Four Popular Destinations on the Turquoise Coast

The Turquoise coast has many popular destinations from historical sites, beautiful beaches, stunning islands and relaxing natural hideaways. Some of these have recently become popular and some have been popular since ancient times, although their reason for popularity has changed since their initial creation. If you plan on exploring by car, check out Rental Center Crete for your car rental needs.

This beautiful harbour town has been a popular tourist destination for many years, however, the town has been inhabited since the time of the Lycian Empire. During the height of the region, the town was called Telmessos. The region was popular for fishing and farming, with natural river ways of creating fertile land and a protected entrance into the harbour has made this location perfect for civilisation to flourish.

Modern times see Fethiye growing every year due to tourism and their expertise in boat building. The gulet boat is a style of sailing that is unique to the Mediterranean, these boats were once simple working boat with cabins for those times when extended travel was needed.   Nowadays the gulets offer comfortable and luxurious travel with captains that know quiet bays and popular beaches to make any holiday perfect. One of the leading boatyards for the south-west region is Fethiye, where even the captain cares for their boats and learns how to aid the maintenance and day to day care of the gulet. This care and attention also show in how they treat their guests, every year returning and new people come to Fethiye to take an Alaturka Cruises boat tour of the coast.

This busy harbour town offers a variety of entertainment. The harbour is popular for visitors to start cruise although many chose to take day tours to the nearby bays and islands to return to the town to try some of the local restaurants that offer a wide selection of international menus, including Chinese, Indian, European and including Traditional Turkish meals. The town is famous for its night time entertainment, with a selection of nightclubs, shows and evening shopping.

While there are loads to do in the evening the daytime is also filled with things to see and do. The nearby Icmeler beach has won awards for its cleanliness and amazing reputation for beach visitors and is one of the best in the region that is less well known.

The quaint town is stunning to visit, where traditional style has been kept and a beautiful harbour offers a cruising destination and starting point. Bodrum has been famous since ancient times, due to having one of the seven ancient wonders, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. This mausoleum was built for Mausolus, which gave the first use of the word ‘mausoleum’.  Due to earthquakes and other natural wear the ruins look scattered with a minimal amount of building left, the amount of ruins gives a clear indication of how much work went into the tomb.

The town during the day is a world of peace and relaxation, however, when the night draws in Bodrum becomes a nightclub destination with the largest open-air club in Turkey attracting many international headliners to perform here. This club sits at the end of a street nicknamed ‘bar street’ where a selection of bar and clubs offer an evening of the latest music and dancing.

Dodecanes Island Chain
This expanse of islands that are Greek populations with a history that is ancient and modern with many mythological stories about them ranging from the acts of Hercules to the war of the gods. While the entire Island chain stretches the area between Greece and Turkey, many are situated close to the Turkish coastline. These islands have proven to be popular to experience a different culture and visit ancient Greek ruins. These islands have stunning beaches with amazing views of the cobalt blue Mediterranean. Day tours and multi-day cruises stop at the populated islands for exploration and relaxation which is proving to be more popular every year.

Turkey surprises many people on what there is to see and do. This surprise also adds the enjoyment of the holidays and makes them a place that is a must to visit. Every year millions visit Turkey with thousands being returning guests, with the great time that they have retirees often choose to settle and explore these stunning locations all year round.


  1. kristen visser says

    wow I would love to visit any of those places but especially Fethiye! sounds like my kind of place 🙂

  2. Debbie White Beattie says

    Wow, Your pictures show me a place called paradise. I don’t understand how we ended up in a cold place like Canada when there’s so many warm beautiful places around the world

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