Renovations and Choosing the right Decor

Over the years we have known many families who have renovated or built their own homes. Some have contracted out the job and others have done it all themselves. Depending on your budget and time it can be rewarding choosing either option. My family, even when I was a child, has always been the DIY kind of people. Save money and have pride in what you yourself have completed.

They say if you survive a renovation or house build with your spouse you are meant to be! I can see why this is. It can be a very stressful time and both involved have varying tastes and ideas on what they want the space to look like. We have been building a house and have started choosing the floor layout and sampling decor. It often seems that we just finally decide on a paint, floor covering or room layout and something happens to change it all.

My daughter who is nine is a great fan of the home design shows on TV, She has started keeping a scrapbook with ideas and samples as well as pictures she finds in magazines. For a child she has a great passion and huge understanding of design and decor. It is quite impressive and very inspirational. Whenever we run to the hardware store she runs over to the paint and flooring sections to grab sample tiles. She matches them up and makes notes in her book. She pretty much has the entire house laid out and designed. The only issue is she has no concept of budget. So we often are reeling her in and showing her a variety of affordable options and styles. It will be great when it is all done and we can say she designed most of the family home.

Each room has its own style and feel. We are mainly going with an open concept and are choosing to not have carpet. We love the look of vinyl plank flooring and have chosen some darker options. We feel having a heavy traffic home with kids and pets it will be the best option.

wpc flooringOur home will have a country charm feel to it so we have also been looking at barn themed decor. GoHaus vinyl plank flooring has some great options for flooring in many colour options. Aside from the dark browns I also like the look of the greys. I think both would fit nicely in any room of our home. 

Flooring is just one of many things we are considering while designing and building our forever home. Wall finishings, ceiling height, room size and counter tops are also in discussion. Some days I wish there were not so many options as I feel like a kid in the candy store and other days I am grateful we can pick and choose what fits our life and preferences. I can not wait to see the final results and share it with you all!

Have you renovated or built and designed a home before? How was your experience?


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