Really Rad Robots Yakbot

Built especially for fun and mischief, it’s Really Rad Robots! Introducing YakBot, your back-chattin’ buddy! You can record your voice and change it with cool effects. YakBot can answer questions with an added bonus–pull pranks on your friends!

Clair and her boys got to review Really Rad Robots Yakbot, and oh my!! did they ever laugh, you can talk to it, (which was helping the boys as they move to a new city and not having a lot of friends yet), you can ask it yes or no questions and will answer

You can record stuff and will say it back, but it will also say it back funny, like a robot, echo, pitch shift and even reverse, they really loved that, they would have a good laugh, say something and pass on to their brother and go back and forth with it.

The one the thing really loved about this Really Rad Robots Yakbot was if you pressed both side buttons for 3 seconds it would be like a bomb went off with a countdown so they would press it and roll it across to each other in the room and jump as if the bomb went off, and of course boys being boys and laugh about it.

It’s a small little ball that has hours of fun, cool little robot ?

Really RAD Robots are built robots to suit all your needs. Like YakBot, your back chattin’ buddy!
Your back-chattin’ YakBot can:
– Record your voice
– Warp your voice (4 cool effects – Pitch Shift,
Reverse, Robot, Echo)
– Answer your questions
– Prank your friends
Product Includes: 1 x YAKBOT, 2 x AAA BATTERIES, 1 x IM AGE: 5-9 years MSRP: $21.99 RETAIL AVAILABILITY: Toys ”R” Us and Walmart

Built especially for fun and mischief. Really RAD Robots have personality and fun features that kids will love, with none of the boring bits!

Do you know a child who would love these as a gift?

Disclosure-The above mentioned product was received free of charge. 


  1. My boys have been having a lot of fun this summer recording themselves with my phone. They would definitely enjoy playing with this.

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