Teaching Youth Valuable Skills Through Yard Sales

Recently our school PAC hosted a community yard sale. I have always loved shopping at yard sales but only really held two of my own. Waking up super early and haggling over stuff I know is worth more just is not fun for me. I actually find the whole process somewhat stressful. But when the PAC had this idea, I figured it would be fun and I could just rent a table. No need to fill my entire lawn with things to sale.

So I went to my catch all room and gathered up a few boxes of things the kids grew out of or I no longer use. I had some new in box items and some fun seasonal stuff. Enough for a table at the community sale. I then asked my nine year old if she had anything to add to the pile. She asked if she could keep the money for her stuff.

Well here is the thing, yes you can keep the money but you need to do the work!

I told her how much a table was and that she would be responsible for it. She then ran off to her room and gathered a bunch of her things. She even cleaned her room!She was super excited and eagerly awaited the day. She priced all of her things out and marked them with masking tape and a sharpie. She set aside the money for her table rental and started the countdown to the sale.

That morning she got up super early and loaded the car. We arrived at the school and she set up her table. For the entire day she talked to strangers, negotiated prices, haggled, and made change. Once she asked me about a price since the people were lowballing her and she was unsure. But for the most part, she did it all on her own. At the end of the day she reached her goal of $100 and was thrilled. Teachers and parents all told her how proud they were of her communication skills and independence. The only problem we really had was as she was making the money, she was wanting to spend it too. So I put a spending freeze on her half way through the day 🙂

The community support for this yard sale was amazing. Most people happily paid the price my daughter put on her items. She was so happy and proud of her accomplishments. I was happy to see her do it all on her own with confidence and pride. She is now planning to participate in next year’s as well.

My daughter really did a great job and had a lot of fun while doing it. I was happily surprised at how well the whole thing turned out. Another mom there said her son had a similar experience and was very happy how things turned out at the end of the day.

Back in the day when my older kids were her age, we use to do the car show and farmers market circuit. They too loved interacting with customers and helping us work. I believe it helped them develop many skills they now use as adults.

Have your children ever experienced this kind of interaction? Did they enjoy it?


  1. So awesome she reached her goal! That’s a good amount of money & she learned some excellent people skills along the way!

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