4 Easy Ways to Make More Money for Your Family Vacation Fund

If you are looking to beef up your family’s vacation fund, you can do this by starting a small business you can easily run from home. Getting the whole family involved will not only make the venture easy, but also fun for all and educational for the kids. And if your venture picks up, who knows, you might one day join the list of million dollar companies that started from home. These include Amazon, Google, eBay, and YouTube, just to name a few.

4 Small Business Ideas for Families You Can Start Right Now

1.      Cake baking (and catering if you feel daring)

Cooking and baking are great family bonding activities and if you succeed in this, you can definitely make other families happier by selling the treats you make. Cake baking is especially popular today as not everyone has the skill to make delicious cakes. If you do, be sure to let the neighbors know about it. Posting ads on local message boards as well as advertising on social media are the best ways to attract clients.

If cooking is something you all enjoy and are skilled at, consider starting a catering business. This industry is highly profitable today, making $8.6 billion in 2016 (Statista). However, it will require registering and getting the necessary certificated and licenses that will prove your food is safe. Depending on your dreams and aspirations, you might open a family restaurant in the future.

2.      Travel blog or agency

If you’re using these small business ideas for boosting your future vacations, using the experience of previous ones will be a good choice. The lifestyle of a digital nomad and traveling in general are very popular today, so you’ll be able to attract readers to your travel blog.

You can start one today within minutes by creating a WordPress travel website. Use a free theme from the library and your personal pictures to enhance the content with visuals. Every member of the family can contribute to the blog and make it more fun for the readers by adding diversity of topics and perspectives. For example, a story of the trip is sure to be different from yours and your kids’ point of view, so why not share these two views with the world and connect with other families looking for great vacation spots?

If you are hyped and want to take your travel website to the next level, consider launching a small travel agency. You can find business plans and advice from successful travel agents at Bplans.

1.      Local newspaper

If you are an active member of your community, you can start a newspaper that will bring it closer together and help you make a bit of cash. In case printing is too ‘old-school’ for you, start an online newspaper. This kind of website will be able to attract many local advertisers as well as generate more readers than a family blog can.

However, the most important benefit of this business is that it will make your community a better place to live for your family. By sharing news and personal stories, people will get closer and you will give them an online forum where they can discuss their views, problems, and ideas.

2.      Organic garden

You don’t have to run a big farm to make some cash from growing organic produce. As long as you have a bit of land or any place where to set up a hydroponics kit, you’ll be able to grow some fruits, vegetables, and herbs for your family to enjoy.

Running a garden of your own will make your whole family more fit and help teach children how to be self-sufficient and respect nature. The excess of produce you can sell fresh or pickled/dried at a farmers market or directly to your neighbors, You can even set up a deal with the local grocery store.

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