Family Trip to London: Top 5 Activities to for Everyone to Have Fun

A family trip to London is sure to be fun because this city is filled with entertainment to fit everyone’s tastes. No matter how old you are and what your interests are, there are many tours, museums, galleries, and activities to keep all of you busy for days. Many of them will work for both parents and kids at the same time, like tours based on famous books. But there’s also some entertainment for parents and kids to mingle with the people of their own age. A perfect family trip should include both types to ensure everyone gets the maximum satisfaction from this adventure.

Top 5 Things for Kids and Parents to Do on a Family Trip to London

1.      Explore Harry Potter’s London

Harry Potter is one of the most successful entertainment franchises in history, which is loved by both kids and adults. London has a bunch of activities and places dedicated to the fascinating magical world created by Joanne Rowling. Most of them will be entertaining for the entire family, but there are some tours for kids only as well.

When going on a Harry Potter-themed adventure, make sure it includes:

  • ZSL London Zoo.
    Reptile House at ZSL London Zoo should be your first stop as that’s ‘where it all started’ in the famous movies. Following the steps of little Harry will help you get in the mood for the day. Be sure to pay attention to boa constrictors but don’t overlook other reptiles as this trip should be educational.
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour.
    If you are fans of the movies, visiting the actual film sets is a dream come true. You can make it so by taking a Warner Bros. Studio Tour. This will allow you to touch the real magic of Harry Potter. But be aware that these tours are expensive (£89+) and need to be booked months in advance.
  • London walking tour.
    Harry, Hermione, Ron, and other iconic characters had multiple adventures all throughout London. You can see those places by taking a Harry Potter Tour. This will also allow you to see all the important London attractions as those heroes preferred to hang out at the most popular spots.
  • Harry Potter Shop.
    Harry Potter Shop is located at King’s Cross Station, Platform 9 ¾. It’s a perfect place for buying souvenirs to commemorate your adventure of the day.

2.      Visit Museums

No family trip to London can be complete without a few museum visits. The majority of the city’s museums are not only child-friendly but also free. There are many options that will be interesting for kids and parents alike, for example HMS Belfast and The British Museum.

Options like Science Museum, V&A Museum of Childhood, and Horniman Museum and Gardens are more children-oriented.

3.      Let kids play at adventure playgrounds

Every big park in London and a variety of other places have fascinating adventure playgrounds for kids. These range from pirate ships stranded in huge sandboxes (imagine a beach) to Marble Hill Playcenters that have every contraption imaginable to keep kids 5-15 years of age happy, active, and entertained outdoors.

Playground time is a chance for children to make new friends and get sufficiently exhausted by exploring all the cool toys, swings, climbers, etc. that are just like things at home, but somehow different. Note that London has a few places designed to accommodate children with disabilities, like The Log Cabin.

4.      Go on a pub crawl (when kids are asleep)

While children can burn off some of their energy on playgrounds, parents can relax indulging in a traditional British adult entertainment, namely a pub crawl. It consists of exploring as many pubs and bars as you can fit into your night.

As there are a great many of those establishments in the city and having a drink at each is a necessary requirement of the program, you should consider choosing an organized London pub crawl. This way you’ll be safe and sure to see some of the best bars in your chosen neighborhood.

5.      Chill out in a pool (or an aquarium)

If you want to have a truly memorable family trip to London, be sure to get some water fun. Taking a swim in the Thames isn’t wise as the river isn’t clean or warm enough for this. However, you can explore it in a kayak.

If you want to actually immerse yourself into the water, go to the London Aquatics Center. It was built for the Olympic Games of 2012 and is a dream come true for any swimmer.

For more ‘exotic’ entertainment, consider snorkeling with the sharks in SEA Life London Aquarium. This place is so incredible, no child or adult heart will be left untouched by the visit.

Whatever kind of entertainment you choose, never forget that a family trip to London should be equally interesting for everyone. While each of you is a unique person, try to either choose places everyone likes or explore one special attraction for each member so they can share their passion with the family.


  1. Heather Swanson says

    I saw The British Museum in 2002 & I still remember how exciting it was !

  2. Darren Scrubb says

    London truly is an awesome place for a visit. I am unable to wait for my first visit there.

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