Make Your Next Vacation a Little Closer to Home

Everyone loves a vacation. We watch movies about them, sing songs about them, and read stories about them. We spend 50 weeks out of the year thinking about and planning for the 2 weeks we get to go on one. And if you are planning a vacation for a family with kids, you will need those 50 weeks of planning for traveling with a family.

Your travel plans are inversely complicated by the size and diversity of your travel party. The more people you bring with you, the tougher it will be. And the wider the age range between the older and the youngest, the fewer appropriate places you will find.

That makes traveling abroad a tricky proposition for a family that includes 2 or 3 kids. There are some reasons to try and overcome that challenge. The main one being that travel is an enriching experience that will stay with kids for the rest of their lives.

That said, the worst reason to travel abroad is that you are convinced you have to for a truly enriching and beneficial experience. You don’t. You will likely be quite surprised by how great a vacation you can have without the need of a passport. Here are a few reasons why your next vacation should be a little closer to home:

A New Appreciation for Overlooked Places

Too much of this beautiful country is disdained as “flyover” country. That term represents everything between the East and West coast. Such an attitude can cause one to miss out on national treasures such as Branson Missouri or New Orleans, Louisiana.

There are many parts of the coasts that are routinely overlooked as well, especially on the East Coast. South Carolina comes to mind. Those luxurious Forest Beach rentals Hilton Head boasts are a part of the American South often disregarded by many.

It is easy to miss out on the great US vacation spots as a citizen of the US. We associate exotic vacations with far away place. But there is a good chance you have a place nearby that rivals the best vacation spots elsewhere in the world.

More Affordable Vacations

The biggest vacation expense is airfare when traveling overseas. For one of those airline tickets, you will likely be able to finance an entire local vacation for a family of 4 including gas, lodging, food, and activities. el, family travel,

If you opt to spend the same money locally as you would have for an overseas trip, the possibilities are endless. You can stay in nicer places, stay longer, eat better, do more, and still have plenty left over for shopping.

One of the most affordable vacations is camping. You main expenditures are the drive and the tent. You don’t have to go far to find world-class campgrounds. Every camping trip is exotic because it takes us far away from our everyday experience of life. If money is an object, a local vacation is what you want.

Something for Everyone

With the money you save on a local vacation, you can take more than one. In fact, you can take several mini-vacations throughout the year, ensuring that there is a little something for everyone.

There could be a theme park vacation for the kids, and a wine tasting vacation for the adults, and a sports-themed trip for the sports ball fans. No one trip has to carry the weight of being the perfect vacation for everyone.

Your Pet Can Come with You

There is no need to leave the family pet behind when you travel locally. Skip the airline hassles and fees associated with bringing a pet along. Skip the pet sitter, the dog walker, and the worry of leaving your pet without proper supervision. Just pack him off in the car and enjoy the ride. Pet-friendly hotels are not as hard to find as you might imagine.
Overseas travel is a great luxury when you can afford it. But it is not your only option for a great vacation. Taking a holiday that is closer to home allows you to gain an appreciation for overlooked treasures. It is a more affordable vacation. There can be something for everyone. And you don’t have to leave your best friend behind.


  1. This is so true. Sometimes, we need not go far to have the best family vacation. Great tips!

  2. OH yes! You nailed it with the camping idea. We have been traveling all over with our camper and have had the time of our life. We have been with family and met new friends that we camp with over and over again. We love to visit new places and enjoy some of the most beautiful camp grounds ever.

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