Skechers Shoes for Spring (Giveaway CAN)

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The thing about Spring is we always misplace our stuff from the previous year. If not, I store it just to find out the kids have outgrown all of it and I just wasted all that space! This year is no exception! When my youngest started training for Cross Country we quickly realized she had grown and no longer fit into her running shoes. She also informed me her indoor shoes she wears at school were getting small. How do these kids grow so fast?

I headed out to the store and we had a hard time finding a pair of shoes that would be great for style and function. Then she told me of some “Super cool” shoes her friends were wearing. Turns out they were Skechers shoes. We are huge Skechers fans in this house so I went on the hunt for the shoes she wanted. Two pairs of shoes were easily found once I knew where to look.

We ordered S Lights Energy Lights in Black and Diamond Runners Sparkle Sprints in Black. Not sure why my girl was wanting black but both had some colourful flare so I was happy.

The Diamond runners are great for running and perfect for her Cross Country events. These fun sparkly shoes are available in four colours. Sporty style with a touch of glittering glamour comes in the SKECHERS Diamond Runner – Sparkle Sprints shoe. Stretchable knit mesh fabric and synthetic upper in a lace up athletic sporty training sneaker with stitching accents and Air Cooled Memory Foam insole.

The second pair we got are her new indoor shoes. These are so fun and really match her personality. The S Lights are fun and comfy shoes that twinkle and change light colours. They even have a charge that you can use to charge them and not worry about the shoes losing their battery life. The future of light up footwear arrives with the SKECHERS S Lights: Energy Lights shoe. Smooth leather upper in a lace up classic high top clean sneaker with amazing color changing sole light up effect. Bright colorful lights can light up in seven different solid colors, blinking lights and color sequences for 11 different light up options. Switch on tongue for complete control, and fully rechargeable too!

I like that she can turn the shoes off in case they become a distraction. I also like that they can both show the same colour or we can change it up and have them both different. Every time she wears these shoes out we get noticed and people ask where we got them. They are really a fun shoe for kids to wear.

Skechers has shoes for everyone in the family. Different styles, prices and colours to match your preference. For me fit and comfort are important and I know I can always count on them to deliver. If you are looking for new footwear for your family, be sure to check out Skechers online and in-store

Do you think your children would like these shoes? Light up shoes sure have come a long way!


1 lucky Canadian reader is going to win a pair of shoes of their chose from Skechers. Fill out the form below for your chance. Good luck!


  1. http://Linda%20watters says

    Gotrail ccmt…look great. I have gowalks….but looking for running shoes.
    Great prize!

  2. http://joanne%20darrell says

    I would choose the women’s GO JOY WALK.

  3. http://Jennifer%20P. says

    I would choose the Skech Appeal 2.0 – Tasty Tropics runners for my daughter. She has worn holes in her current pair of Skechers but refuses to give them up because she loves them so much. She’d love this pair as a replacement.

  4. http://Janet%20Meisner says

    I really like D’Lites – A New Leaf in Navy. They look so comfortable.

  5. http://Piroska says

    I’d love to get the RUMBLERS WAVE – NEW LASSIE.

  6. http://Carole%20Dube says

    I would like the men EQUALIZER – SLICKSTER for my husband!

  7. http://J says

    I LOVE SKECHERS!!! No one will ever measure up. I’d choose the Ultra Flex – First take

  8. http://Jenny%20Major says

    i like Women’s YOU – Beginning

  9. http://Ivy%20Pluchinsky says

    I like the Women’s GOwalk Joy – Terrific

  10. http://Julie%20F says

    I would like the Relaxed Fit: Breathe Easy – Sweet Jam

  11. http://Tara%20Betterley says

    I would like the FLEX APPEAL 2.0 in the Black and Light Blue..

  12. http://Stephanie says

    I would choose the Women’s Modern Jogger – Sequoia! They are so nice!!

  13. http://Judy%20Cowan says

    I would pick the WOMEN’S D’LITES – INTERLUDE, they would be great for work.

