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Some of my best memories as a child were ones made while traveling. My dad worked in construction and the winters in Ontario were pretty rough. So every year he would take some time off and we would travel. We went to Mexico and Hawaii as well as Florida and across Canada. Most trips were two weeks long and we would often go over the winter holidays. It was always a great time and I got to experience so much that I smile often thinking back to those days.

Having four children I do not travel with my kids as often as I would like. It gets tough with the budget some days. But we do travel locally quite a bit and I have taken trips alone with the kids before. I hope that when they look back on our adventures they too will have fond memories and be able to able the experience with their children one day as well. One of our first trips as a family was a road trip to Disney in Florida with my parents and our three oldest. My husband had never been to Disney and was excited to go for his first time. Myself I had been many times over the years.

Years passed and my children grew older but still had happy thoughts about this trip. Our fourth child was born and she could not wait to go to Disney World in Florida.  Timing did not work out for my husband and our oldest lived on her own and was in college. So I went with the three kids on my own. We took a plane and visited the park by shuttle during this visit. It was a bit different from the time we went earlier but just as great.

The kids had a blast and I am tired from watching them all. My boys were old enough that they could go on a lot of rides themselves and they were a big help. Our youngest loved every minute of it. She mostly loved meeting her favourite characters face to face. My screensaver on my phone is a pic of her with one of the characters. Recently I was going through old pictures and found another I loved so much from that trip. It made me sad that I had forgotten about it and tucked it away in a drawer. I knew I had to get a canvas print of it so I could see it every day! There was an option to get print photos  on wood as well, but I think I am going to look for another image for that.

We are hoping to go back again soon and make some more memories. I am unsure who will be joining me but know my youngest who is now 9 will be there! I am so happy to be able to preserve and display these great memories around the house for all to see.

If you have pictures you would love to add to a canvas you can visit CanvasChamp and upload your image quickly. Their step by step process was super easy and my photo arrived in next to no time. They have a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from leaving you with a quality print to display for years.

If you are looking for a fun gift idea you can also get custom photo pillows with your favourite image on them. These are a great way to not only display your memories but share them with loved ones.

We are so happy with our picture and are now going through old pictures to see what else we can get done! Do you have photo memories you would like to add to a canvas?




  1. This looks like a fantastic way to display your favourite photos. I would love to have our wedding photo redone this way, or some of our vacation pictures. It would make an amazing keepsake.

  2. That is so cool! It’s such a unique way to give our really prized memories a unique place of importance. I have to do this with some of our photos.

  3. We are HUGE canvas fans in our house. I love that it’s light and gives such a modern touch to any house. We usually post our professional shots on canvas – but you now got me thinking about putting up vacay photos on canvas. What a great idea. Will definitely check out those custom pillow photos too. And now you got me wanting to go back to Disneyworld!

  4. Viv Sluys says

    I have a big canvas with a family photo on it. It is a couple years old and I want to order an updated one. I love the way they make a room pop!

  5. Love me some canvas photos! I’ve never used Canvas Champ, but will definitely look into it. I have a birthday present to buy for my aunt and think she would love a canvas!

  6. This is such an awesome idea! Memories are so important and I think this is a great way to keep those memories.

  7. I have a big canvas with a family photo on it in my office. I’ve been thinking about printing other small ones!

  8. I have two photo canvases that I had made years ago and I love them. I’d love to get more of them throughout the house.

  9. What a beautiful photo of your daughter. I really like the idea of photo canvas like this, they are such a great gift idea for the person who has everything.

  10. This is really cool! Would be a great way to keep memories!

  11. I love a good canvas, and they make great gifts! I will be ordering some very soon!

  12. That’s beautiful! We made one photo into a canvas, but that was years ago! We need to remember that for some of the more recent photos.

  13. I love this idea of displaying our memories on canvas. I have so many pictures I would love to transfer. I’ll need to go through them and select a few.

  14. Pluto is so sweet. We are trying to get more of our Disney memories on Canvas too… great way to remember it!

  15. Elva Roberts says

    I have some special pictures that I would like to put on Canvas and now I know where to go to get that done. Thank you. The picture of your daughter with Pluto is beautiful and a wonderful memory for both of you.

  16. What a fun way to display your treasured photos!:)

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