5 Types Of Underwear You Should Know About

Choosing an innerwear like a cool bikini brief or a stylish hipster can be quite daunting. Knowing about different types of underwear is important to pick out the best innerwear that fits you well and is suitable for your particular body type. Today, I will discuss various types of undies so you get a clear idea of what you should buy when you next hit the store.

The Conventional Panties

As traditional as they sound, these are a basic pair of undies that every woman must own. Made of cotton or synthetic fabric, these provide breathability, comfort, and ease. Best suited for most body types, these panties are light and hygiene-friendly with fewer risks of bacterial infections. These are great for everyday wear as they are made from durable fabric that supports everyday wear. You can easily wear them to the gym, to your work, on a day’s trip to London or another great city.


Boyshorts are most feasible for women with a heavy frame as they are designed to cover the waist and hips region completely. You don’t have to worry about pulling up your undies because of belching or rolling. Boy shorts generally have no visible panty lines so you can make use of underneath snug fitted clothing like jeans or slacks. If you’re planning to go out for a swim or for a brisk walk these will come handy as you can wear them under skater skirts or swimwear.

A Seamless & Comfortable Thong

A thong is a comfortable piece of innerwear which can be used by women who prefer lighter and comfortable fabric. Consider wearing this on a windy day under a skirt or when going out for a road trip. Choose a nice synthetic fabric like mesh or nylon from Knix to get more flexibility for longer hours. Avoid buying a thong if you’re on the heavier side. These are most suited to females with an hourglass or pear-shaped body type.

Classic Briefs

Your wardrobe is incomplete without a classy pair of bikini briefs. These are light and durable offering maximum coverage. These are usually available in a variety of patterns with high waistbands that will work for most body types. Generally, referred to as “Granny Panties”, these undies do not roll or sag, especially when they’ve been designed using stretch fabric with greater elasticity. You can wear classic briefs under jeans or during the ‘bad’ times of the month for greater comfort and ease.


If you’re looking for nice shapers for your waist & hip region, then buy a cool pair of hipsters. They are exclusively designed to cover these regions and provide a strong grip through the elastic waistband. Also known as hip huggers, these undies have low-cut leg holes with a waistband that rests just above the hips. Appropriate for women with small to medium frames, I suggest you wear it underneath a jumpsuit, skirt or low waist jeans.


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