Say Goodbye to Stinky Odours on your Work Out Clothes

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My favourite activity to do when I can is Zumba! I started going to Zumba classes twice a week almost two years ago when I turned forty. Working out helps me with my anxiety and makes me feel great. One hour of cardio is great for my health and makes me feel wonderful. Zumba is a high energy dance workout that really gets the body and heart moving. The ladies in my class and our instructor are so much fun, we often hang out a bit after class chatting. However, I do leave the class quite sweaty and smelly. No surprise, I know. My routine after Zumba is to go home and jump in the shower. Then I throw my clothes in the wash and hope for the best. Well, hoping is not always enough.

Have you ever washed your clothes just to have them come out stinky? Sometimes just as stinky as they were when you threw them in? What about towels? That wet mildew smell towels get when they sit too long is next to impossible to get out no matter how often you wash. I need my clothes to smell fresh and clean the first time. Over the years I have tried many things to get odours out of my laundry. Not all of them worked and none of them were easy.

Recently Arm & HammerTM sent me a bottle of their new Arm & HammerTM Plus OxiCleanTM Odour Blasters Detergent to try out. Finally, something I can easily add to my wash loads to eliminate odours with little effort.

At first sniff, Arm & Hammer’s new detergent is exactly what I want my laundry to smell like. The Fresh Burst scent is exactly that, a fresh burst of Spring in a bottle. Now to see how it holds up to my smelly Zumba clothes and just for the fun of it my teens stinky socks. Mix it in with my daughter’s towel and bathing suit from swim class earlier in the week and we will see what happens.

How does it work?

Sweaty odours stick deep down into fabrics and can cause odours to remain even after washed.

Arm & HammerTM Plus OxiCleanTM Odour Blasters detergent is specially formulated to attack and eliminate the toughest odours on contact, blasting them away instead of covering them up, leaving your laundry smelling clean and fresh. This detergent will eliminate tough odours including body sweat and musty smells stuck deep down in the fabrics. It’s formulated with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, along with powerful enzymes and surfactants that attack tough odours at their core.

The detergent uses the power of OxiClean Stain Fighters and Arm & Hammer freshness that work together to eliminate the buildup of soils that can lead to malodour ensuring laundry is clean and fresh.

Time for results

Not only did my clothes come out smelling great, the nice fresh scent lasted. No more stinky smells in my clean laundry. No more having to wash my laundry multiple times to get it clean. This is great! Now I can go to Zumba and not worry about smelling like I never washed my laundry. The odours also came out of the towels and socks with ease. I am so happy!

Now I can feel great in my cute Zumba clothes and be confident I am not walking around all stinky from the previous class.

Arm & HammerTM Plus OxiCleanTM Odour Blasters laundry detergent is available at retailers nationwide for $5.99 a bottle.

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Have you had tough set in odours you could not get out of your clothes before?




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  1. So great! I feel like the summer months make laundry so much worse to do!

  2. I admit, I have tried that brand and it works great. Glad that it’s helping you. I know my overnight clothes stink, because tt’s 82 degrees in my bedroom at night 🙁 Dang summer season!

  3. As you know we are super active. This is something my husband has been saying for awhile. I feel like the clothing sometimes still has an odour after working or horseback riding or martial arts etc. I am typically oblivious to that. SO he actually did go and buy some of this exact laundry soap and we are currently using it on everything he has an issue with. LOL. Anyways I am happy to see it worked for you.

  4. We do CrossFit and apart from the workout smells, our clothes also smell of our rubber gym floor and dogs (which were allowed in the gym) and everything in between! We’d love to try this product for sure.

  5. This detergent is awesome! I can’t say that I work out a lot but my son’s clothes get super sweaty and this does the job.

  6. I already love OxiClean. I totally have to try some Arm & HammerTM Plus OxiCleanTM Odour Blasters for my stinkiest laundry!

  7. Our daughter just started cross country, and since it is summer, gets super stinky! Have to check this out to see if it really works!

  8. Jennifer Seigler l Life of a Southern Mom says

    In a male dominant household, making sure the clothes are clean and fresh smelling can be a challenge. I will add this to my grocery list. This is going to make my laundry days easier!

  9. This is perfect. Our older 2 go to a park program during the week and are always sweaty when they get home, so I could definitely use this!

  10. This sounds great! We’ve been trying different detergents and this might be the one. We love the scents of a fresh and clean laundry.

  11. I hear you on those smelly towels, especially in the summer. They need that extra help!

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