  14. http://Lynda%20Cook says

    I like the D’LITES – A NEW LEAF in black!

  15. http://Holly says

    I’m a huge fan of the GOwalk line!!

  16. http://Mary%20Anne%20LaRocque-Ouamar says

    Women’s DLites or Synergy

  17. http://Elaine%20G says

    I like the GOwalk Joy on black/white

  18. http://Norm%20B says

    Stamina – Cutback

  19. http://Juliee%20Fitze says

    I like the Go walk joy shoes they are so light .

  20. http://Carol%20Denny says


  21. http://Soozle says

    I would love the Women’s Footsteps – Blast Off

  22. http://nicky says

    Cool! I’d love the Work: Toler SR!

  23. http://wendy%20hutton says

    if I won I would love a pair of mens shoes for my son FLEX ADVANTAGE 2.0 – THE HAPPS

  24. http://Marlene%20J says

    Women’s Hush Hush – Jet Squad

  25. http://409cope says

    I would love the SKECHERS GOWALK JOY in Tan.

  26. http://Alison%20Braidwood says

    I think I’d get the SKECHERS GOWALK JOY in turquoise.

  27. http://Florence%20Cochrane says

    I would get a pair of the YOU – BEGINNING in Taupe

  28. http://Krista%20M says

    So hard to choose just one! I like the women’s Skechers GOwalk Lite – Joyful in gray!

  29. http://Guppy says

    I really wish they would make the Lights runners in Adult women’s sizes – would be a great safety feature when I’m outside on dark nights. But for now I’d choose Women’s Rumblers – Sci Fi Sandals.

  30. http://Leanne%20S says

    I really like the D’Lites

  31. http://Lucy says

    I would love the Women’s Ultra Flex – Bright Horizon!

  32. http://kathy%20downey says

    I would choose the MEN’S DELSON – CAMBEN for my son !

  33. http://Heather%20Swanson says

    Seager casual

  34. http://Tainan%20Lu says

    I would like to choose the D’Lites – A New Leaf

  35. http://Vivian%20Dionne says

    I think I would buy the YOU – Beginning shoes in taupe.

  36. http://sarah%20alexis says

    I love them all!! Maybe a running pair like the elite flex!

  37. http://Mishelle%20Greening says

    I think my daughter would love these RELAXED FIT: BIKERS – LONDONER in black or tan. Love them!!!


  38. http://Debbie%20White%20Beattie says

    I would love the Side Street – Love Is Blind shoes

  39. http://Jenness%20M says

    Love the SYNERGY 2.0 – SIMPLY CHIC!

  40. http://DebP says

    I fell in love with the GOWALK JOY – TERRIFIC, in both the pink/multi and the navy/multi.

  41. http://Darlene%20Demell says

    I would choose the men’s
    Relaxed Fit: Floater 2.0

  42. http://Deanna%20Barkley says

    I would choose the
    Women’s Skechers GOwalk 4 – Pursuit I need a comfortable pair of shoes that I can put on quickly. These look like they would fill the bill, be comfortable and stylish. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. http://Jonnie says

    I would love to get myself a new pair of sandals. The Women’s Relaxed Fit: Upgrades – Marina Bay is my favorite.

  44. http://MaryG says

    I really like the RELAXED FIT: BIKERS – PROVOCATIVE in black…perfect for summer!

  45. http://Athena says

    Women’s Monarchs – Cali Chill

  46. http://Shirley%20OFlynn says

    I would choose the Flex Appeal 2.0 in black.

  47. http://Ali%20P says

    I like the Flex Appeal!

  48. http://Sherry%20K says

    Relaxed Fit Breathe Easy would be nice.

  49. http://Donna%20L. says

    I’d pick the Skechers GOwalk 4 – Achiever in Gray, Wide Fit.

  50. http://Glogirl says

    I would like to have the YOU – TRANSCEND shoes in taupe.

