Robotic Soccer from HexBug

The following product was received free of charge for review purposes.

FIFA World Cup is on and is bringing loyal fans and families together all around the world to celebrate their passion for the sport. Join HEXBUG in the excitement by storming the field with Robotic Soccer! Gamers, kids and sports fans alike will be drawn to HEXBUG Robotic Soccer – which mixes technology and sports while still delivering a physical, real-world play experience.

Pick your robot athlete and customize it with decals that match your World Cup team colours.

Send your player on the field to outmaneuver your opponent with your dribbling and goal scoring skills, and feel what it’s like to be a FIFA MVP!

What better way to spend the world cup than by playing HEXBUG Robotic Soccer right in your home with your friends and family

Recently Clair and her family got to review the Robotic Soccer set from HexBug and took it with them camping to show their love for all things soccer and FIFA.

The boys got to try out Robotic Soccer made by HexBug, they loved the looks of it and could not wait to try them out, they had to figure out what teams would be playing, that was easy for them they went with England and Canada.

Once they got the box open they really wanted to play right away but notice that they could not yet as they had to set up. There was 10 walls to be added to the cardboard grass, it was easy to do they slid into each other and just had to attach, plus the 2 nets, start with the corners first then add walls, easy assembly.

They had added their team stickers and pulled out the little tabs so they could start to figured out how the robotic car work, there was batteries included that’s what the tabs were for, which was perfect since we took with us camping and didn’t think of batteries lucky they were there. The remote does not have a lot of buttons, forward/backward left/right and a kick is all there really needs to use, but when you are paring up the remote with the car there is a few more buttons you use, and try to do one at a time and not be so close, they didn’t do that once and had one remote trying to use both cars even tho they did not move at the same time.

When they were all set up they went and had fun, laughed and got a little angry at first cause they were not winning but that’s the boys, they once started spinning in a circle and laughing but they were not playing soccer so they knew that’s what it was for they pushed the other buttons and notice it drives so they figured they could get to the ball but how to kick.. They notice there was only one other button to push on the top they did that and kicked the ball, the pull on the car would lower and then push off the ball, it was all magnetic so helped the ball stay.

The top of the cars are like snap on jerseys, there was 6 all together, so they had a bunch of different matches after, plus it came with an extra soccer ball, there was only 2 cars but you can buy additional cars separately, but can only be played up to 4 players, It says it is for ages 8+ but my 4year old could use no problem.

The boys loved Robotic Soccer since they love cars and love soccer it made it fun and with the cars being able to kick the ball they loved, give them laughs and hours of fun, they kept playing lots of different times of the day.

You can find this set for $69.99 in stores and online. Check out HexBug for details.

  • Includes 6 different interchangeable tops, 3 sticker sheets, and, 2 soccer balls
  • Includes 2 remote controlled Robotic Soccer Singles
  • Fold-out game board
  • Ages 8 years and up
  • Batteries included

Do you have a soccer fan who would love this set?


  1. This looks awesome, my grandsons would love it!

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun! My kids would LOVE to play with that! 🙂

  3. Shayna Murray says

    My daughter actually just discovered table hockey and fooze ball so I think she’d have a lot of fun with something like this too!

  4. We have some Hexbugs but this set is SUPER cool! I better not show my son!! ?

  5. How fun are these!? We love our Hexbugs!

  6. My kids would love this toy! I love that it’s a remote control toy. It looks super fun!

  7. Robotic soccer?! Love this!!!

  8. This is so fun! My oldest loved playing with hexbugs when he was younger, I am sure he would love to see this

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