Back Problems in Children-Our Story

I have written before about back problems and making sure your children do not have heavy back packs. But I never thought I would be writing to talk about our problem.

Earlier this year our Dr diagnosed our youngest with miner Scoliosis. Minor meaning it is actually common and there was chance to have it corrected with minimal effort.

Let’s start at the beginning

Children’s back issues

My children are very tall and often go through extreme growth spurts. Growing pains are very common in our home and most of my children are taller than their friends. My boys are 6’2 and 6’4 so there was no doubt our youngest daughter would be on the taller side. Last summer she had grown quite a bit. I noticed all of her clothes were smaller and she had had pains in her legs off and on. Towards the end of the summer she started complaining about her back hurting her. The pain only ever appeared after she had been jumping on the trampoline. She had always had one and loved to jump on it for as long as possible.

Easy solution-Don’t jump on the trampoline if it is hurting your back!

Since it was the end of the summer it was pretty easy to enforce and the back pain seemed to vanish. She loves sports and is very active in running. Over the winter she did some snowboarding, tubing, skating and swimming. Not once did she complain about her back. Spring pokes through the gloomy weather and trampoline season is back. Since there has been no pain we allow her to jump on it again. Instantly her back is hurting.

Time to call the Dr.

A quick examination and Q&A determines she has minor Scoliosis and is referred for some physio. We book an appointment with a therapist and he does a more in depth exam. He says her spine has a C curve to it but is is very common and can be fixed without surgery and some exercise. He also points out her one hip and knees is higher than the other. So her one leg is a tad longer than the other. For the leg he suggests an insole in one shoe and some stretches on one side. Over time this should even out her legs.

For her spine he suggests some more exercises and swimming. The exercises are stretching and strengthening and take about an hour a day. She had 3 physio apts and seems to be improving slowly. We will have a follow up in the Fall to see if she is still  progressing or if anything else is needed.

Swimming-Swimming lessons have started and my daughter loves them. She has not noticed any pain in her back for a few weeks. I knew swimming was good for you but I had no idea it helped with so many problems.

The trampoline- With her spine having a slight curve to it, every time she jumped it would cause the disks to be more compact and add pressure to her back. She is now back to jumping on the trampoline but does so with caution and only when having completed her daily stretching routine.

No parent wants to hear their child has a health problem and many like me instantly worry when told of one. Luckily this one is easily fixable and hopefully in time she will be back to 100% Had we not taken action when we did, things may have turned out differently. Since she is still growing her spine has lots of time to correct the curve. We just need to help it along a little.  We will be seeing the family Dr over the summer as well for a follow up. I will keep you all posted!

Have your children had issues with their backs? I would love to hear about it below.


  1. That is scary! I’m glad to hear that it’s fixable though!

  2. I am so curious if my kids will experience growing pains. I had kind of forgotten how bad they were in my legs as a kid until you mentioned them in this post! I’m glad to hear your daughtger’s spine is likely to self-correct. Fingers crossed!

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