How to save money when renovating your bathroom

If you plan on renovating your home, many homeowners choose the bathroom and kitchen as the first rooms to work on. These are, however, the most expensive in most instances. If you plan on doing work in the bathroom, there are a few ways you can reduce the overall cost to upgrade and update the space. Consider some of these tips when you’re ready to renovate.

Hire the right person

Do your research and find the best tradesmen to suit you. Check their reviews and previous work before hiring. Compare a few local specialists, their experience, and understanding of the work is a great place to start. You can save a lot of money by getting multiple quotes from tradesmen in your area.

Know your alternatives

Bamboo flooring, stainless-steel finishes, versus faux or tile, are some of the materials you’ll hear thrown around when it comes to renovating a bathroom. In choosing materials, know what these terms mean. Know the difference between laminate and linoleum. Make sure you ask questions. Educating yourself in renovation will help you choose the right materials, finishes, and obviously, find the prices which fit your budget when remodeling the space.

Shop before doing work

Bouncing off the previous tip, shop for materials. Sometimes you can find a huge disparity in the price of materials from one company to the next. And, some companies which sell flooring or appliances, will offer free installation if you spend a certain amount in the renovation work. Look for these ‘bundled’ deals, so you can save on the cost of renovating the space.

Go small

Consider small changes. Sure, you want the luxurious waterfall shower head system that costs hundreds of pounds to install. But, there are comparable items out there. And, you can make minor changes throughout the bathroom, which will make a great deal of difference in the overall appearance. Things like changing knobs, adding a vanity or mirror, painting, or even adding a tile backsplash to the wall, are a few smaller projects you can tackle, which don’t cost as much (and don’t take as much time to finish).

Whole home

If you plan on remodeling more than one bathroom, ask about an entire home discount. Many contractors and renovation companies will greatly reduce the price if you do the entire project with them. Since there are so many competitors in the renovation industry, this plays in your favor when you know how to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price or discounts. You’ll often be surprised how much companies are willing to offer, if you’re willing to ask.

Renovating your bathrooms can greatly improve the appearance and increase your home’s value. If you plan on doing work in the bathrooms, you need to know how to go about finding the best specialists for the job, all while finding the best deals. Utilise some of these tips to do just that, when you’re ready to renovate the space.

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