Car Clean up Fun with Armor All

Our car, which is mainly mine since I drive it most days, is just over a year old. I love having a new vehicle to drive and try my best to take care of it. But to be honest, keeping it clean and looking new has not always been easy. With kids and pets my car has seen better days! Not to mention we live on a dirt road and often drive in dusty places. The birds also seem to like to use my car for target practice. Keeping my car clean is such a chore and a hassle.

Most days my car is used for running errands or driving my youngest to play-dates and school activities. I carpool and drive some friends around and need to have a clean car. My car never ever has garbage in it but it is a bit dusty with lots of dog hair and some drink spills in the console.  I just do not like the hassle of pulling out all my household cleaners and spending hours on end to keep it clean. So what is a gal to do?

Recently Armor All sent me a package full of products to make car clean up fun and hassle free.

The following products were received free of charge. All opinions are my own 

With a desire to clean, shine and protect anytime, anywhere, Armor All® continues to be a leading producer of car care products across Canada. Be it on the go cleaning, or making a Sunday afternoon complete car clean up easier and faster, Armor All® is there for Canadians.

These are all easily stored in my car and make clean up fast and easy. So instead of having to dedicate a day to cleaning the car, I just clean as I go daily. A quick wipe here and there and my car is sparkly clean and smelling so fresh!

My great package included the following

  • Armor All Rim Cleaning Wipes – now you can easily clean your rims on the go without water
  • Armor All Wash Wipes – on the go spot cleaning or complete car wash
  • Armor All Wax Wipes – on the go wax for complete car wax or touch ups
  • Armor All Cleaning Wipes – new easy store pouch format
  • Armor All Original Protectant Wipes-  new easy store pouch format
  • Armor All Glass & GPS Wipes – new easy store pouch format
  • Armor All Fabric & Carpet Refresher – destroys odours in fabric like pet, food and smoke
  • Essential Blends Car Air Fresheners – air fresheners with Essential oils

All of these products can be found in stores now throughout Canada. Canadian Tire is our one stop shop for all our car care needs. They have these great products and more!

With over 50 years of creating innovative products Armor All has what you need to get the job done. Visit them today for the products you need to get your car clean and like new

Now I can keep my car clean and actually have fun while doing it. Thanks to Armor All it no longer feels like a chore to do.

Is your car like mine or do you keep it clean all the time?


  1. Lynda Cook says

    A bunch of great products to keep your car looking it’s best!!

  2. My driveway is under a maple tree so I always have ugly sap dripping onto my car. My husband has a bucket for cleaning his car that he drags out about every two weeks.

  3. I work from home so my car just lives in the garage and has become a weekend car. That keeps it pretty clean though I must admit I’m a bit of a neat freak anyhow when I’m using it. Love these products!

  4. Neely Moldovan says

    I really need to clean up my car. These are grat things to use! Thanks so much!

  5. maria long says

    I need to get this set for my kids so they can clean my car this summer!! Maybe a father’s day gift too.

  6. I try to keep my car really clean and clutter-free but because it’s parked outdoors all year the outside tends to need a good clean pretty regularly. I’ll have to try some of these products next time!

  7. This brand has been around forever! My sister got a car last year and I got her a few of the Armor All products as a gift.

  8. Oddly enough, I love washing our car in the warmer months! These are such great products and we use them on our car too!

  9. I bet these products make your car look fabulous! My hubby would love using these products!

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