your vacation planning hacks that help to appease the whole family?


  1. Deb Dorrington says

    If my children had their way we would have gone to Disney World every vacation until they were in their middle teens. Then it became Cuba, Dominican Republic or Mexico because all their friends went there. Now it’s Europe which is totally out of the question because of the cost. I really like your idea of getting the kids involved but I believe we parents should be honest about the finances with the children. Some years are better than others, it’s just that simple.

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