  51. http://Cheryl%20Grandy says


  52. http://Rosanne%20Robinson says

    I would love to have a pair of the Skechers GOwalk Joy shoes.

  53. http://Sharon says

    I like the GOwalk Joy-Activate

  54. http://Allie%20Futterer says

    I would love the D’Lites A New Leaf in Navy!!

  55. http://Tammy says

    I like the women’s SAVVY – PLAY THE GAME.

  56. http://Josh%20S says

    I would like the Men’s Relaxed Fit: Glides – Calculous.

  57. http://Tanis says

    I would pick the girls Trainer Lite for y daughter!

  58. http://Victoria%20Ess says

    I’d pick Women’s Microburst – Gentle Gaze!

  59. http://Pam says

    I would let hubby choose a pair, he might like the SUPERIOR 2.0 – JEVENO

  60. http://Amy%20Heffernan says

    I would just love to win the SYNERGY 2.0 – SIMPLY CHIC!! Thanks!

  61. http://Suzanne says

    Would love the sketchers flex appeal 2.0-insights

  62. http://Sarah says

    I like the synergy 2.0 – simply chic 🙂 thanks!

  63. http://Karine says

    I really like the bob’s desert kiss sandals ! Thanks

  64. http://Paul%20G. says

    I like the Blue Men’s Flex Advantage 2.0 – The Happs

  65. http://Carol%20M says

    I like the D’Lites A New Leaf

  66. http://jan says

    I love the REGGAE FEST – SQUIRT

  67. http://Kristi%20F says

    I’d choose the Skechers GOwalk 4 – Edge.

  68. http://Elva%20Roberts says

    I would choose Women’s Skechers Flex appeal 2.0

  69. http://Rosanne%20Robinson says

    If I’m your lucky winner, would love to have a pair of the Cleo – Wham shoes.

  70. http://Jolie says

    Would love the Women’s Double Up – Shiny Dancer

  71. http://tammy%20ta says

    So hard to choose they are all so great. I will have to say I would probably choose the FLEX APPEAL 2.0 in black if I win.

  72. http://erin%20mcsweeney says

    i would love to have the Women’s GOwalk Joy – Terrific

  73. http://Jeannie%20Lam says

    I would pick a pair of Women’s Skech-Air Element.

  74. http://Maritess%20S says

    I would choose the Skechers Women’s Relaxed Fit: Reggae Fest – Dory

  75. http://Israel%20Y says

    So many shoes to choose from, I think I would choose the DEPTH CHARGE – FLISH

  76. http://Gemma says

    I’d pick the s GO STEP Lite – Dashing

  77. http://Linda says

    The SKECHERS ON THE GO 600 – BRILLIANCY look very comfortable.

  78. http://Sandra%20Rooke says

    GO WALK Joy!

  79. http://Tricia%20Cooper says
  80. http://Anu%20Chopra says
  81. http://caroline%20m. says

    I would choose the women’s still sky meditation sandal

  82. http://Dana%20Miller says

    I really like the Skechers GOwalk Joy in black and teal and also the SKECHERS Beverlee – High Tea sandal so it would be a hard choice.

  83. http://Rhonda says

    Double Up – Shiny Dancer

    I think these shoes would be fun!

  84. http://Sunshine%20G says

    I’d get the GoWalk Joy ones- they look great for trips around the neighbourhood.

  85. http://SAB%20edwards says

    GOWALK JOY – TERRIFIC SIZE TEN, BUT WIDE, I cant fit their reg sizes and do love the runners i wearnow

  86. http://leana says

    I would love to try the Go Walk Joy shoes!

  87. http://Travelbuds says

    I would love the GRATIS – BREEZY CITY

  88. http://Heather%20Sibley says

    I love the Women’s EZ Flex 3.0 – Bold Style

  89. http://LisaM says

    I’d love to try these: ULTRA FLEX – WEAVE AWAY

  90. http://Jennifer%20L. says

    I’d like to have the GOWALK JOY – TERRIFIC.

