More Surprise Babies for us

You would think after having four children we would not be surprised by a baby!

Well baby animals are much different and a huge surprise when you are not expecting it.

We had our first surprise in the spring with the baby cria that was born. Turns out alpacas are pregnant for 11 1/2 months. So it looks like this one came to us pregnant. Are are pretty sure some of our other girls are expecting but it it hard to tell without a vet visit. Getting a vet to come out is tough especially to find one that deals with alpacas. So we watch and wait. Our male was separated in October from the herd so if no babies by mid September I think we are good until the spring. But baby crias are so cute I am hoping for another.

Now on to our latest additions.

We have about 80 chickens. Laying hens for eggs. A few months back my husband bought some hens from a lady and it turns out a rooster came along with them. Most days he is not with the hens and we are finding the eggs quick enough nothing is happening as far as fertilization. No chance for hens to sit on them etc. But there have been some hidden nests. A few hens got out of the coop and the rooster and them got busy. They then went and laid some eggs on our property (still not sure where) and sat on the eggs.

The other day we saw two baby chicks chasing after their mama and were very surprised.

More baby animals for us!

Since we were not prepared we had no choice but to bring them into the house. We had them in the hedgehog cage for the night on the kitchen table with a heat lamp on them. Sadly our hedgehog passed away a few months back and we had the cage int eh spare room.

All night they chirped and kept me up. So the next night we moved them into their own room. We could not leave them with their mama as she was stepping on them and bigger hens will eat them. They are now a week old and doing great!

We have all searched and searched for more eggs but have not found any. So hopefully there are no more surprises. You can actually order 1 day old chicks and have them delivered b=y mail. We have been considering it as many of our hens are laying less and we wanted to get some young birds. So this is a good test run for us.

Right now the chicks are super cute and I can not tell if they are male or female. I will be sure to update you on their progress in a few weeks. You can always follow along with our life, animals and surprises on Instagram too! @RantingGinger


  1. What a wonderful surprise! These chicks are so adorable. Small unexpected surprises like this are among those that give a family a big joy!

  2. Lynda Cook says

    Baby chicks are so frigging adorable!!

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