LIMEAPPLE – Spring Into Summer Box Sale May 25/26

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It is amazing how quickly children can and do grow! I just spent a good part of my day cleaning and organizing my 9 year old’s room. She had so many clothes it was very time consuming going through each piece to see if it still fit and was worth keeping. I find that along with the season changes, she also usually grows a size each year. So clothes I put away last Spring and summer for her, no longer fit.

My daughter likes to express her personality and style through her clothes. She also likes to be comfortable. So often I see young girls dressed for the day in clothes that do not fit right or are riding up and cut off where they should not be. Many young girls dress way older than they should as well. I am unsure why there is such a rush for them to grow up. I want to keep my children, children for as long as possible.

I am so happy for clothing like that from Limeapple. Clothes that fits well and is great quality while looking great! They have everything I as a mom want to see my daughter wearing and the styles and colours she loves. Best of all they have a big sale coming up!

Limeapple Spring Sale

Limeapple’s newest spring collections will be offered at the special price of $98.00 CAN and $75.00 US per box during our Spring Into Summer Sale on Friday May 25 and Saturday May 26  –  +50% savings off our regular prices!

Limeapple is a lifestyle clothing brand offering fun, practical, well made clothing for smart, confident, adventurous, sweet young girls ages 4 thru 16.  From their signature printed leggings to their colorful fun tops and dresses, they have something for every young girl looking for something special.  Their collection is made for girls on the move.

These boxes are a great way to replenish your child’s closet after a season of growing. My girl loves to mix and match and finds these are great for that.

The fun styles. prints and colours are sure to make every girl want to add these cute outfits to their wardrobe.

If you are looking for great clothes that are age appropriate and super cute, you will want to check out this sale! Visit and stock up on your child’s summer wardrobe needs.


  1. Limeapple always has such cute colours! I’ve seen their clothes online a lot but haven’t tried them yet (not sure why 😉 They look so fun!

  2. Lindsay Gallimore says

    I’m looking forward to my daughter being big enough to get into her first Limeapple duds!

  3. My girls have worn Limeapple for years. It’s cute and age appropriate and this is a great deal so everyone should stock up. Actually one of the things I love about Limeapple is that it’s clothing that movies with you when you are a girl. My kids still have fitness gear from Limeapple that works. Our bubble hoodies are still used often for ski season. Love this brand.

  4. Limeapple are known for their fun colors.

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