Being Prepared is Important: 5 Steps to Providing all of the Facts To Your Car Accident Attorney

An auto accident can be an unnerving experience, but this is just the time to keep a level head. There are certain actions you need to take to protect yourself and ensure you have any information you’ll need to pursue a claim. By following these suggestions, you can help your attorney build a stronger case.

Interview People at the Scene

If you’re not seriously injured, you will need to talk to other people at the scene. You will need to get contact information and insurance details from the other drivers involved in the accident and you should also make a note of any passengers and which vehicles they occupied. Additionally, talk to witnesses and ask for their contact information as well. They may be needed, if the accident results in a lawsuit.

Document the Scene

The best way to do this is to use your phone to take photos of the scene. Get as many focused, close-up shots of property damages as you can, as well as pictures of the whole scene. It can also be helpful, if you have pictures of your vehicle prior to the accident. This can provide a frame of reference, so insurance adjusters or a jury can see the extent of the damages. The photos may play a part in determining how much compensation you’ll be awarded for property damages.

Obtain Copies of Your Medical Records

Another factor in determining how much you’ll receive in compensation will have to do with your medical treatment. This is one reason it’s important to get checked out as soon as possible, even if you don’t “feel” injured. Ask your caregiver for copies of your treatment records, your bills, and any other documents pertaining to your recovery. This may also include a need for additional treatment and long-term therapy as a result of your injuries.

Obtain a Property Damage Estimate

You will also want to get an estimate for the repair of your vehicle as another one of the steps to take after a car accident from a lawyer. The insurance adjuster may already have submitted a valuation of his own, but it will likely be a low estimate and may not cover all of the necessary repairs. You have the right to get an estimate from a mechanic or body shop of your choosing. Once you receive a written estimate, add that to the file of documents you’ll hand over to an attorney. This can help in determining how much you should seek in damages in your claim.

Obtain Proof of Missed Work

Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may have missed work for a number of days. If your injuries are severe or inhibit your ability to function at your job, you may be out of work for an extended period of time. Any documents you can get from your employer that verify your missed work can help your attorney show that your injuries were severe and cost you income. This is another type of damages that you can seek in a claim, so, if you can provide evidence of missed work, this will strengthen your claim.

Filing a claim for damages is a complicated process and often requires the assistance of an experienced lawyer. While your attorney may have the expertise to investigate and negotiate on your behalf, providing him with documents about the accident can help him build a stronger case. It will also save time, so the process won’t keep you tied up in court or in negotiations for as long. Gathering supportive evidence is the best thing you can do for your case.

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