  91. http://Tina%20L. says

    I like the GoWalk Joy

  92. http://Robyn%20Bellefleur says

    My favorite is the Skechers GOwalk Joy.

  93. http://mousecat says

    I really like the SKECHERS GORUN 600 (the black ones with the hot pink stripe)

  94. http://Clair%20Palmer says

    for myself I said the next pair would be Women’s D’Lites – Fresh Catch I love their shoes but I dont have any sandles and the ones I have hurt my back as I feel I dont have the support so I would go with them

  95. http://Christine%20D says

    Totally loving the Ultraflux in light pink!

  96. http://HEIDI%20C. says

    I would get another pair of FLEX APPEAL 2.0 ones in black.

  97. http://Zahra%20P says

    I would love to get the GoRun 6

  98. http://Clair%20Palmer says

    I love their shoes but I would go with Women’s D’Lites – Fresh Catch I need a good pair of Sandals

  99. http://Dave%20S says

    I love the Men’s Stamina – Cutback

  100. http://Wendy%20Jensen says

    I checked out Skechers and the shoes I would pick if I won are the EMPRESS – LETS BE REAL

  101. http://Louise%20Smith says love my slip on’s the GOWALK JOY – TERRIFIC are cute.

  102. http://Mandy says

    I like the Girls’ S Lights: Air Lites.

  103. http://Julie%20Bolduc says

    I like the Women’s D’Lites – A New Leaf

  104. http://Irene%20Eichler says

    I would like to get a pair of BOBS BOHEMIAN in the Dandy Cat pattern for my daughter . !

  105. http://Dianne%20Gardner says

    I would like the Skechers GOwalk Lite – Luna if I were looking to get some for myself and for the light up shoes I think my granddaughter would like the S Lights: Air Lites.

  106. http://KellyPC says

    Women’s Monarchs – Cali Fever

  107. http://Treen%20Goodwin says


  108. http://SweetPanda says

    I would like the DOUBLE UP – SHINY DANCER

  109. http://l%20p says


  110. http://Erin%20N says

    I love the Women’s DLites!

  111. http://Viv%20Sluys says

    I like the Women’s Reggae sandals. Zig Swag or jam rock.

  112. http://Nicole%20Jubleew says

    I really like the Skechers GOwalk Lite – Sweet Pea shoes.

  113. http://Calvin says

    Relaxed Fit: Elent – Arven men is nice.

  114. http://Debbie%20F says

    I would choose the Vinyasa in black.

  115. http://Cheryl%20Grandy says

    I’s like Women’s Relaxed Fit: Breathe Easy – Golden.

  116. http://Andrea says

    I would love the Skechers D’Lites!

  117. http://BlessedTA says


  118. http://Amie says

    Women’s D’Lites – Biggest Fan , love them !

  119. http://Karla%20Sceviour says

    I would choose the WOMEN’S ULTRA FLEX – STATEMENTS

  120. I love the Skecher’s D’Lites A New Leaf”. They are super cute and comfy looking.

  121. http://kristen%20visser says

    The girls are all taken care of with their shoes (skechers of course) mama could really use a new pair. I love the Women’s Skechers GOwalk 4 – Exceed

  122. http://jenn%20beckett%20jennpup says

    Women’s Go Walk 4 Propel in black. Awesome and they come in wide sizes, too!

  123. http://Barb%20W says

    I like the D’Lites!

  124. http://Doreen%20Lamoureux says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE AND LOVE the Women’s GOwalk Joy – Terrific

  125. http://Monique%20L.S. says

    I like the SKECHERS GOWALK LITE – IMPULSE in Navy/Pink.

  126. http://Erin%20W says

    I would choose the S LIGHTS: AIR LITES for my daughter! She’s been asking for them and I’d put them away for Christmas!

  127. http://Patrick%20Siu says

    I would choose the men Skechers GOrun Ride 7

  128. http://Lee-Ann%20S says

    Love the Women’s Hi-Lites – Block Poppers.

  129. http://tracy%20k says

    go walk lites

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