5 Things You Love and How to Make Money With Them

Did you know that you could make money by doing what you enjoy the most? Many people believe their hobbies are mere pastimes. This is far from the truth. If you’re thinking this way, too, step back a moment and turn your thinking upside down. You will see the great rewards that lie within your hobbies.
Many people have reaped, and continue to reap, fortunes by doing what they enjoy. Some people even earn a living thanks to their hobbies. Does working with crafts or beauty products brighten your day? Would you consider selling your fashion products? Whatever your answer is, you will realize that doing some of these activities may not only put a smile on your face but also put some extra cash in your pocket.
Handmade Purses

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Spend some time in the evenings knitting or sewing women’s purses. Relax as you see the progression of these fashionable purses through the work of your talented hands. You can then turn your creative art into solid cash. Do you still find it hard to believe? You are not alone in this. Etsy sellers are very active in marketing their handmade purses.

Essential Oil Mixes

Beauty reigns with essential oil mixes. A blend of different aromatic compounds can make you feel great. Mixing different essential oils in carefully planned batches can not only be packaged alone but can also be part of creating your own unique brand of bath, body, and massage oils.

Different scents such as rose, lemon, or myrrh could be joined together to help create the aromatic product your customers have been shopping for. Savor the whole process as you lovingly and respectfully create mixtures that entice clients to come back for more. If you want people to remember your products then you should also care about the custom look of your essential oil bottles, for example by adding custom labels on them. In addition to essential oil mixtures, you may also consider blending other varieties of beauty products.

If you’re not ready to branch out on your own selling essential oils and related health and beauty products, you could gain valuable sales experience selling beauty products for a company like Amway.

Handmade Calendars

Calendars are among the most commonly used items in the home and are popular gifts. You may wish to try your hand at this, as the process of creating handmade calendars can be simple yet enjoyable. You can even make your calendars using some of your favorite beautiful photos. Provide a better alternative to people, and money will follow.

Scrapbook Paper Cards

A simple but unique greeting card created from paper stock, scrapbook papers and embellishments, and other scrapbooking materials will provide a beautiful alternative to the regular cards found in stores. If you don’t already use scrapbooking materials to come up with pretty paper creations, you can easily get great ideas for making scrapbook paper cards and be on your way to making money doing what you love. Depending on your passion, you may consider making cards for different occasions, such as weddings, birthday, anniversaries, holidays, and special occasions such as graduation, among others.

Jewelry Products

Women often like to wear a complete, well-planned outfit from head to toe. Having a couple of bracelets on their wrists contributes to this perfect blend. Take some time in the evening to make some bracelets while listening to music or television. This simple exercise requires you to understand the market trends and clients’ taste, while also knowing your way around some small tools. Some of the tools you’ll need are different types of pliers, such as round nose, chain nose, flat nose, and crimping pliers, as well as wire cutters.

In addition to these tools, you will also need things like bails, connectors, jump rings, eye and head pins, caps, crimps, end cones, clasps, and beading wires.  You can then choose from a variety of beads that best suit the interests of your targeted clients. These beads come in different shapes, styles, sizes, and colors. Ceramic, resin, shell, and crystal beads are among the most preferred.

Doing what you enjoy is great, but what’s greater is enjoying what you do. No more penniless hobbies. Set your best foot forward and join the world of infinite opportunities where talents generate income. Turn your hobby into a money-making tool and open up others’ eyes.


  1. Victoria Ess says

    I’d love to start a jewelry business!

  2. Getting some money on the side with the hobbies you already do.. passion can drive it! I like it/

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