Five Tips for First Time Driver Prep

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It seemed like for many years I spent most of my days in the car. If I was not driving to school activities, play-dates or running family errands, I was taking my children to swimming, track and field or soccer. I often joked how I could never have a job outside the home as my children would be stranded. We lived rural for most of their lives and the bus was just not an option. So when it came time for my teens to learn to drive, I was so happy!

I taught the three older kids how to drive then paid for them to have an instructor teach them as well. I know I have some bad habits and wanted to make sure they learnt the right way. With each new driver the burden of me driving was lifted. Not only could they drive themselves around, they could drive each-other. And sometimes, if needed they could drive me and their dad too!

Having responsible drivers in the home is a stress-free way to give your children independence and responsibility. The one thing I told my children over and over again was I trusted them I just did not trust any other driver on the road. I taught them how to watch for obstacles and predict what others may do when driving. Another big thing they each learned was basic maintenance on their vehicles.

Below are 5 Tips for First Time Driver Prep from OK Tire

  • Get comfortable with your vehicle to feel confident on the road and know where the buttons are positioned. While driving, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road and off the radio or AC.
  • Ensure you prep your vehicle with all the must-haves before heading out. These include a spare tire, emergency kit, jumper cables and associated tools.
  • Preventive maintenance is key to ensure your car is safe to hit the road. For example, worn suspension components may reduce the stability of the vehicle which can reduce your braking distance. You can count on OK Tire’s certified technicians to do a full auto service checkup.
  • Rid yourself of distractions, ensure your phone is on silent and placed out of reach. Checking a message or taking a call is not worth endangering the lives of yourself and others.
  • Be cautious of weather conditions. Reduced visibility and wet conditions can affect tire traction. Watch out for hydroplaning, you should reduce your speed and be cautious as braking time may also be reduced.

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We now enjoy having three additional drivers to help us run errands and chauffeur our youngest around. With these tips, lots of practice and a little patience, your new driver will be mastering the road in no time!

Do you have any new driving tips to add?


  1. This will be really helpful! Thanks. I will be getting my drivers license nxt week.

  2. Those are great tips! When I was a new driver, I was so afraid but, these tips would definitely help a first-time driver be confident and safe.

  3. Awesome tips, especially about the AC and radio plus maintenance especially with change of seasons. One thing I notice people forget to do is adjust their mirrors so they get optimal viewing around them.

  4. It’s sooooo true to know about defensive driving. Also teaching them about hydroplaning which is sooooooo frightening.

  5. Yes these are excellent tips. We are working on getting this process started soon. I am gathering all the info and so is she actually so we should be able to start learning soon. It’s a bit of a scary thing to comprehend but exciting too. If she had her license and was confident by now with this process of driving then I could let her drive herself to and from work this summer and that would be so helpful. I remember learning kind of defensive driving and that was useful. I like your approach encouraging them to be confident.

  6. Loved these tips. My oldest turns 14 in a couple of months and I’ve been stressing about where to start in the learning. I want her to be confident and educated, and well-prepared for anything. I think this is one of the most important life lessons – gulp, here I gooooo! lol

  7. These are awesome tips for everyone, but especially new drivers. Used to drive me crazy when I went I went out n the car (with the kids driving) and they would have the radio blaring!
    To this day, I still turn off the radio if the driving is treacherous and I really need to focus.

  8. These are such great tips for first time drivers! I remember like it was yesterday when I first started to drive. Definitely need to check out these tires!

  9. It’s crazy to imagine our kids driving! Here in Utah, you can get your beginner’s license at 15- seems so young to me!

  10. Marie Altenor says

    Great tips I’m a new driver and am terrified everytime i get in the car, specially when my baby is with me.

  11. We’re going through this right now with our 15yr old daughter. She’s doing fine so far, but sharing these tips anyhow!

  12. Great tips for new drivers and also a refresher for seasoned drivers. You can never be too careful! Thanks for sharing!

  13. These are some great tips. I will definitely be keeping them in mind when both of my sons start learning how to drive.

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